Tabitha Rayne

Hello there,

I'm Tabitha Rayne writer of sensual and erotic tales.
I've been writing for fun all my life but made the switch to erotica and erotic romance three years ago when my first story was accepted for an anthology. What a thrill!
I now work on longer pieces including novellas and novels - I'm currently writing the last book in a dystopian trilogy.
I am fascinated by how people convey their sensual desires and kinks to each other and you can usually find me exploring this and what's going on in our minds and spirits when it comes to sex.

When I'm not writing I'm usually tearing about the place trying to fit real life into my schedule.

Some personal details:
If I want to feel lovely, I'll wear stockings.
I find walking terribly inefficient - I usually travel at a hurried trot (tricky in heels and stockings).
Due to the first two items, I sometimes fall over.
I'm delighted to be a Brit Babe!

Here are some useful links if you'd like to see what I'm up to around the web:
My Website
Twitter @tabithaerotica
Amazon Author Page UK
Amazon Author Page US - provides an up to date book list

Lovely to make your virtual acquaintance x x

My Book list:
A dysopian erotic fantasy trilogy - The Meeting Point
A Clockwork Butterfly
Taking Flight
The Meeting Point

Paranormal erotic romance:
Mia's Books

Brit Babe Anthologies
Champagne & Tits
The Scribe
You Said - Sexy Just Got Rich
Francesca's Mother - Sexy Just Walked Into Town

Short stories:
The Dinner Guest - Chemical [se]X
The Conference - South Bank Seduction
The One - Written on The Skin
Una's Retreat - Smut By The Sea vol 1
The Conjurer - Smut In The City
Sea View - A Short Cambodian Affair
The Sculptor - Under The Desert Sky
Retail Seduction - Kinky Girls and The Strap On and Cocktales 1
The Scribe - Sudden Sex - 69 Sultry Stories
I am Matilda Jenks - Party Favour
I Am The Moon - Bite
The Gentleman - Backsage Rider and Cougars & Jackals
The Billiard Room - Forever Bound
The Call of The Night - The Call of The NightSexy Paranormal and Dead Sexy
Roses and Figs - Wanton Women and Waiting for Isabella
Francesca's Mother - My blog!
The Relapse - Explicit Sexy Stories
Salon Style - My First Threesome

I think that's everything... Thanks for looking - hope you'll fancy a read sometime x x