Lucy Felthouse

I’m Lucy Felthouse, and I’m a chocoholic, a writer, a marketer and a web geek. I got started writing erotica because when I was at University, a conversation took place which ended up with a friend of mine suggesting I should have a go at writing erotica. I declined at first, but then he dared me, so I couldn't say no then! I agreed and asked my friend to give me the character names and a situation and I'd have a go at writing something. I did, and took the completed piece back into University days later, and let's just say it had the desired effect! From there, my friends continued encouraging me to write naughty words, and I've never looked back! My first published piece was in the now-defunct Scarlet magazine, followed quickly by publication in Xcite Books' Seriously Sexy 3. I now have over one hundred publications to my name, with many more in the pipeline.

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Lucy's Book List


The Billionaire and the Wild Man (co-authored with Victoria Blisse - M/F erotic romance)
The Persecution of the Wolves (M/F and M/M paranormal thriller)
Grand Slam (co-authored with Lily Harlem - M/F BDSM sports romance)
Eyes Wide Open (M/M/F BDSM erotic romance)
Stately Pleasures (M/F/M BDSM erotic romance)


A Different Kind of Cosplay (M/F erotic romance)
The Beauty and the Badass (M/F BDSM erotic romance)
Doctor's Orders (M/M kinky erotic romance)
Illicit Relations (M/M erotic romance)
Mean Girls (M/F Rubenesque erotic romance)
City Nights: One Night in Budapest (M/F erotic romance)
Love Through a Lens (M/F erotic romance)
Sweet Spot (F/F sports erotic romance)
Love on Location (M/M erotic romance)
Native Tongue (M/M military interracial erotic romance)
Desert Heat (M/M military interracial erotic romance)
City Nights: One Night in Paris (M/F erotic romance)
Calendar Men: Mr June - The Other Brother (M/F erotic romance)
Testing Tom (M/F femdom erotic romance)
A French Affair (M/F erotic romance)
Off the Shelf (M/F erotic romance)

Short Stories

An Interesting Find (M/M/M erotica)
Unconventional (BDSM erotic romance)
Window Dressing (F/F erotica)
A Taste of Rome (World of Sin #3)
A Taste of Paris (World of Sin #2)
A Taste of London (World of Sin #1)
Cupid (M/F shifter erotic romance)
Properly, Or Not At All (M/F spanking erotic romance)
Timeless Desire (M/F paranormal erotic romance)
Letters to a War Zone (M/M military erotic romance)
A Bit of Rough (M/F erotica)
A Menu with a Difference (F/F/M erotica)
Loose Ends (M/F erotic romance)
Reindeer Games: Cupid (M/F paranormal erotic romance)
The Sweetest Revenge (F/F erotica)
Raising the Bar (M/F erotica)
Ditched (M/M erotica)
Weekend at Wilderhope Manor (F/F paranormal erotica)
Off the Beaten Track (M/F erotica)
The Cottage in the Woods (F/F paranormal erotic romance)
Susie White and the Right Hand Man (M/F sensual romance - modern fairy tale)
Caught in the Act (M/F/M erotica)
Succubus Comes Home (M/F paranormal erotic romance)
The Great Outdoors Volume 2 (Outdoors-themed)
The Great Outdoors (Outdoors-themed)

Solo Anthologies

Classic Felthouse: Stories from the Archive (M/F mixed-theme)
Girls Will Be Girls (F/F)
Multi-Orgasmic (M/F mixed-theme)
Girls Rule, Boys Drool (F/F)
The Perfect Dom (BDSM)
The Military Wife (Military-themed)
No Boys Allowed (F/F)
We Love Lucy (Mixed-theme)
On the Prowl (Mixed-theme)
While the Boys Are Away (F/F)
Punish Me Good (Fem-dom)