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The Need for Escapism by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)

Hi folks,

In light of the tragic events that unfolded in Manchester earlier this week, I've had a really hard time with being creative, which included coming up with something to write for my scheduled post here. My heart is heavy, and it goes out to all of those affected by this vile attack. At the same time, it has warmed my heart to read and see on TV all the positivity surrounding what happened - people rushing to help, taking people into their homes, offering lifts, drinks, food, compassion and so on. I also came across the Twitter hashtag #britishthreatlevels, a wonderful, defiant response, which actually helped me to raise a much-needed smile.

So, in a display of defiance of my own, I decided to write about the need for escapism. This week, more than ever, people (myself included) no doubt have to just step away from the media coverage for a while and go and watch one of their favourite programmes on TV, read a book, go for a walk... whatever it takes for them to escape the real world for just a little while. There's no shame in it - it helps keep us sane in what can be, and often is, a very tough world.

To this end, I want to extend my thanks to the people that make these TV shows and write these books. You supply entertainment and enjoyment, comfort and escapism when we need it most, allowing us to relax, to regroup, to heal, and to remain strong in the face of so much horror and negativity.

Happy Escaping,
Lucy x


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free eBook:

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Masturbating Our World into Existence

As a novelist, who writes erotic romance, May is always a red letter month on my calendar because it’s National Masturbation Month. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that for me, every month is masturbation month, and I’m always a bit surprised that anyone could be ashamed of such a powerful creative force.
I shared this delicious little tidbit about masturbation every chance I get because I think it’s just that cool, and since we’re smack dab in the middle of the rowdy, randy month of May, it’s especially cool.
The ancient Egyptians believed masturbation was a creative act in its own right. In the Heliopolis creation myth, the god Amen rises from the primeval ocean, Nun, and masturbates the divine son and daughter into existence, and they populate the world. Even if I look at the Judeo/Christian myth in the first two chapters of Genesis, where God speaks the world into existence, I am still looking at a solo act.

Eric Francis on Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross’s Sex Information Online site writes, ‘Masturbation is the most elemental form of sexuality, requiring only awareness and a body.

I’m astounded that in a world where solitude and the meditative tradition is a part of almost every religious discipline, we shy away from the very concepts that could have well given birth to it, awareness and Body. Can there really even BE awareness without a body? And how can we possibly understand the boundaries and the limits of either without the two rubbing up against each other. Our act of one-ness, our proto-sexuality, as Eric Francis calls it, I suggest is by its boundary-exploring nature, also our proto-creativity.
 Francis says: I would propose that masturbation is about a lot more than masturbation — and that’s the reason it’s still considered so taboo by many people, and in many places. First, I would say that masturbation holds the key to all sexuality. It’s a kind of proto-sexuality, the core of the matter of what it means to be sexual.

Awareness and Body. What a fabulous combination! Eric even goes on to say that whatever we take from that proto experience of masturbation, we bring into our other relationships as well. In other words, it’s formative, that solo act, that original creative force. It brings awareness and body together. Isn’t that what it’s all about? The discovery of who we are in relation to ourselves is key if we are to be able to properly enter into discovery of ‘The Other.’ Doesn’t the act of creation, metaphorical or otherwise, begin with taking an inventory of what we’ve got to work with and learning how best to work with what we have to bring forth what we hope to create?

Awareness and a body. Masturbating the world into existence. It happens all the time. At the risk of offering too much information, my understanding of sex, my deepest understanding of my own sexuality, comes from awareness and my own body. That’s what I have to work with. My
understanding of writing, my deepest understanding of the creative forces in me also comes from awareness of self and all that awareness can imaginatively create.

Masturbation Month honors awareness and body and the discovering of our own boundaries, that which separates us from everything else. And beautifully, amazingly, astoundingly, it is discovery and exploration of our own boundaries that eases and enhances our journey into connectedness.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Special Guest - S. Nano

Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester’s Steampunk World

Mistress Of The Air is a comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure. So, what inspired me to write a book set in a Steampunk world?

It started with the main character, Edwardian dominatrix Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester. She’s a character I had already featured in short stories and I always thought there was scope for a book based on her adventures. She possessed many Steampunk characteristics – a love for fine corsetry and nice afternoon teas in particular. In ‘Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester and the Automaton Horse’ (in Forbidden Fiction’s Of Passion and Steam) I placed her firmly in a Steampunk setting with a brass, clockwork horse designed to administer exquisite punishments to her submissive men.

Steampunk is a fun genre to write in. It’s a mash up of history and science fiction, combining a Victorian past with new technologies. It’s also a world where women play a prominent role – where it’s possible for a woman to be an engineer, automaton designer, an airship pilot, a business leader or an adventurer. Lady Sally fits perfectly into this world.

Steampunk offers lots of scope. The world building can be extremely sophisticated and deadly serious or it can be a lot of fun, containing bizarre characters and derring-do adventures. Mistress Of The Air definitely takes the comic route, offering a kinky and funny twist on the Steampunk genre but hopefully in a respectful and affectionate way. Lady Sally has an incorrigible, over-the-top personality. Mistress Of The Air grabs the classic Steampunk tropes and throws some kinky, femdom BDSM into the mix.

Naturally, Lady Sally has her own airship, ‘The Corseted Domme’ on which she travels across the Empires of Europe, dropping in to visit her aristocratic relatives and friends for afternoon tea. She has two brass automations: Clarissa, a co-pilot for her airship and Borghild, a sex-doll.

She has an array of electric and steam-powered sex-toys to test out on the select group of submissive gentlemen who accompany her on the journey. Amongst them is an electro-vibrator modelled on a genuine Victorian device, neatly illustrating the Steampunk mash-up of the historical and technological.

Not everything goes to plan though. Lady Sally has a tendency to upset people and she has to make some hasty escapes along the way. Y

You have been warned. There are wild escapades, kinky BDSM, dastardly devices, explosions and nice cups of tea. I hope you’ll join Lady Sally for the ride!

Book Blurb
Mistress of the Air is a Comic, Steampunk, Erotic Adventure.
Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester owns a brass mine in Zanzibar, a Lapsang Souchong tea plantation in China, a rubber tree farm in Malaysia, trunk loads of corsetry, and the country’s largest collection of antique whips and floggers.
Larger than life, and itching to find new and inventive ways to punish her submissive gentlemen, the Edwardian dominatrix has a vision. Embracing the spirit of the new age of aviation, she embarks on a series of adventures on her own airship, The Corseted Domme, with her transvestite maid, Victoria, her airship pilot, Captain Wyndham, and her automaton sex toy, Borghild.
A select group of submissive gentlemen, consisting of a duke, bishop, lawyer and banker, is invited to join Lady Sally so she can try out her new dastardly devices and sex toys on them. She whips, spanks and punishes her way across the Empires of Europe, dropping off to visit her aristocratic relatives and friends for afternoon tea.
But Lady Sally’s journey is not uneventful. War is threatening to break out and the Ministry of Aviation want to commandeer her airship for the war effort. And when The Corseted Domme has a crash landing, Lady Sally realises there is a stowaway on board intent on sabotaging her airship.
There will be wild escapades, kinky BDSM, dastardly devices, explosions and nice cups of tea.
Buy links
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Create space/eXcessica (print):
Another flash of lightning filled the viewing window with a blinding white light.

“Oh, how exciting. This storm is quite turning me on!” Lady Sally exclaimed, ripping off the glass tube attachment and replacing it with a bullet-like brass fitting.

She turned the current down and the vibration up… right up high. She wriggled out of her satin knickers, plonking herself on her upholstered throne, desperate for release. The thunder rumbled… the lightning flashed… the brass object buzzed, as Lady Sally pressed it against her sex.

She rolled it over her cunt lips, then onto her clit, sending shock waves of erotic pleasure shooting through her.

The giant airship rolled and rollicked against the gale, tilting dangerously as it forced its way onwards, its tip penetrating the dark folds of cloud.

“Oh my god, madam. We’re going to crash!” wailed Victoria from under the rack.

Oblivious to the storm, indeed, in tandem with the storm, Lady Sally pushed the whirring, vibrating object up her crack. The pleasure of using her new device along with the wild excitement of the storm meant she was sopping. She moaned in pleasure in time to the rumbling thunder, and thrust the throbbing object deeper inside her with each lightning strike until she could hold back no longer, breaking into a long, satisfying orgasm.

“God, that was good!” she exclaimed after she’d recovered.

She stood up, unsteady on her feet both from the exertions of her climax and the airship which was listing from side to side.

It was at this point cook appeared. She was confronted with Lady Sally, crotch sopping with juices, breasts hanging out, dishevelled black hair, wild-eyed, and precariously balanced on stiletto ankle-boots, holding a vibrating brass bullet.

“I can’t go on like this your ladyship,” she grumbled. “I can’t do any baking with this ‘ere airship thing rolling from side to side. And me jelly moulds have fallen on the floor; I’m telling you milady, they’ll all be dinted now.”

Cook, being considerably shorter than her employer, was eye-level with Lady Sally’s bare tits.

“But it’s supper time, cook. I could murder a smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich.”

Cook crossed her arms and pulled a face, “A sandwich. You expect me to make sandwiches in these conditions.”

“Well yes, and a pot of tea as well, of course.”

There was another crack of thunder, followed at once by a flash of lightning. The airship listed sharply. Lady Sally tottered one way on her high heels but managed to keep her balance. The airship rolled to the other side. She teetered for a moment, then collapsed on top of cook, whose face became smothered in Lady Sally’s breasts.

She lay there for several minutes, cook crushed under her corset-clad body. The airship was still rolling from side to side with turbulence. Lady Sally had great difficulty pulling herself up, not being able to receive any assistance from her maid who was still a gibbering wreck underneath the rack. Eventually she heaved herself off the floor.

Cook gulped in a deep breath, “Oh my lord,” she exclaimed, “I’ve been suffocated by a pair of boobies!”

About the author

His first full-length erotic novel, ‘Adventures in Fetishland’, a BDSM/fetish re-invention of Alice in Wonderland, was published by Xcite Books. His short stories and novellas have been published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Forbidden Fiction, Coming Together and Greenwoman Publishing.

His second novel, ‘Mistress Of The Air’ was published by eXcessica on 21st April 2017.

Facebook (Nano Vaslen):
Amazon UK author profile:



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British Bad Boys - OUT NOW

OUT NOW, the boxed set everyone is talking about, BRITISH BAD BOYS featuring my super hot story ROUGH 'N' TOUGH.

Grab your copy NOW, though if you're not an Amazon user please be aware that the boxed set is only available from all other ebook retailers until 11th May. After then it will be available on Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon at a higher price.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

A New Genre - By Lily Harlem

Writing in a new sub-genre is always both fun and a challenge. I started out, back in 2010, writing MF contemporary erotic romance (Madam President) and believing, naively, that's where I'd stay. That, however, couldn't be further from the truth and over the last seven years I've strayed out of my comfort zone only to find  myself very comfortable and having an enormous amount of fun.

My first foray with another subgenre was menage a trois. I plucked up the courage to try this one because I'd read a couple of brilliant ones. They'd been quite an eye opener and also inspirational. Shared was born and snapped up by a publisher very quickly. It was hugely successful selling thousands of copies in the first few weeks, and continues to be a good seller and a genre I stick with. The dynamics of writing about three people in a relationship is just such a feast for an author. Not just the physical aspects of their relationship but also the emotional. There's so much that can go right, but also so much that can go wrong making for delicious conflict, then delicious make up sex.

From there I stepped into the gay erotic romance pond. If I hadn't spent a late night, with plenty of wine, chatting to some MM authors in the beautiful city of Lincoln, that never would have happened. They were all so enthused by their genre, inspired by reader reactions and caught up in the moment that I had to give it a go. I banged out my Caught on Camera seriel (part one is FREE) in a matter of months and was whisked up in my new love of GBLT writing. I've since written many more MM stories and MMF, all because of that one night.

Fifty Shades came along at a time when I was already writing about BDSM in my novels, it was a niche genre back then, no doubt about it, but suddenly it became mainstream and everyone was having a go at their version (what that book did to the industy is a whole other blog post), but for me personally I decided to write my version of a billionaire BDSM novel, this was out of my comfort zone, billionaires are few and far between and I wouldn't normally have cast one as a hero, but I gave it a go and was happy with the outcome, as were readers. Kane Ward, in Her Dominant Billionaire, proved to be just the right amount of sweetness mixed with sterness, and damn the guy is good with his hands.

A story that had been germinating for a long time and was hard to put down on paper for me emotionally was Breathe You In. This is because I was inspired to write this novel when I was working as a coronary care nurse, the characters emotions were very vivid to me. But even though it was, at times, stretching my emotions to write, I had to do it. I was thrilled with the end result, Breathe You In is one of my most favorite of all the novels I've written. It's sexy, raw and real.

Vampires and shifters. What? Did adults read these books? Were they sexy? That was my first thoughts when I came across this genre several years ago. I thought blood suckers and shifting creatures were confined to teen novels and movies. How wrong I was. After reading several I soon found my mojo and wrote Bite Mark and Claw Mark and discovered just how sexy these otherworldly men could be.

For years I've groaned when Mr H put sci-fi on the TV. I just didn't 'get' it. The fantasy was too unrealistic, the plot lines didn't hold my attention. But the minute I decided to write my own sci-fi that all changed. Making up the rules of my own 'world' was so much fun. I adored creating alien landscapes in my mind and describing them,  and twisting the environment to suit, or not suit, my characters needs. I was in charge, it was fun. I got it and Reckless and Master of her World were born!

Finally my latest journey into a new genre has been historical. I threw in a bit of time travel too, just to keep myself on my toes! I've always loved reading and learning about Victorian England so sent my character back in time to find her very own upper class hero (who is of course kinky too, as those Victorian's were!). I loved writing Head of Household, and will definitely be writing more historicals in the future. What about you? Favourite sub-genre to read or write?

Thanks for reading

Lily x

Find out more on my website and get a FREE ebook when you sign up to my newsletter - the sub-genre is sporty romance for the freebie!

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Guest Post - Samantha Winston Shapes Up!

Hello everyone, it's Kay here today. I'm delighted to introduce you to erotic romance writer Samantha Wilson. It's time to shape up...
Hi Brit Babes, and thank you for having me as a guest on your blog! I saw some posts about exercise, and thought that was a terrific idea – we writers tend to be sedentary creatures, so I thought I'd tell about the time I decided to get fit with a personal trainer...(of sorts).  And then I added 8 things about me – so you can get to know me!
The Personal Trainer in my breakfast cereal

I bought my regular package of sugarless fruit and fibre cereal and lo and behold, there was an exercise CD within. I decided it was fate – it’s vacation here and my gym class won’t start for another two weeks. So, I put my gym clothes on, moved the coffee table, and put the CD in my computer. First two little cartoon heads came on – Monique and Dave – and they told me about my new gym program – complete with a healthy diet (consisting mainly of the sugarless cereal, I imagine. I sort of skipped that part.) Then they asked me some questions about my height, weight, age, etc. Being a pathological liar, I put down:

Name – Princess Noodle (now everyone knows what name I use in the gaming sites)

Age – 25 (of course!) (d’oh!)

Height – 175 cm. (a lie, a lie!)

Weight – 55 kilos (an even bigger lie – oh, I’m in for it now.)

I hit enter and waited for Monique and Dave to die laughing. They didn’t. The cartoon talking heads then asked me to peruse their profiles and Choose One of them as my Personal Trainer! (gasp – my own personal trainer from a cereal box!) I chose Dave, only because he was cuter than Monique (who needed something done with her hair) and in his profile the word ‘fun’ appeared more often than the word ‘serious’, which Monique used too much for my comfort. So, I chose Dave and Monique whined something about being disappointed but if I changed my mind, she was always there…which kind of creeped me out for a minute until I remembered they were just cartoons on a CD. OK.

I then got to fill out my schedule with this little calendar I keep on my desktop which will beep or do something annoying to remind me “It’s Time to Exercise with Dave!” (Oh, I wish.) Anyhow, I finish that and then chose the “Exercise Now!” button. Let’s Go!
Dave appears, all buff and holding a whistle and a towel – he looks like a life-guard. He tells me that my training session is divided into three parts, the warm-up, the work-out, and the stretching. I hit warm-up and off we go. Dave says,
“Stand up straight. Lift knees as if marching in place.” I wait for him to do it along with me, but he only does it once and stops. Some trainer. I do that for about two minutes and switch to warm up number two. Something about deep knee bends. Then I click, click, click ahead to see what joys await me and see sit-ups, leg-lifts, etc. etc. I’m disappointed. Dave is no fun at all. Where are the aerobics and rock music?

So, I keep Dave on the computer while I load Bon Jovi on my cassette player and off I go. I decide to try to remember my work out from the gym. I start with the easy step-touch. OK – that’s fine. But what does my teacher do next? And what do I do with my arms? I can’t remember. I realize that during gym my brain switches off and I simply copy what the teacher does like a mindless robot. I move my arms up and down (I feel like I’m about to take off) and my daughter comes in, sits down with the dog in her lap and watches for a few minutes. I put some extra effort into my moves, hoping to impress my daughter with the importance of a good work-out.

“Mom,” she says after about five minutes. “You’re traumatizing the dog.”

Over on the computer screen, Dave watches impassively. I’m starting to like him better than my daughter. “Don’t you have any homework?” I puff, as I step-touch and wave my arms.

After half an hour I’m tired and do my sit-ups with Dave cheering me on, then my stretches, with Dave offering advice (don’t strain yourself. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.) Oh, well then, I better stop Everything! I finish my 40 minute work out and turn Dave off. He waves goodbye and says, ‘See you soon!’
Maybe Dave. Maybe.

Eight things about ‘Moi’, or Leo vs Rat

1. I’m a Leo – that says it all.

2. I’m also the Chinese sign of the Rat. Talk about a shock to the Leo! The rat part of me keeps my feet on the ground. The Leo part of me snobs the rat. They bicker.

3. Leo likes loud music and parties, Rat hates noise and fuss. Luckily Leo sits on Rat when we go out, and we usually have a great time. Rat sulks.

4. The Leo in me insists that the house be clean at all times. Leo also insists I get a maid. Rat just passed out. Thrift is Rat’s middle name.

5. I clean my own house. Leo wails ‘At least wear gloves so you don’t ruin your manicure!’ Rat sneers.

6. The Leo in me loves jewellery. The Rat in me hocks it whenever we need rent money. I bought two pearl necklaces for 15$ each. Leo was horrified. Only 15$? They must be fakes. I hocked them for 60$. Rat sang all the way home. Leo sulked.

7. One of my cashmere sweaters got a huge hole. “Throw it out!” cried Leo. “Wear it to gym,” said Rat. I wear it to my gym class. Leo is secretly thrilled.

8. Leo and Rat both like good food. They agree that chocolate is next to Nirvana. Peace at last.

Samantha Winston writes erotic romance, she's the alter ego for Jennifer Macaire, who writes time-travel and YA fiction. Her website is here: Her next book out, Time Tracker, is here: and her blog is here:

Thank you so much for reading!

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Sexy Just Walked Into Town is a collection of delicious erotic and romantic stories from the Brit Babes. These tales will tease and tantalise you, each one a sample of the individual Babes’ voices and styles. You’ll find contemporary, BDSM, same-sex loving, ménage a trois, paranormal, sporty, military, Rubenesque and more. There’s something to suit everyone here including a few Brit Babe collaborations.

Ranging from sweetly vanilla to so-hot-it-will-blow-your-mind, we  aim to please in every literary fantasy department. The heroes are strong, determined and soul-achingly divine and the heroines sassy, sexy and not afraid to grab what they want. Passion and pleasure is the name of our game, romance and raunch a top priority and it all comes with a delightful sprinkle of kink.

With a whole host of awards, best-sellers and accolades, the Babes know you’ll find something in this anthology that will keep you turning the pages and squirming on your seat. Then, if you like what you read here, check out the individual authors’ websites to investigate their collection of published works.

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