Thursday, 16 March 2017

Random Celebrations

What Do You Celebrate?

Did you know that March 14th is Steak and Blow-Job Day? I’m serious. Who knew? Men’s Health
mag affectionately refer to it as Valentine’s Day for Men. I’m thinking there are a fair few of us women who would enjoy that just as much as chocolate and flowers. The 14th is also Pi Day for those of you who love maths. However, I’m reminded by my good friend and lovely member of the Brit Babe’s Street Team, Alison Greig, that the correlation of the approximate value of Pi with the date -- 3.14 – only works in the US. In Europe, the day is actually 14.3. Living in the UK as I do, I would like to suggest that instead of celebrating Pi Day, we celebrate PIE Day and go for the coconut cream or the chocolate bannoffee. If you like a little ice cream with your pie, well you only have to wait till the third Sunday in July for Ice Cream Day.

Of course all of this celebrating and commemorating led me to check out what gets celebrated – other than me -- on my birthday, January 9th. Get ready for a triple whammy. The 9th is Word Nerd Day, Clean off Your Desk Day and … wait for it … Static Electricity Day. Doesn’t that make you want to don your party hat? April 25th is DNA Day. October 26th is Howl at the Moon Day … and night. September 30th is Blasphemy Day. Since we Brit Babes are all writers of sexy romance we absolutely have to celebrate July 6th, which is Kissing Day. As naughty as some of our stories are, we might also want to celebrate Work Naked Day on February 1st. That works perfectly for us, since writers work at home anyway.

Steak and Blow Job Day got me thinking about the things we celebrate, the things we commemorate at random, and why those celebrations may be even more important than the biggies in the calendar year. We celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. We celebrate successes and milestones in our lives. We writers tend to have a mini celebration whenever we finish a story. We often have a party when those stories and novels launch out into the world. Some of my very best memories are of launch parties and of celebrations of our work.

There’s a yoga flow called Sun Salutation. Sadly, I do little more than dabble in yoga, but I do know Sun Salutation, and it reminds me that the crazy calendar, with all the strange and unusual holidays, has the right idea. There’s something to celebrate every day, and the rising of the sun is a good reminder of that fact. While you may not choose to celebrate Batman Day, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to celebrate Eat Your Vegetables Day, or Take your Dog for a Walk Day. If you’re really feeling celebratory, you could celebrate something all month long. May, for instance, is Masturbation Month. A month of celebration something so delicious is a great idea. It eliminates the need to remember all those little daily celebrations like Pythagorean Theorem Day and Bow Tie Day. Of course you could do both. That way you wouldn’t miss out on celebrating Frankenstein Day. And certainly if you’re an astronomy fan, you wouldn’t want to miss out on mourning Pluto Demoted Day.

Just because I’m rambling doesn’t mean I’m celebrating National Rambling Mind Day, though I certainly have plenty of opportunities. But let’s face it, the best reasons to celebrate are often impromptu, made-up occasions that happen just because we feel like it. Those are the kinds of celebrations that occur organically, unexpectedly and often with good friends, good food and lots of laughter. We Brit Babes would know a thing or two about those kinds of events. We make a point of celebrating whenever a few of us get together. And the best part of celebrations shared with good friends is that amazing things come from them – creative things, healing things, things that bond us and make us better for having taken part. I encourage readers of this blog to celebrate randomly, celebrate often and celebrate with great gusto. I hope that some of those celebrations might involve partying with us vicariously through the frequent enjoyment of good books. While Book Lovers’ Day is technically not until August 9th, I’m pretty sure we’re all happy to celebrate good books every day.

AAAND! Speaking of celebrations: If you’re in the London area on Friday March 24th, Kay Jaybee and I would love it if you could join us for a book reading and launch party at Sh! Women’s Store. We’re celebrating the release of Kay Jaybee’s Wednesday on Thursday and my Toys for Boys. Mostly we’re celebrating the great adventure of life as a writer and the fabulous friends and community writing stories has brought into our lives. That community includes you. It would be lovely to share some fizz, have a few laughs and celebrate together. I hope you can join us.

Here are the details.

Date: Friday 24th March
Time: 6.30-8pm
Price: FREE
Book your ticket here: Eventbrite


  1. I wholeheartedly endorse PIE Day.. Lemon Meringue for me or Apple and Blackberry..mmmmmmm

  2. Fabulous post hun. Hope lots of you can come along to Sh! xx


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