Thursday, 9 February 2017

Communicate sexy

Hello lovely folk. It's Kay here!

This week I thought I'd say a quick word about sexy communication..

I've always had a thing about words...

..and although there are some wonderful words and phrases that are obviously sexy and sexual, there are many more than are simply sexy- and I love playing with those.

My favourite word is 'unbuttoning' - with 'unzipping' following hot on its heels. Both words conjure an instant picture of promise- of  delicious scenarios containing semi-dressed individuals, desperate for a full unveiling and all the magic that may - or may not- follow after that...

I once wrote a short story called Unbuttoning which focused entirely on the slow undoing of a row of small round white buttons on a cotton shirt...I think the writing of that mini tale turned me on more than almost any other I've ever created!

I have long thought that the most sensible thing D.H.Lawrence ever wrote was...

Not only is this an agreeable way of looking at the genre of erotica, it reminds us that sex is as much a type of conversation as words are.

If we stop talking to those we love, for whatever reason, the breakdown in communication can cause great harm. If we stop experiencing the closeness of sex, then the loss of the connection that such intimacy and trust brings can also cause problems.

We all need to sit and talk to the person we love sometimes, however hard those conversations might be- and we also need to communicate with them in other ways- whether we use words or not.

Hugs and kisses are important, but we all need heart to heart conversations as well as small talk!

If you find life is a little lacking in intimate communication, and you're not sure how to kick start that conversation, why not pick your favourite sexy word and play with it a while...if you can't think of one, then borrow mine...

Kay xx

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