Thursday, 15 December 2016

Intergalactic Adventures

Post by Lily Harlem

Hello and welcome to the Brit Babes blog. I'm all in a whirlwind of excitement as my first ever sci-fi hit the shelves on 9th December. I honestly never thought I'd see the day. Sci-fi, fantasy worlds in outer space, just don't hit my imagination button - or so I thought. Because after years of moaning at Mr H when he puts on movies about far, far away galaxies, I found myself dreaming up a novel set in a different world a million light years away.

And oh what fun I had. What I never appreciated was that when you create your own planet you can make up your own rules. Which is exactly what I've done with MASTER OF HER WORLD. Gone are the constraints of living on Earth, though of course it's helpful to keep things like gravity and sustenance. 

I decided to make this story BDSM, why not? It's all good fun. But I gave it one big twist. I can reveal that twist here because it's not a spoiler in the slightest. On my planet, Roun, the men are lonely, there are no females, but nearby Zion is full of females all desperate to leave the pollution their dying planet is choking them with. The trouble is, they can't breathe any easier on Roun than they can on Zion, unless that is, they have the life giving semen of Roun men three times a day to keep their airways open.

I told you I had fun, throw in some wild weather, some even wilder attraction and a hero who is as rough and tough as he is gentle and romantic and MASTER OF HER WORLD really has got me in the party mood as it releases into the world.

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