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Happy Christmas!

The Brit Babes would like to wish all their friends and readers a very merry Christmas. And to ensure everyone gets a sexy something in their stocking, here's a list of our free/discounted books.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Special Guest - Jade A Waters

Hi there - it is my absolute pleaure to welcome Jade A Waters to the Brit Babes as our special guest. I adore her work - and I'm sure you will too. Here she is with a fascinating insight into the characters in her new Novel, The Assignment...

Loving Your Characters
Jade A. Waters

Holy cow, am I excited to be here! I’ve been a huge fan of the Brit Babes for a long time, and when the fabulous Tabitha Rayne invited me to stop by, talk about a compliment. So, a giant thank you to the Brit Babes for having me over!

I’ve got to tell you, I’m extra enthralled to be swinging by today. I’m right in the midst of the blog tour for my new release, The Assignment. The book is the first in the Lessons in Control trilogy, and while it came out just last week, I’m way deep in the series. As in, I am days away from turning the final book in to my editor. *Happy dance* That said, right now seems like an appropriate time to talk about loving your characters. Generally speaking, I think it’s safe to assume we authors love our characters (one hopes, anyway)—still, affection for our darlings can occasionally pose a challenge when you extend their life over a full novel or, more so, into many books.

Let me be clear: I really, really, really love the heroine of my series, Maya Clery, as well as her romantic interest, Dean Sova. Maya is strong, independent, clever, and sassy as ever. She has a great life, but she’s also got a troubled past she’s had to work hard through, which means she’s got some grit to her. Dean has my affection, too; while we learn a hell of a lot more about him as we move into the second book, The Discipline, he’s done some solid living, and his charm, intelligence, and sex appeal is right there from the start. Their relationship begins as a playful exploration of a budding D/s dynamic between them—both of them having some experience, but not enough to fully call themselves “Dom” or “sub” from launch—and through the course of the novel and in turn the full series, they definitely grow into these roles and deeper in their love.

One of the things we as authors get to do is craft people, and in doing so, we get to give them a plethora of traits we either love or hate, or both. I’d venture to guess that evil/nasty/mean as they are, even antagonists get love from their author-makers. Those pesky instigators are serving a purpose, after all, throwing shade or creepy vibes that rattle our readers almost as hard as our protagonists. Between them and our good guys, we get to develop these people through back story and full character traits, and then mess with them in our godlike creative way, which is no doubt why we feel attached/akin/affection for them in some if not many aspects. It’s unconditional, this love—we adore them despite their capacity to ruffle our feathers. Which can be particularly interesting, considering we made them.

Take my male romantic lead, Dean, for example. When I started the series, I repeated over and over again that “I would so date this guy if I met him!” I crafted him with a good chunk of the traits I find sexy in a real life man (physically and mentally), and gave him a sprinkle of some deeper flaws (like you do)…but over the course of writing the series, I changed. My dating style changed. My taste changed. My maturity and experience in relationships changed. My kinks shifted. Dean was still hot as ever by the time I got to drafting book two—almost two full years after I drafted book one—but somewhere in that time frame, he was no longer my kind of guy. Oh, man. Did that make things interesting! We authors are always writing from some kernel of truth, sometimes a bigger kernel than others, but now the flaws I gave Dean actually got me ruffled enough here and there that I kind of wanted to smack him. We were in no way relationship material—which is pretty reasonable, considering he’s fictional and I made him and all that—but my affection for him morphed on occasions into the type I have for that hot guy at the gym. I admire his musculature. I want to talk to him because I’m fascinated by him. Sometimes, when I’m working out so hard that I’m hyperventilating and my brain is wandering into la-la land, I can envision dating him. I maybe even drool over him. But, I know we would never ever work…and now I’m playing puppet master with him and my heroine, Maya Clery. I can’t speak to how other writers do it, but I’m a bit of a method writer and get all up in my protagonist’s head for the run of the story…and I tell you, when we learned more about Dean during the series and those flaws started rising up, making the tension grow and grow like it tends to in a story, and then my Maya was getting frustrated with Dean?
Yeah, I was equal parts “But I love this guy” and “I am going to slap you, Dean. I’ll slap you [for Maya].”

Speaking of, I can’t skip over Maya. You know when you’re watching your best friend do something that has the potential to get her totally hurt in the long run, but you’re happy for her because she’s living an experience and learning things, and you know she’s got to make her own mistakes? That’s what I think it’s like to watch your prime character grow through a series. You’re rooting her on, but damn if you don’t flinch when she starts facing some hefty challenges and risking some big consequences. Unlike you do with your best friend, in a story, you have the luxury of purposely controlling her fate—but I won’t lie. I lost some sleep over Maya Clery. I fretted over her future, her past, her present. I remember talking to my mom about Maya’s deep personal struggles, for goodness sake. (And we wonder why writers are weird?) I think you get the picture…of course I love her, just as I love Dean, but over three books, there are bound to be moments of agony. Strife. Stress. What have I done making you beautiful crazy people and running you through all this brutal tension over the course of three books?

Fortunately, it works out in the end! Maya and Dean struggle and develop, as planned, and in the long haul, hell, just in book one, they become even stronger, better people. Bonus: I did, too. Didn’t matter if one of these characters or their sidekicks/antagonists/history/life drama/overall fate was wearing me down (through another round of insomnia or redrafting a scene for the tenth time because I just couldn’t get it right), I still adored them. I sat down ready to work on them and with them day after day, never mind the fact that I ripped off a couple fingernails and/or took on a weird habit of braiding my hair like a wood nymph almost every time I was rereading or thinking too hard. I did this because I love these characters of mine—romantic drama, differing interests, flaws, and all.

And you know what? I’d do it all over again.

I think that’s what we call true love. :)

Jade A. Waters is an erotica author and poetess in sunny California. A lover of candy, coffee, dancing, and endless karaoke, she is happiest when surrounded by words—be they on the page or shared in good conversation. Her short fiction and poetry is featured in over a dozen anthologies from Cleis Press and Stupid Fish Productions, and currently, Jade is hard at work finalizing the last book in the Lessons in Control series from Carina Press. Visit her at, or follow her at

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Intergalactic Adventures

Post by Lily Harlem

Hello and welcome to the Brit Babes blog. I'm all in a whirlwind of excitement as my first ever sci-fi hit the shelves on 9th December. I honestly never thought I'd see the day. Sci-fi, fantasy worlds in outer space, just don't hit my imagination button - or so I thought. Because after years of moaning at Mr H when he puts on movies about far, far away galaxies, I found myself dreaming up a novel set in a different world a million light years away.

And oh what fun I had. What I never appreciated was that when you create your own planet you can make up your own rules. Which is exactly what I've done with MASTER OF HER WORLD. Gone are the constraints of living on Earth, though of course it's helpful to keep things like gravity and sustenance. 

I decided to make this story BDSM, why not? It's all good fun. But I gave it one big twist. I can reveal that twist here because it's not a spoiler in the slightest. On my planet, Roun, the men are lonely, there are no females, but nearby Zion is full of females all desperate to leave the pollution their dying planet is choking them with. The trouble is, they can't breathe any easier on Roun than they can on Zion, unless that is, they have the life giving semen of Roun men three times a day to keep their airways open.

I told you I had fun, throw in some wild weather, some even wilder attraction and a hero who is as rough and tough as he is gentle and romantic and MASTER OF HER WORLD really has got me in the party mood as it releases into the world.

A Sexy orgasmic Christmas to you!

Why hello - it's Tabitha here.

I hope you are all getting that cosy festive vibe, even if you 'do' Christmas or not, I adore the twinkling lights and good cheer that accompany this wintry time.

I am lucky enough to live near Edinburgh and the centre of town really does get into the Christmas spirit - with the outdoor fair, the shows, fairground rides and the lights, it really is spectacular.
My favourite thing of all though, is to light a fire, get the mulled wine bubbling and pop on some carols to sit and wrap up presents. I really do adore it - that and Christmas crafting. I usually bake some traditional sweeties like Scottish tablet and make little origami boxes for them. This is a lovely thing to do and doesn't cost a lot of money if you have lots of people to find gifts for or are on a budget.

Also - it is of the utmost importance that all confectionery be sampled for quality control ;)

To bring more festive cheer, I'd like to share my orgasmic Christmas offer with you - this year has been pretty exciting for me, I was named ETO best Erotic author 2016 - We had a table full of Brit Babe nominees at the ceremony so it was such a delight to all go up together to get the prize, and my Ruby Glow vibrator won an award recently too, and was featured on this morning with blimmin Philip Schofield! My childhood crush - imagine that :D - did you know that the Brit Babes helped with designing this sex toy? What awesome friends I have 💗💗

Me n Phil ;)

To celebrate, I am offering £5 off your own Ruby Glow with Free P&P *and* a mystery gift! Read all about it and buy here.  Who *doesn't* want hands-free orgasms at Christmas time ;)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a lovely lead up to the big day x xx

The Brit Babes, Kay, KD, Tabitha, Lexie and Victoria partying at the ETO Awards!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Kinking Christmas with Kay

There is something special about a Christmas story, be it smutty or otherwise, and I just love writing them. Ever since I started out as an author, I have always created a new story at Christmas time; sometimes as Jenny Kane, but more often as Kay.

I've honestly lost count of the festive tales I have littered about in various anthologies and magazines. It's great fun though, to look at seasonal items and think about how they could be used for kinkily Christmas purposes! There is something about this particular time of year that gives a sexy story that extra hint of spice (cinnamon and nutmeg of course!) All those imagination prompting items to throw into the mix...

Think about Christmas cake mix, baubles, or maybe even a stable... I have shamelessly played with all of these things in my mind over the last few years - wondering what seasonal happening I can twist into a toe curlingly sexy tale just for you. What could I possibly write about to add to a tale about a naughty fairy, or a little red dress, and a great deal of tinsel? You'll find out  if you take a peep into my festive collection, Christmas Kink.

It isn't just short stories which contain my festive thinking. I adore writing about the season so much that I often include a Christmas scene in my longer works.My favourite come from my novella, Not Her Type. As a pre- Christmas treat to you today, I'm offering the chance to read a chunk of festive action!

Just so you have the scene set in your mind...Jenny and John, the mismatched couple that are living out all their fantasies in Not Her Type, have been on a very long erotic journey before they share Christmas Eve together. They're enjoyed a spontaneous romp on Jenny’s living room floor, a gorgeously delicious van journey, the world’s fasted fuck, and a very wet bathroom adventure!!

...As Jenny wrapped the Christmas gifts, she mulled over her relationship with John. It hadn’t taken long for the old pattern to return. John turned up every Tuesday, they had fantastic, quickie sex, and then he disappeared back to work, just as he always did, and Jenny would get on with her accounts. He hadn’t told her what he’d been up to during those missing weeks, and she had given up asking. In fact, the only real change was that Jenny had finally relaxed. She no longer worried about whether John would turn up or not. Tuesday would come, and he would appear.
Occasionally, John would send her a sexually charged text, like, “I want to see you with a woman again” or, “How about a foursome?”
Every time they were due to see each other, Jenny decided that that would be the day she would tell him that he was the first man who she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about—in her whole life. She vowed to tell him that she feared the lust factor had been joined by another, far more frightening, L-word. But the second they caught sight of each other, something took over. Passion, greed, desire—they all combined, and they’d fuck. Just fuck. “I mean,” Jenny addressed the sticky tape as she attempted to find the beginning of the roll, “why chat to your DVD delivery man over coffee when he could be tipping you upside down over the side of the armchair and giving your backside a proper seeing to?”
Reigning in her increasingly lurid imagination, Jenny looked down at the few remaining presents she had to wrap for the following day. She tried to divert her attention from all the things she’d rather be doing on a Tuesday afternoon by humming Christmas carols along to the radio.
The knock at her door made her jump, and Jenny physically had to restrain herself from running to see who the caller was. So what if it’s one o’clock? It’s Christmas Eve, he isn’t working, and he won’t come. It’ll be my next door neighbor with some mince pies or something. Her pulse thudded violently in her chest as Jenny moved to the door, convinced that the hope she couldn’t prevent from rising in her chest was about to leave her disappointed.
The silhouette through the glass panel in her front door was unmistakeable.
“I was just passing.” The shine in John’s deep brown eyes told her this was a blatant lie.
A wide smile crossed her face as Jenny let him in, “I thought you might be away for Christmas or something.”
“I thought you might be too.”
A feeling of awkwardness came over Jenny. Despite everything they had done together, there was nevertheless so much they didn’t know about each other. She felt almost shy as she spoke, “I was going to text, but I didn’t want to get in the way of your life or anything.”
“Same here. I thought you might be with family.” A large, rough hand raked through the back of her hair, easing out the knots, sending little currents of craving down Jenny’s neck and into her chest. Then, slipping a hand into hers, John steered Jenny toward the living room, swiftly banishing any uncertainty.
Gesturing to the middle of the floor, he said, “Last minute wrapping?”
“A few bits for the neighbour’s kids.” She could feel her pulse accelerating as he looked at her, “My family all live abroad, it’s just me in the UK.”
“That’s a big roll of paper for those little gifts.”
She wasn’t sure if it was the way he spoke or the look on his face that gave him away, but Jenny knew what was going to happen before he moved. In seconds, John had stripped her naked, and Jenny was being enveloped in large swathes of jolly, silver-star covered gift-wrap.
“Don’t move, and don’t speak, okay?”
Nodding, she tried not to laugh as John wrestled with the dispenser, before he cut off length after length of sticky tape, which he used to secure the paper tighter and tighter around her. Jenny’s arms became pinned to her sides, and her legs were clamped together as if she was some sort of bizarrely festive Egyptian mummy.
Stepping back to admire his work, John’s face creased with hunger, and Jenny’s urge to giggle dissolved. She could feel her breasts chafing against the smooth, figure hugging covering, and suddenly she realized how desperately she wanted them to be free so that John could hold them, suck them, hit them…do whatever he wanted with them.
John began hunting around the room for something. Jenny however, could only wonder how long it would be before she could suck his shaft, or feel him slide between her legs. She wanted to speak, to ask him to kiss her, but she’d promised not to talk, and didn’t want to distract him from whatever he was going to do next.
He stood so close to Jenny that his dark eyes tunnelled into hers. He peeled his clothes off at a speed that made the lightning disposal of Jenny’s garments seem positively drawn out.
Attempting to distract herself from the need to speak, Jenny traced her eyes over the line of his chest, the hairs so soft and inviting, his tattoos just begging for fresh examination, and his cock, hard and firm, pointed at Jenny accusingly, as if making its owner as horny as hell was a crime.
Shuffling her feet unsteadily on the carpet, she watched as he began to unwind the satin purple ribbon she’d spent ages draping around her Christmas tree. Her throat turned the texture of sandpaper as she comprehended the meaning behind the devious expression in John’s eyes. He brought the two-meter garland toward her.
Naked and emanating power, John began to wind the ribbon around her neck in a large bow. Picking up a pair of scissors from the floor, he cut off the remaining strip of fabric, “I started thinking about doing this last night. I even have some rolls of gift-wrap in the van. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this lot waiting for me.”
Wide eyed, Jenny saw her film courier twist part of the ribbon around his arm, before approaching her. Again, she guessed what he was about to do, and she tensed as the first bind of the silky material went over her eyes and around the back of her neck, trapping her hair.

Mewling into the purple darkness, and deprived of the sight of his gorgeous body, Jenny felt John’s fingers fiddling with the knot behind her head. Then his hands came to her elbows. “You look incredible. Are you okay?”
She nodded awkwardly; glad he was holding her, afraid she would topple over at any moment.
“Good girl. You remembered not to talk,” John’s breath tickled her neck as he said, “You are, without doubt, the most tempting Christmas present I’ve ever seen.”
As he spoke, her breasts, already swollen with their need to be touched, became taut and hot, and pussy juice began to leak along her inner thighs.
The pressure of his palm as he pushed it against her wrapped-up mound made Jenny stagger so much that John had to steady her with this free arm. Moaning as his fingers encased and probed her enclosed clit, Jenny’s liquid flowed freer, soaking the paper, turning the crackling sound it had initially made into a wet, squelchy rustle.
“What a hot, little bad girl you are.”
Jenny felt the layers of wrapping paper between her legs start to mulch as John kneaded and pinched her flesh. Then, with a grunt of frustration, he lifted her off her feet and laid her on the floor. An urgent hand came to her right breast, kneading her tit, creasing and crumpling the gift-wrap.
Abruptly John stopped, his weight lifted from her, and a sense of bereavement consumed her body. She had no idea how she managed not to plead for more.
The purple ribbon over her eyes became darker, and Jenny realized he must have turned the lights off. Then the chirpy Christmas tunes that had been playing in the background disappeared as the radio was clicked off. Silence filled the room. Uncertainty crept through Jenny’s mind, and a drizzle of perspiration trickled between the packaging and the back of her neck. Her ears strained to pick up a sound, but she couldn’t hear anything, not even her man’s breathing.
Time seemed to pass slowly as Jenny lay like a fallen statue, painfully aware of the friction of the saturated paper as it clung to her pussy. Every part of her body ached for a continuation of the attention it had been receiving. The ribbon against her eyes felt tighter than ever, but Jenny began to wish it was between her teeth, gagging as well as blinding her, for there was no way she could stay quiet for much longer. Clamping her jaw, Jenny was determined not to break the rules, but the more she thought, the more her resolve began to crack.

Well, I’d better let you go now- you are probably in a hurry to go and buy a few rolls of extra long gift wrap...

If you’d like to read about Jenny and John’s courier kink, or see what happened to them next on Christmas Eve, then you can buy Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man from-

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Happy festive reading,
Kay xx