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The Appeal of a Blue Collar Hero by Mira Stanley (@mirastanleyauth)

Hi Brit Babes and Readers!

Thanks for handing me the reins today! I thought I’d share my fascination with blue-collar heroes. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of these hard-working men.

I read them. I write them. I ogle them while driving past construction sites. I might even have a picture or two for your ogling pleasure…

Why Mira Loves Blue Collar Heroes:

Reason #1

Muscles, muscles, and more muscles.

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I can dig just about any dudely body type. I’ve been attracted to short with a beer belly, tall and willowy, trim and athletic, and bear-like. It’s truly the mind, heart, & soul inside the body that matters.

…But there’s something about a guy that’s built that I just can’t look away from. And if it’s muscle earned on the job, it’s that much sexier.

Yep, muscles are my weakness. How’s that for irony, lol!

Reason #2

There’s something irresistible about a man who knows how to get shit done.

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“Where do you want this, honey?”

Men who work with their hands simply know how to accomplish stuff. They can fix your car, grill your steak, and get you off, all while shirtless and sipping a beer.

And they know how to take instruction.

“No problem, sugar. Change your mind as many times as you want. I could move this barrel a hundred times and still have enough energy left to rock your world in the bedroom.”

Reason #3

You say potty mouth; I say naughty mouth.

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Bad language can be oh-so nice! I especially love when a hero takes all those work-site curses into the bedroom.

Dirty talk slays me. Just slays me. Please tell me I’m not alone on this one!

Reason #4

Dirty, dirty boy.

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A hard working man needs a woman dedicated to cleanliness to help him scrub off all the grime and sweat at the end of the day. I’m more than happy to be that woman. It would sure beat dunking my kids in the tub!

I love reading and writing hard-working blue collar heroes for all these reasons and more! If you want to read my latest blue-collar hero, check out my Dirty Minds series of novellas (ten sizzling stories, one kinky couple).

Joe is my absolute dream guy. He embodies all of the above and will be sure to steam up your ereader. 


A good girl gives her dirty mind free rein…but nothing comes without a price

After a brush with violence, preacher’s-daughter Kelly decides life is too short to keep denying her dark desires. It’s time to explore her pent-up sensual side. And she knows just the man to help. Joe is every dirty-talking bad boy she’s ever daydreamed about, and he seems more than willing to make her fantasies reality. But he’s not about to let her use him without getting something in return. Joe drives a hard bargain, and Kelly has to decide how far she’s willing to go to keep him in her bed.

Dirty Minds 2, Irresistible Jerk, is out now! To celebrate release week, I’ve got it marked down to $0.99 from its usual $2.99! And Dirty Minds 1 Good Girl is currently FREE!

Don’t waste another minute! Snatch up the first two Dirty Minds novellas and subscribe to my mailing list so you’re the first to know when the next Dirty Minds books are available.

So, why do you love a blue-collar hero? Share in the comments!

Thanks for having me, Brit Babes! It was fun!

I’ll leave you with a GIVEAWAY that you can earn multiple entries in. I’ve got a $50 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs as well as a few copies of the first two books in my Dirty Minds series.

Here’s where readers can find me:

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  1. Oh Mira, thank you for that! Great way to start the week.

    Lily x

    1. Hey, any time! There's more where that came from, lol! --Jessi/Mira

  2. Mira! Awesome article and great minds think alike! I've got one of my very own blue collar men. I've been with my bad boy for 19 years and married for 17 of them! He's hot, he's an incredibly talented and smart automotive mechanic who can get all kinds of shit done. (He's even made some of our bedroom furniture, remodeled our old bedroom, and is currently building his model railroad to resemble the fictional city of Caldwell from JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood for me)

    And dirty? Mmmm yeah, both in the needing help in the shower and ohhh yes, the talk. Because while in our everyday life he's my loving, nurturing, and now uber supportive and run to my rescue hubby. In the bedroom he's every subbie's dream. He's great at dirty talk!

    In closing, my husband John is MY blue collar hero!


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