Thursday, 13 October 2016

Weird Way to Make a Living

Hello everyone, it's Kay here!

Last month I celebrated my 12th anniversary in the erotica business. Considering I only started to write sexy stories on a whim- a whim which I never expected to last more than 12 hours, let alone years, it is no wonder that I've been caught in a world of nostalgia and reminiscence for the last dozen years of late.

As I said on my own blog last month, after 12 years I have come to one overwhelming conclusion - this really is weird way to make a living!

For example...
In 2013, I was at the big Erotica event in London. I was stood in a large show hall surrounded by semi clad folk modelling bondage equipment, looking at the latest line in metal cock harnesses, and wondering how much head room there really was in a human kennel- and no one was batting an eyelid. At what point in my life did this become normal? And how fantastic that it was so- well, ordinary (I say this in a good way)!!


Sex is fun. An overly simplistic sentence; but so true.

So, there I was at Erotica 2013, surrounded by people who are dedicating their entire careers to ensuring that it stays that way- that sex gets better- that every living person has the chance to have a better erotic experience; be they straight, gay, lesbian, large, small, able bodied, disabled, and so on... No one is excluded. The playing field is open and fair, and the air feels full of openness- how sad that an industry dedicated to make people feel good and happy, is so often shut behind closed doors. Anyway...

For example...
...there I was at the ETO show 2014, eating lube flavoured ice cream with my fellow Brit Babes (I went for lemon and peach lube)- DELICIOUS- something I wouldn't normally say about lube.
I was back at the ETO again this year, sipping lube flavoured cocktails this time...
Vodka and Lube cocktails thanks to Systems-JO!!
Vodka and Lube cocktails thanks to Systems-JO!!

Now I've started to think about all the other things I've done, and all the things I've seen, that I'd never have experienced if I wrote any other genre but erotica., my head is full of memories- all of them extraordinary.
If I wrote horror stories, I'd never have been invited to the wonderful Sh Woman's Store, to stand around tables of vibrators, reading passages from The Perfect Submissive or Not Her Type. (I will never forget when I met Kd Grace at the Sh for the first time- we had to read our work by candle light because there was a power cut).
Without erotica, I would never have been picked up by a nice young man from Vanity Studios in London (not as dodgy as it sounds), to do a photo shoot in Soho- which lead to another one the following year.


There would have been no trip to Erotica 2013, to sell my books to some of the friendliest people in the world- many of whom had forgotten to put all of their clothes on...There would be no Brit Babes, and there would be no Brit Babe team cheering us all on- unthinkable!!

BB antho- SJWIT_1

I'd never have visited the ETO shows, or been nominated for an award or three- I'm still amazed I won one!


If I didn't write erotica, perhaps I wouldn't look at any and every object around me and automatically change it into some sort of sex toy- without even registering I'm doing it. (At the moment it's chocolate covered coffee beans- you'll see in time!!) Perhaps everyone I speak to wouldn't take each innocent sentence I say as an innuendo? I certainly wouldn't be teaching classes on how to sex up the supermarket!!
I'm as sure as I can be that I wouldn't get to stand in a public building and spank people, as I did at Smut by the Sea in Scarborough if I wrote sci-fi novels! (That would be Lucy Felthouse's bottom on the receiving end in the photo by the way!)

Spanking Lucy

I know for a fact that if I hadn't spent the last dozen years in erotica, my life wouldn't be so full or so friendly. Okay, I get a few negative comments, and I could do without the occasional bit of stalker stuff, but WOW- it's SO much fun!

It might well be a weird way to make a living- but it makes other people happy. I'm not sure I'd have been able to say that if I had stuck with my very first job - working in a Welsh Hat factory....

Happy reading,
Kay xx


  1. So glad you're still in this mad old world of Erotica, Kay. It's enhanced by your presence!

  2. Big sexy bottom-smacking high five to you Kay.

    I find writing this genre electrifying. My brain has never felt this switched on by anthing, ever!

    Keep up the steamy good work.
    Your readers await their next serving of spice.

    1. You're so kind! Thank you. I am working on a novella at this very moment. A threesome- but in a rather different manner than the norm. This one is for the word lovers amongst us xxx


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