Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sharing our Stories

by K D Grace

I recently came across an autobiography I’d written back in my navel-gazing days of intense journaling. I’m not sure whatinspired the nostalgic look back – no doubt I did if for either some book on writing or a new age self-help book I’d been studying and working through. I did a lot of both back in the day. But as I struggled to think of a topic for my post today, I was struck by the initial few paragraphs of that attempt to tell my story. They were about the stories we pass on, the stories that were passed on to us – you know the ones I mean, the ones our parents and grandparents tell us over and over again, while we wonder why they keep telling them. Surely they must know we’ve heard them before. But even as we wonder, we keep listening because we know when the good parts are coming, and no matter how many times we’ve heard those stories, we wait for it. 

Some of my earliest memories are of listening to the family stories my father and grandfather told, and here’s the amazing thing, years after both my father and grandfather died, I find myself telling my husband stories of my life. And here’s the bit where history
repeats itself -- like my grandfather and father before me, I tell hubby the same stories again and again, just in case he didn’t get how important those stories were to me the first several dozen times I told him. More than that, I find myself taking great pleasure in the telling and retelling of my stories. And, guess what? My husband tells me his stories, and he tells them to me again and again so I’ll understand how important they are to him. The cycle repeats itself in us all these years later, and I’m glad. 

I’m sure you have no trouble guessing that doing what I do for a living, I think a lot about stories. Of cours now they come from my imagination and now I share them with my readers, which means I’m still telling them over and over again, only to different audiences. Even though they’re not my life story, they’re every bit as important to me and every bit as much a part of who I am. 

I’d be willing to bet that every one of us Brit Babes would be nodding our heads in agreement to everything I’ve said so howdy, you can bet we’ll end up telling stories. We’ll all want to know what’s going on with each other, what our latest story is – family, friends, writing, children, pets, adventures. 
far because we are, all of us, storytellers. It’s not a hobby, it’s not a fad. It’s our calling, our vocation, it’s the love and passion of our hearts. And as I struggled to figure out what to write about for the Brit Babes blog, it hit me, that our story telling is what binds us, what’s at the centre of the sisterhood we share. If you get a couple of us together for more than a passing

That’ll get us through a meal, a few cups of coffee or tea and maybe settle us in at our hotel together after hours for a drink at the bar and some dreaming and scheming and planning the next phase of world domination. And once that’s sorted – you guessed it! It’s time for more storytelling. Now here’s the totally cool part, the part this post is really all about, and that’s the fact the we Brit Babes have our own family stories! We won’t be together long before we’ll remember the dreaming and scheming of our first anthology into the wee hours after the first
Eroticon -- all done to the soundtrack of a bevy of drunken Irish blokes singing behind us. Funnily enough, we were telling each other bits and pieces of our personal stories when the idea for an anthology struck. And after that, if we’re together long enough – with or without wine -- it won’t be long until we’re talking about our second Eroticon when the Brit Babes became a reality after a night of burlesque fun at Volupte. We have stories of our celebrated successes and book launches. We have stories about readings with spankings applied to people who read too long. I think it’s a toss-up between Kay and Victoria who’s best at applying the paddle. There are three – count them three! ETO Best Erotic Author trophies won by three different Brib Babes. Every one of those wins was well celebrated with stories of its own – each with as many Babes as could show up for the awards banquet shaking their collective bootie on the dance floor until the band gave up and went home. Oh yes,
those stories will get told. There are celebrations of best sellers and great reviews and of our stellar, best in the world, Street Team. There are stories of workshops led, conversations had, more anthologies, more awards. In those stories, there’s love, support, celebration and laughter. In those stories there’s also moaning and grousing and wicked scheming. And the album of our stories wouldn’t be complete without mourning and tears and worries and comfort. But through it all, we stood together as family, always always making more stories.

Just ask us! Ask any of us and we’ll regale you with something from the ever-growing collection of Brit Babes Family Stories, and of our fabulous Street Team, who are very much a part of our family. Those stories are our treasure, no matter what the moment may be, no matter what we’re all facing as individuals. Those stories make us laugh, give us hope, encourage us on to the next chapter. And yes, those stories inspire us, as we inspire each other, because there’s no iPhone, no expensive camera, no photograper nor sketch- artist capable of creating a family album quite like the family album of our story.

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  1. This is just a wonderful post KD - so glad we are all part of a big writing family x x x


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