Saturday, 11 June 2016

Press Release! Four Brit Babes up for Prestigious Erotic Author Award

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The Brit Babes: a group of 8 critically-acclaimed British-based authors who write super-sexy stories to both entertain and tease their readers' imagination.
Lucy Felthouse, Tabitha Rayne, Lexie Bay, Kd Grace, Kay Jaybee, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse & Natalie Dae

Award Nominees
This year, the Babes are proud to announce that four of their number have been nominated for the Best Erotica Writer of the Year award by the ETO (Erotic Trade Awards 2016), which will take place at the NEC, Birmingham on 12th June2016
Not only that, but Tabitha Rayne, has also been nominated for an additional award in the Most Innovative New Product category, for her brand new sex toy, the mind-blowing,

For more information please contact: or any of the nominees
Previous winners
Kay Jaybee – 2015

KD Grace - 2014

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