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Obsessive Compulsive Author: Marissa Farrar

As a brand new member of the Brit Babes, this is my first ever post to the Brit Babes blog, so I’m taking the opportunity to say a big hello to all the Brit Babes readers and of course, a massive thank you to the other ladies for inviting me into their gang!

This is my story.

People often ask me, ‘when did you start writing’, but I find I have to break that question down to be able to answer it properly. The truth is, I started writing as soon as I was able to hold a pen, and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped. There is video footage somewhere around of me at about eight years old, talking about a sci-fi novel I was writing and going to get published, so being an author has been my dream since an early age!

I’ve always written stories, but it wasn’t until I finished my degree (Zoology, randomly!) that I decided I wouldn’t be happy unless I followed my dream. I’d spent the whole of my degree trying to find time to write, and so as soon as I graduated, I decided I would put my heart and soul into getting published.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t until about seven years later that I finally received my first acceptance letter, for my vampire romance novel, ‘Alone.’

But I’d still been writing books during the years I was trying to find publication – including my dark fantasy novels, ‘Underlife,’ and ‘The Dark Road.’ I’d also written a romance novel, ‘Escape’ (which is currently being re-edited for a re-release!), and once I got my initial acceptance, I started getting more and more acceptance letters—for novels, but also short stories, and even real life magazine articles.

Then one day, an author friend asked me if I’d like to join her on a group project and write some erotica. I’d written sex scenes before, but never pure erotica, but I discovered I enjoyed it. Within a few months, I had enough written to put out my first collection, ‘Rescued’, a ‘woman in danger’ themed anthology under my maiden name, M.K. Elliott. To my amazement, within the first couple of weeks, it climbed to the number one spot on the Barnes & Noble erotica chart, and was selling four hundred copies a day! The book was also climbing the Amazon charts as well, and no one was more surprised than me.

In the meantime, I was still writing away. I had the sequel to my vampire book out, together with a couple of other novels. I’d self-published my erotic fiction, and I started to wonder if I should be doing the same for my more mainstream books as well. So I did, and took the plunge, initially only publishing a short horror story collection, ‘Where the Dead Live’, but then gradually starting to publish my own novels as well. I was also home with my two young daughters, and it quickly became apparently that I wouldn’t need to go back to my much hated day job as a pharmaceutical rep.

That was six years ago now, and I’m now about to publish my twenty-third novel, and I have plenty of novellas and short stories out as well. The truth of the matter is that I simply love to write. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching the lives of my characters play out in my head, and transferring their stories to paper. I write every day, which means I work every day, but I love what I do.

I still write my paranormal novels, but I also have been writing more and more contemporary books recently. My next novel, No Second Chances, will be out on July 26th and is already up for pre-order! I hope you'll check it out!


When I was seventeen years old, I was told to stay away from Cole Devonport. Kids like him only ever meant trouble. I should have listened, but I didn’t, and surprise, surprise, I was the one who got hurt. But escaping Cole didn’t mean the end of my pain. Life has a way of screwing me over, and after joining the Army as a way of forgetting him, I suffered a loss I’ll never recover from.
So now here I am, back in the town I ran away from, with my alcoholic father apparently looking after me.
The last thing I need is Cole showing up on my doorstep because nothing has changed—with his prison tattoos and don’t-screw-with-me edge, Cole Devonport still means trouble...


I let everyone down all those years ago. I made mistakes and I’m not proud of them, but I’ve done my time and now I just want to keep my head down and get on with my life. I thought I was doing exactly that until I heard Gabriella Weston was back in town.
Despite what she thought, I was always in love with her. She might hate me, but whether she knows it or not, she also needs me.
I want to make it up to her, but with my past still trying to pull me down, perhaps it would be best if I just stayed the hell away like she keeps telling me to. Problem is, I can’t seem to resist her, and I’m the type of guy who always gets what he wants...

‘No Second Chances’ is a stand-alone, second chance, contemporary romance. It is a full length novel with no cliff-hanger!

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