Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Janine Ashbless Writing Fantasy and Fairytale Erotica at Smut by the Sea!

Welcome Janine Ashbless, Erotic author extraordinaire to talk about her Smut by the Sea Workshop. There are still some tickets left so come and join us! 

Writing Fantasy and Fairytale Erotica

There’s never enough time to do everything you want, is there?

When I gave my talk at Eroticon 2015 on ‘Writing Fantasy and Fairytale Erotica,’ I spent so much time enthusing about why fantasy is such a good crossover with erotica that we ran out of time to do the writing exercises I’d prepared. And that’s a crying shame, isn’t it? No matter how eruditely I blather on and how stonkingly awesome my Powerpoint slides are, if writers aren’t actually getting stuck in to try the genre for themselves then it’s all a bit of a waste.

So I’m coming to this workshop at Smut by the Sea as a sort of practical spin-off from my original talk. I’m going to assume from the start that you want to write fantasy, paranormal and/or fairytale erotica. Let’s say you’ve seen a call for an anthology, say. You know what sort of sex you like writing about, that’s a given. But maybe you’re just stuck on the setting, or how to include magical creatures in a convincing manner, or how much world-building you need to fit in 5000 words. Or maybe you want to write Little Red Riding Hood but you think it’s been done a million times before and you’re looking for a way to give it your own twist.

I’m hoping in these workshops to help you find places to look that’ll kickstart your inspiration, your creativity, and your daring. I want to show you my fantasy plot cheat-codes. I want to get you writing!
We’ll still run out of time, of course J

Janine “I need to go buy a flipchart” Ashbless

Janine Ashbless is the author of three collections of short stories (Cruel Enchantment, Dark Enchantment, Fierce Enchantments) – all with fantasy, horror, paranormal and gothic themes. She’s also seen eight erotic novels in publication, with settings ranging from the Arabian Nights to fairytale mashup to contemporary vampire horror. Currently she’s writing two series: Lover’s Wheel is a quartet about English earth-magic and The Book of the Watchers is a dark romance/thriller about fallen angels.

She lives reasonably near to Scarborough.

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