Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kay: Being Wicked on a Wednesday

Hello lovely BB followers! It’s Kay here.

Recently I have been spending the lion’s share of my writing days, not as Kay, but as my softer side, Jenny Kane. Consequently my erotica writing time has become a very precious thing. Basically, I only get to ‘be’ Kay once a week- on a Wednesday.

Wednesday’s have quickly become known as Wicked Wednesday’s in the cafe where I write. Should anyone have forgotten that it’s Wednesday, as soon as they see me arrive to work, they remember. To write my best Kay stuff I have to feel in the zone- and that means dressing as Kay- or at least, Kay-ish!

Don’t get too excited here- I don’t mean I turn up at ‘the office’ in a basque, high heels, and stockings- but I do tend to wear a skirt, and dress with just a little more care. I have to feel good to write erotica. It’s like entering a special zone of writing that exists only on a Wednesday! To write sexy I have to feel sexy.

Obviously only having an erotica day once a week means that my production of naughty stories has slowed down somewhat- but it has never stopped. At the moment I have three main projects on the go as Kay.

First of all I am rewriting my very first Kay book! And oh my goodness, did it need an overhaul! I’ve learnt so much in the intervening ten years since The Collector came out, that to have this opportunity to give it a much needed re-edit and a bit of spit and polish is wonderful!

The Collector- which will be rewritten (same stories, but better with construction), be given a gorgeous new cover (the pic above is the old cover), and best of all, have two brand new stories- will be out later this year.

My second project is still under wraps. I can tell you it is a totally fresh Kay Jaybee novella, of the FFM persuasion... Beyond that, my lips are sealed...

Last, but not least, I will be teaching a workshop at next month’s Eroticon Conference in Bristol! I will be running a musically inspired writing class. If you need a new idea, want help shifting that writer’s block, or simply don’t know where to start, then I would love to see you there! If you haven’t got your ticket for Eroticon yet, you can get one here -

I’ll bid you a fond farewell for now...see you soon!

Happy reading,

Kay xx

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