Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Fruity post by Tabitha


Well hello there!

I bring news of an actual real live New Book! It's an erotic short threesome tale that begins with a dare from the office perv.

I wonder how many things happen because of that little devil on your shoulder whispering, "go-on, do it." That marvellous moment when you think, fuckit, and just do it.

This is how Figs begins. Mae is in a relationship with Janey and so when Rory, that office perv I mentioned, dares her into eating a fig suggestively, Mae feels guilty and aroused by her own behaviour. Nothing sexual happens between them but the feelings their interaction evokes brings up all sorts of emotions in Mae.

That one fuckit moment in time that can change everything.

I wonder how many opportunities are missed through not heeding the fuckit - or how many doors are opened by embracing it.

So here's that opening scene from Figs - I hope you enjoy!

“Just suck it, go on…”
“No,” I said, recoiling from his outstretched hand.
“Go on, it’s supposed to feel exactly like something rude.”
“Shut up, Rory.” I twisted my head away, acting repulsed, but if I were honest, my curiosity was piqued. What kind of thing? I wondered, but I didn’t really want to ask. Rory was the office perv. You know the type, complimenting you by telling you he’d shag you. As if you ought to be grateful. No. I didn’t want to give him any encouragement, but I asked before I could stop myself.
“What is it anyway?”
He smiled in that smug way as if he was about to impart a great wisdom and ‘poor you’ for being so ignorant—how lucky he was there to explain.
“What? The fruit?” He cocked his eyebrow. “Or the rude thing?”
I rolled my eyes. “The fruit, Rory.”
“Ain’t you never seen a fig before?”
“Oh, is that what it is?” I’d only seen fig leaves covering statues’ privates or those gross soft biscuit things with the brown goo inside—I hadn’t realized they were actual fruits. I wasn’t going to let him know that. “It’s just they’re usually a bit greener, fresher-looking.” He looked unconvinced so I said the thing I shouldn’t have. “Okay then, tell me. What is sucking on a fig meant to represent?”
“You should figure it out for yourself.” He cupped the fruit in his palm and peeled away a section, revealing a ruddy maroon inner flesh, then held it up to my face again. I had to admit, it did look succulent and inviting, but I wasn’t going to eat out of his pervy hand. I plucked it from his grasp, careful to avoid any contact with his skin, and took a closer look. The color was that of seduction and I decided I ought to taste it in private. I turned.
“Hey, no way. Stay here and try it or I’ll take it back.”
Oh God. I don’t know why but, in that moment, the devil got in me. I stared Rory right in the eye and brought the fig to my parted lips. Without my gaze wavering I began to tongue the wet fragrant flesh, delving deeper into its almost gritty insides. It tasted delicious. A subtle flavor, not too fruity—almost date-like. I opened my mouth wider and took it in as if kissing it, undulating my mouth around it, fucking the fruit with my tongue. Rory’s sleazy expression changed to bewilderment when he realized what I was doing. I knew my nipples were beading under my blouse and I flicked my gaze to his crotch to see a bulge forming. I sighed and groaned a little from my throat, letting my eyelids flutter to almost closed. Almost, but not so much that I couldn’t watch his arousal from beneath my lashes. What on earth had come over me? Heat grew between my legs and the atmosphere between us became heavy with lust. As my tongue explored the ridges and dips of the fig I had to agree that yes, it was rude. We were outside the loos and I wondered whether Rory would seize the opportunity to invite me into the Gents. If I’m honest, I’m not so sure I would have resisted, but he didn’t. He just stood gaping. I was utterly turned on. I could even feel dampness spread in my panties. If I’d been alone I would have reached into them to bring myself off quickly. I sucked and sucked again then finally swallowed. When I brought the used, empty skin from my face, I deliberately let the juice slide down my chin and onto my throat and resisted the temptation to wipe it away. I passed it back to him and folded his fist around the spent flesh.
“Yes,” I said, “you’re right. It is like something rude, though for the life of me, I can’t think what.”

Hope you enjoyed that!

Figs is available for early download now from Pride Publishing

Beautiful cover isn't it - done by our Emmy Ellis!

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