Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fun Stuff!

Post by Lily Harlem

It's funny how stories come about, in fact each story has it's own story to tell. Whether it's that moment of inspiration, the struggle to get on with feisty characters, or just a plot that is taking a lot of effort to tie up.

One of the most fun ways I've written a story happened in the Autumn of last year. Any of you that know me, know that I spend far too much time messing about on Facebook when I should be writing! I know, I can't help it, so easily distracted! Well on one of these occasions I was having fun with three fellow authors, Sarah Masters (fellow Brit Babe), Lavinia Lewis and Jambrea Jo Jones.

We were at a virtual party, I suspect all in our pyjamas - well maybe not Jambrea, she's in the US so it was middle of the day for her - and drinking wine. We started having a giggle about shifters and all the strange animal combinations that could happen if DNA was spliced! For example if a gorilla was crossed with a pug, or a kangaroo or even a shark!

"We should write it!" Jambrea shouted. 
"It's nuts," Sarah replied. "But bloody brilliant."
"Oh my God, yes," Lavinia responded.
"Let me at it!" I cried.
And so SPLICED was born, from a silly conversation about muddled up animals we created four seriously hot shifters who are all struggling to accept themselves and on the hunt for their mates.

But our spliced shifters have a more pressing problem, because of their uniquness for years they've been kept in a compound, experimented on and studied. We decided therefore to start their stories at the  moment of escape. They're all wild, scared, looking for love and acceptance as they roam the dark and cold Yorkshire moors.

Here is the official back cover information

When scientists mess with the most primitive elements of a man’s core, the results are bound to be explosive.

Living a loveless existence is hard for any shifter, but having DNA spliced with creatures who stand out from the crowd is damn near impossible. Which is why four experimented-on souls decide to break free from the chains that hold them, climb the fences that circle them, and go in search of adventure, passion and most of all, their mates.

But nothing worth having is ever easy, and for Sharkorilla, Pugorilla, Kangorilla and Elephorilla, this is definitely the case. They’ve come to the end of one very long, hard and frustrating road, but now, with the help of men who have big hearts, they must shed their fears, accept their bodies, and be true to the desires that burn within them. The only problem is, will they get away with it?

Please note, Spliced can be enjoyed as individual stories, but reading in order enhances the pleasure as you get to see the progression of the shifter's sexy adventures.

I hope you'll check out Spliced, it's fun and sexy and definitely a bit different to any other shifter story out there. You can find out all the details on the Spliced website.

Thanks for reading

Lily x

Kangorilla – Joey has it tough. Not only has he been spliced with a kangaroo and a gorilla, he’s also been brought to the other side of the world.

Feeling exploited, desperate and wishing he had love, companionship and acceptance, he takes the risk of leaving the compound in the search of happiness.

But will he find it? Or has the person he’s drawn to got other ideas? It certainly seems that way as the temperature goes from boiling hot to downright frosty.


  1. It really was a lot of fun working on this series and I'm looking forward to adding to it! :)

  2. Me too, Lavinia, definitely more stories to write... :)

  3. Intrigued with a big smile! Love this idea!!!
    Lola Divine :)


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