Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

The Brit Babes would like to wish all their readers a very happy and prosperous 2016. We thought rather than sharing our resolutions with you today we'd share random facts. We're also very lucky to have a fabulous street team who give us support, laughter and inspiration every day of the year so they've jumped on board with random facts about themselves too. Here goes, let the crazy begin...

Lily Harlem - My dad looks so like Arsene Wenger (Arsenal football club manager) that he sometimes gets stopped and asked for his autograph. The last time it happened and I was with him he was in a silly mood so put on a ridiculous accent and even offered to pose for a selfie with the 'fan'! I was completely mortified! LOL

Emmy Ellis (Natalie Dae, Sarah Masters, Geraldine O'Hara) - Before I eat any coloured sweets, I have to arrange them in their colour batches. I have to walk on the right-hand side of people (comes from always being closest to the kerb when out with the kids). I'm obsessed with throw pillows--currently have 30 scattered over various beds/living room furniture. I love hoover suction marks on the carpet. I sniff fabric softener in the shop. I shudder every time I touch a shopping trolley or basket - can't deal with wondering how many people touched it with toilet hands before me. There are more. I'm a tad quirky/OCD.

KD Grace - I'm having a love affair with kettle bells and I have the callous to prove it. My favourite sweet treats are Snickerdoodles cookies -- my recipe!

Kay Jaybee - I have a small bump on the bridge of my nose after my youngest child knocked me out when she was only 18 months old. We were playing aeroplanes- it got a bit too giggly and I didn't dodge her 'wing' quick enough- Whoops!

Lucy Felthouse - I take three sugars in my tea, which I'm constantly mocked about, getting comments like "would you like some tea with your sugar?" What can I say, I like it sweet!

Tabitha Rayne - I twiddle my thumbs like an old Grampa. I had no idea I did this until my sister said, 'What are on earth you doing?' I looked down and sure enough, there on my lap, my thumbs were a-twiddlin' in my cupped palms. I remember my great-Grampa doing that and always being fascinated. How did I not realise I did it? I only found out last month!

Victoria Blisse: I peel my banana in what I've found out is an unusual way. I run my thumbnail down the back from top to bottom then split open the peel and pull out the banana. My friend in school used to wince every time she saw me do it! 

Fiona -  Everyone says I look and sound like Catherine Tate (British impressionist). Some even going as far as calling me on stage to do impressions while on holiday. What a f**king liberty :-)

Charmaine - I've never drunk a cup of coffee. I gag at the first mouthful.  My favourite holiday is hallowe'en and I dress up every year.  Unfortunately no matter how hard I prayed I never did receive my letter to say I could attend hog warts.

Emma - I've lived in 5 different countries and speak several foreign languages (with varying degrees of fluency). In reverse order, the countries are: Ireland (Republic), Belgium, Canada, USA, and of course England. Extra points for working out what languages I speak. French, German, Spanish, Welsh.  I have appeared 3 times on BBC Songs of Praise in 2014. I even had a speaking part on the Mother's Day special! 

Debi - I am 5'9" tall have blonde hair and blue eyes, but not the pretty blue. (boring lol) I am on my second marriage and he is my soul mate. I have been with BH for 15 years now. I am kinda embarrassed to say I didn't have my first orgasm till I was 27! Just took me a while to find the right man. (juicy) I am 42 and have no children but not from lack of trying. I think I am a closet naughty girl. I just can't get my hubby to read so we can try new things. I have had a stressful life but the one thing that helps me is to sit and read and block everything out. Let me live in someone else's shoes for a while. 

Kathy - When I eat M&M's, I like to make a pattern of the colors - red, green, blue, orange, etc... If there are extra colors, I will eat those first then start on my line. I recently became a pleasure panel reviewer for a blog in the UK - Cara Sutra. You ladies over the pond might of heard of her. Lastly, I love to zoos and if I am in a new state, I will track down the zoo and see what it's like.

Karen - If there is a gap in a pair of curtains, I have a meltdown, they have to be properly closed and straight! I have duck feet, they point out when I walk. I can have an orgasm just by having my fingers or toes squeezed.

Danielle - OOH this is fun! My family has had season tickets for NY Rangers hockey since 1979 - I started going with my dad in 1989 when I was 10 and to this day I consider the NY Rangers my truest love. I have a soft spot for bassists, hockey goalies & Irish wrestlers (Finn Balor/Prince Devitt in particular). My ultimate life goal is the endless summer - May 1 - Oct 31 in NYC, Nov 1 - April 30 in Perth, Western Australia.

Cheryl Jackson - I once handed Princess Diana some flowers. People who know me well know how much of a tom boy I am but on this occasion I was wearing a very "pretty" dress complete with lace bits and I curtsied. Okay I was only about 8 or 9. Not including toes and fingers which I've lost count of, I've broken 13 bones in my life including an eye socket. Most of them before I was 15. Only 2 I can think of were after that age. I spent the first 12 years of my life in Germany and still miss the beauty and especially the food now.

Susan - I may have OCD tendencies.....all my books are in alphabetical order...and in chronological order for each author.....when hanging clothes outside the pegs on each item have to match...and preferably co-ordinate with said item. Funniest thing I've read this week.....CDO....which is OCD in alphabetical order... 

Alison - I lived in Gibraltar when Chuck and Di (Prince Charles and Lady Diana) got married and they flew to Gibralter to start their cruise around the Med...anyway I was on the fleet tender (ie. tug) that escorted them out and stayed till after the press had gone .... I recall as a wee 10 yr old seeing them both in private moments, there was love there in the beginning and it was playful .. he said something in her ear and she laughed and 'ran away' and he chased her and caught her in a hug ....sigh ...

Elizabeth - I just got my first two tattoos at 50, it was a total bucket list thing, my kids hate them but the hubby loves them LOL

Phaedra - Hubby and I were in an X-rated movie and no, I will not tell the name of it.

Evita - I am the oldest of 8 kids, I know all of their birthdays. I used to be able to whistle but after a couple of dentist appts when I had a wisdom tooth pulled and a couple of crowns, I can no longer whistle. At a Michael Buble concert he does a set where he goes to the back on a smaller stage, it was right behind where my seat was, he walked around and he knelt in front of me, I touched his thigh! 

Deanna - When Steve asks me a question, and if the answer calls for it, I always answer "That is correct", instead of "Yes" or "Yeah" or "Yep". Steve thinks it's funny that I'm so formal. I didn't even know I did that until he pointed it out. When I was a kid, I studied Ancient Egypt in history class and it was always a dream of mine to go visit. When I was 27, I worked for an international consulting company and I was sent on my first assignment. It was to Egypt. I spent a year there. When I was done and that dream was fulfilled, I stopped and thought "Now what?"

With many thanks for stopping by and celebrating the first day of 2016 with us. Feel free to add a random fact in comments, we'll look forward to reading them. Also if you're interested in joining our street team, details here.

The Brit Babes x

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