Thursday, 10 December 2015

Top Tipping

Hello everyone, it's Kay here. Today I thought I'd give you a little of the history behind the 'KJB's Tip Time' feature I have on my own blog once a week- and share a couple of those tips with you for good measure!

Some years ago I used to work for the totally fantastic erotica webzine, Oysters and Chocolate. Many of you (assuming you are as old as me!) will recall I was their regular writer in residence. What you may not have known, is that I was the secret provider of the weekly O&C Spicy Sex Tips!!

Now O&C has gone (and is still sadly missed), I thought it might be good to blow the dust off those tips, and share them again.

I loved coming up with these weekly snippets of saucy inspiration. Some were inspired by stories I'd already written, others went on to inspire new tales, and some just came from the random thoughts of my non-stop imagination!

One of the tips that was inspired by a story I'd written was 'The Doorframe Game'- and here it is...

There are many neglected locations within the home when it comes to our sex lives.
For example, consider the doorframes between each room of your home. Providing they are solidly built, they can provide an excellent place to indulge.

Let me introduce you to the Doorframe Game...
Strip each other, and taking it in turns, stand with your arms stretched high above your head, so your fingers are holding onto (but not pulling- you don’t want the house to collapse around you), the top lintel of the frame. (A stall can be provided for those of the neatly shorter persuasion).
Then time each other to see which one of you can last out the longest while your lover caresses, licks, kisses, sucks and generally enjoys your body before you can’t take any more, and simply have to lower your hands.
The one who manages to keep their arms on the top of the door frame the longest is the winner...they get to choose their own prize...

The book that inspired that 'Tip Time' was Not Her Type- a very sexy tale, in which I made sure the heroine briefly became intimate with a wall next to a door!

This next tip came from my love of the word 'unbuttoning'- I think it has to be one of the most suggestive and sexiest words in the English words! This tip led me to write a short story called Fantasy 13, which later became my BDSM threesome thriller- The Voyeur!

This weekend why not hunt down your most buttoned garment, maybe a shirt or a dress, and put it on with nothing underneath. Then tell your partner that they will be rewarded each time they please you with the undoing of a single fastening, and the gradual revelation of your body.


You could make it into a game, - perhaps a button will be undone if your lover manages not to utter a sound as you undress them. Maybe a button will be un-popped if they can stay statue still as you kiss them from head to toe. ..
The rules are yours for the making (and breaking). See how long it takes for all of your buttons to become undone, and your partner gets rewarded with your beautiful nakedness...
No buttoned garments? Then how about inching down that long zipper, or gradually un-popping those poppers...

When I worked for O&C, each week I'd try and make the sexy tip easy to do and as much fun as possible - although at the end of each tip I was (and still am) careful to add this warning- 
(PS- Have fun- but remember to stay safe. Be aware of allergies, personal limits, the strength of your doorframes, and your health at all times. I want you to have a fun weekend, not a trip to A&E.)

I hope you've enjoyed this brief glimpse of KJB's Tip Time! If you enjoyed them, then you can find a new one each Friday or Saturday on my blog at

Happy reading everyone,
Kay xx


  1. Love it! I always wondered where these Top Tips started, Oysters and Chocolate was great, sad to see it go :(

  2. Yep- it was me all along!! It was a very sad day when they went. xx


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