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Special Guest - August McLaughlin

I am SUPER excited to introduce you to this wonderful woman, August McLaughlin. I came across her work on Twitter and am now a huge fan. She is out to promote female sexual empowerment and has a radio show and a new book called Embraceable. She has trademarked the term Girl Boner® and it is her mission to bring joy, acceptance and empowerment to all women and their sexuality. I think she's fab and I was delighted when she agreed to answer some questions. Take it away Ms McLaughlin!

1 - What drew you to sexual health and empowerment?
In short, a rocky road. ;) I was diagnosed with a severe eating disorder in my late teens. During my recovery, I realized that I lacked sexual empowerment. I’d had sex, but wasn’t empowered—vastly different things. As I gained empowerment sexually, my whole world shifted. It allowed me to heal from years of disordered eating and poor body image and, more importantly, live a fuller, happier, more meaningful life. When I learned that I was far from a rare case, that countless other women struggle in these ways, too, I knew I had to do something about it. I wasn’t sure what exactly until I began taking writing seriously. I became a health and sexuality writer, wrote a novel, started a blog and now have my brand and show.
2 - What inspired Girl Boner®?
Much of what I mentioned above, paired with sex ed memories and years of curiosity. Like most folks, I learned extremely little about sex or sexuality as a kid. In my sex ed courses, we learned a bit about men’s sexual pleasure, but virtually nothing about women’s. When I learned what a “boner” was, my immediate thought was, “What about girl boners?” I decided to trademark the term a few years ago, and first launched it as a series on my blog. Now it’s practically my whole life.
3- When did you decide to write Embraceable? Did you always intend it to be a collaboration of different women's experiences?
I’d wanted to share my journey to sexual empowerment and eating disorder recovery in a book for some time, but I knew that wasn’t the whole book I wanted to write—not even close. So many women (TOO many women) have similar stories. On Girl Boner® Radio, I talk to such women regularly. Pairing my story with many of theirs seemed like a natural choice. We can all learn so much for one another.

4 - How did you choose the stories to include? Did you put a call out or did women approach you?
I put a call out on social media and my blog, and reached out directly to women I had in mind. Many included have already appeared on my show. I wanted to make sure the book contained a variety of experiences, backgrounds, ages and viewpoints. I’m really pleased with how it’s panned out.
5 - How would you like to see the world in 50 years time?
What a huge and important question. I’d love to see a more accepting, less violent world. If only we had magic wands, right? Since none of us do, we have to use whatever skills or talents we have to make a positive impact.
As far as sexual empowerment in the U.S. goes, leading by example is hugely important—looking inward and challenging any negative beliefs. Worldwide, there are still many places where women have no sexual freedom whatsoever. I’d also love to see a more globally connected world, too—one where there is less “othering,” and more, “How can we help?”s. 
Buy Embraceable here:
Tabitha - doesn't all this sound amazing? And please take a listen to this introduction to her radio show.

August McLaughlin is an award-winning, nationally recognized health and sexuality writer, radio personality and host and creator of Girl Boner®. Her work appears in DAME Magazine, the Huffington Post, The Good Men Project and more. Kirkus Reviews called her first novel, In Her Shadow, “an engaging story with an inventive structure and an intriguing focus on body-image issues.” Her latest book, Embraceable: Empowering Facts and True Stories About Women’s Sexuality (available December, 2015/January, 2016 on Amazon and iTunes), is a celebration of women’s sensuality. Each week on Girl Boner® Radio, she interviews relationship experts, celebs and more, exploring women’s lives and sexuality “like no one else.” Known for melding personal passion, artistry and activism, August uses her skills as a public speaker and journalist to inspire other women to embrace their bodies and selves, making way for fuller, more authentic lives.

Thank you so much for joining the Brit Babes today, August! We wish you well with your fantastic cause! :D

And thanks for reading! I hope you all find this inspiring.

Love Tabitha x x 

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