Thursday, 24 December 2015

Shopping, Lunch and Inspiration

Post by Lily Harlem

It's been an incredible year with ups and downs but one of the ups was a lovely day out with my great friend and co-author Natalie Dae (also known as Emmy Ellis, Sarah Masters and Geraldine O'Hara.)

We've written Sexy as Hell, A Bit of Strange and Good Cop, Bad Cop together to name a few. One of the things that's really fun when you've created a character with someone else is that you both 'know' them. For example you have a very good idea of how they would react to situations, what they would order from a menu and what they'd choose to wear.

One of our favourite characters is Zara from Sexy as Hell. She's a real vamp, or as Victor would call her - a player.

But she has reasons for her tricks and her wicked ways and beneath it all she's a woman looking for the same things as everyone else. She's also a dominatrix (or so she thinks) and takes great care with what she wears and how she looks.

Emmy and I, after a lovely lunch together, headed into Agent Provocateur. Wow, what a shop. We just knew Zara would love this shop and we took great delight in picking out the things she'd be sure to grab.

That's some of the outfits we imagined her in, but, of course, she has a whole host of sexy accessories.

The prices in AP were eye-watering, but we had a wonderful time exploring the shelves. I think the assistant believed Zara was a real person by the time we'd finished and she'd heard us chattering about her.

If you'd like to know more about Zara and her sexy virgin Victor (I say virgin, he's not really, it's because he's new to the world of BDSM and it's the nickname Zara gives him) then do check out Sexy as Hell. The first book The Novice is 99c/99p or you can buy the entire box set for $4.47/£3.99 and that includes 3 spin-off stories about secondary characters. (Please note The Novice was previously titled The Virgin but had to be changed after a dispute with Amazon.)

Happy Christmas from us both and, of course, Zara and Victor too!

Lily x

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