Monday, 7 December 2015

Guest Post: Ashley Lister Gets Poetical

Hello everyone,, it's Kay here. Once again I have the privilege of welcoming the absurdly talented, Ashley Lister, to the Brit Babes blog, with his wonderful poetry, and information about a great new book.

Over to you Ash...
This is the ballad of poor, simple Dave

A pervert whose quirks sent him straight to the grave

He built a sex robot to use as a slave

And he came to a sad, sticky end.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s always a pleasure to visit the Brit Babes blog. I know this probably sounds like I’m gushing, but I have to start this blog post by saying how much I enjoy being in the presence of the Brit Babes. Without actually dropping names, I can admitted that I’ve been lucky enough to share a meal with several of the Brit Babes, I’ve been on the same stage with some of them, I’ve appeared alongside many of them in some of my favourite anthologies, and I know them to be a team of some of the UK’s most talented writers.
Poor Dave was alone and each night he would cuss, he

Would say in his prayers that he wasn’t that fussy.

He just begged to his God for a small piece of pussy.

And he came to a sad, sticky end.

Just to illustrate how multi-talented some of the Brit Babes are, a good number of them have poems in my latest anthology of poetry: Coming Together in Verse.

Poor Dave fixed white goods, by way of a trade

At night, on his X-Box, there were games that he played

And none of this helped the poor sod to get laid.

And he came to a sad, sticky end.

“Poetry?” I hear you cry. “But isn’t that dull and boring?”
When people say this to me in the real world I usually nod my head and say, “Yes, poetry is dull and boring. It’s never any good.” But that response doesn’t give the whole truth for how I really feel about poetry and it certainly isn’t true for this collection.
“This just isn’t fair,” he’d sigh and he’d weep.

“I’m living alone like some sick sort of creep.”

Then he’d pull off a swift one and go back to sleep.

And he came to a sad, sticky end.

Coming Together in Verse contains a broad range of erotic, saucy, sexy poetry that approaches erotic poetry from a diverse range of angles. There’s poetry that’s subtle, clever and intelligent. There’s poetry that’s vulgar and coarse. And there’s poetry that’s sensitive and well-considered. I suppose, in some ways, you’d say the content reflects our multifaceted and diverse responses to sex and intimacy.

So he made a sex robot. It wasn’t that hard.

He’d got spares from old cookers lying round his backyard.

Once she was assembled he lubed her with lard.

And he came to a sad, sticky end.

Not only is this is a great collection of quality, erotic poems but all proceeds from this title benefit the animal charity Hope for Paws (

And, please note that not all of the poems are as vulgar as my personal contributions. Most of these writers have got style and finesse.
A huge thank you to Ash for visiting us today- with another brilliant poem!! I'm proud to have a poem or two in his Coming Together In Verse collection. It is a fabulous piece of work- and an ideal Christmas present.
Happy reading,
Kay xxx


  1. Hee, hee I ADORE Dave and his sex robot - brilliant! Thank you for being our guest today, Ashley, it's always lovely to have you on the Brit Babes blog. Looking forward to catching up with you in 2016. Lily x

  2. Lily - thank you. An Orgy of Collectives is very clever and a wonderful part of the anthology. Can't wait to catch up next year.


  3. Woop Ashley! This is so fab - I can't believe I missed the deadline to contribute - anyhoo - looks like a fantastic collection of poems and poets - filth and sophistication as we've come to expect from someone so filthy and sophisticated!! :D x x x

    1. Tabitha - thank you. I'll be pestering you repeatedly when I start work on the follow-up anthology :-)

      I shall now go out and try to get a tattoo that says 'filth and sophistication'.


  4. I'm currently reading the 'Coming Together' anthology and it's an utter joy.
    I recommend unreservedly. It's a real mood-lifter.


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