Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Beast Inside

Post by Lily Harlem

What will make your beast come out to play?

You think you're safe
But deep inside
The hungry beast
Discretely hides 
Only when the beast
Is poked
Then in a flash
The truth evoked
The tigress
Comes out to play
No mercy shown
To her prey

- by an unknown poet

We all have sides to our personalities that we either don't show or reveal to only a few trusted people - but what about those sides we don't even show to ourselves? I love that concept and I think it's very true that there are aspects to ourselves - desires, needs, thoughts - that we only let surface to our own consciousness on rare occasions. But when they do breach into our line of sight, they're damn powerful and near impossible to ignore. They stamp their feet, demand attention and poke and poke until they're listened to.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately because the heroine in my new novel Rule Breaker talks about her 'beast'. Her beast is part of her inner voice, he adjusts her moral compass (yes, it's a 'he') and prods her to be reckless, seek instant gratification and sod the consequences.

Of course listening to a voice like that on a daily basis will either earn you a straight jacket or land you behind bars. Not listening to a voice, a part of yourself that wants what it shouldn't, is a lonely battle. I'm not talking about schizophrenia here, what I do in Rule Breaker is allow my heroine to examine the reasons why she's not behaving sensibly, why she's alienating people who care about her and risking everything for a man she shouldn't have fallen for.

The reasons why we push the boundaries of what's acceptable is very complex but also very simple when love is involved. But when that person we love starts showing all the dark corners of their own desires and needs, when their beast comes out to play, what will happen then? One thing is for sure, it won't be boring and it will be damn sexy when instant gratification is demanded from all sides!

I decided to dedicate Rule Breaker to 'everyone who had fallen in love with someone they shouldn't have' - because we've all done it, even if it was just a crush on the naughty boy at school because he had a cute smile. We don't get to choose who we fall for, our inner self has a big say in that.

Rule Breaker will be out on general release on the 10th of November but can be pre-ordered from the publisher and you'll get your copy on 13th October, nearly a month early!

Lily x


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