Friday, 16 October 2015

Sex Toys and Friends

*Only a day and a half late for my Thursday spot!*
Hi there - it's me Tabitha, your local friendly neighbourhood sex toy inventor ;)
You might not have heard but news has this week been released of my sex aid design - Ruby Glow - 'pleasure for the seated lady' - made by the mighty Rocks Off :)
You can read all about the actual product on my own blog here - Oleander Plume's blog and the current issue of the fabulous Erotic Trade Magazine edited by Dale Bradford (I got a triple page spread...matron!)

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Now, the reason I'm bringing this up today is that I want to tell you about how amazing my friends are. Can you imagine sidling up to one of your besties and saying, "Listen, I've got a favour to ask... I have designed this sex toy, but I need someone to um.. test it... um, do you fancy giving it a go?"

Would they jump at the chance? Would you be brave enough to ask? After all, a sex toy or orgasm aid is quite a personal thing.

I was pretty nervous about asking, you give quite a lot away about your own sexual habits when you design a toy that suits yourself - what if I was strange 'down there'?

The reason I designed it is because when I'm writing saucy sex scenes I can get in a bit of a sexually frustrated state - I know it's a good and successful erotic scenario if I can turn myself on. I felt sure other authors did the same. I couldn't quite find a sex aid that met the challenge - it had to be hands free - quick and easy to use - just pop-it-on-your-chair-and-away-you-go type of toy. So I had a good think and made a design I thought would suit. It's basically a saddle arrangement that is anchored in place by your pubic bone and you can wriggle about on the vibrating pads until its work is done.

With thanks to Cara Sutra for this photo of the Ruby Glow x
So - you might be wondering who I enlisted to test my very first prototype - well, ladies and gents, lucky me to have a group of 7 erotica authors among my besties! Yes, you've guessed it - I called upon the help of my Brit Babe friends.

The very first version was made from blue dental silicon with small bullet vibrators hidden inside - it wasn't very attractive and I'm not sure blue vibrators are really big sellers but the silicon only comes in blue and I was making them myself in my shed!

Would you sit on this for one of
your best friends? 
I knew erotic author of the year 2014, Ms KD Grace is a deeply sensual woman so she was the first person I approached. To my joy and relief she agreed to be the very first tester.

Now - waiting for the results to come in was a crazy thing - on one hand if it didn't work, I could simply have it for my private use and get on with my life... on the other, what if it worked... uh-oh - I was probably more worried about that!

When the email entitled, 'I've had a moment' arrived I was thrilled and terrified in equal measure. Now I had to send it out to more testers - my friend Andrew who had seen the very first clay sculpture said he'd help me with the research and development side of things - so when I got this first little triumph, that was it - I had to move on and get more ladies' opinions.

yes, Yes, YES!
Enter the rest of the Brit Babes - I cannot overstate how awesome they have been in helping me design and feel confident in this design. They have been amazing! Every bit of feedback has helped form, change, improve each prototype to what it has become under the incredible care that Rocks Off have provided in its manufacture.

So this blog is basically a huge big bonanza of joy and thanks for my friends - not only the Brit Babes but all the ladies who have tried out this little beauty and let me know how they've got on. : KD GraceKay JaybeeLilyHarlemLucy FelthouseVictoria BlisseEmmy Ellis, and Lexie Bay I love you guys - and not just because you bounced around on my blue silicon and bullet ensemble :).

And those with encouraging words and endless enthusiasm - F.leonora, Oleander Plume, Jaye Shields, William Doxy, and more... And more and more!

Even down to this - I had made a logo for the Ruby Glow but it needed a little pizazz - so I handed it over to the talents of Brit Babe, Emmy Ellis who worked her magic - I love it!

Let's hope you like it too - nestled up with your books :) or chatting on Skype to your lover - who needs a reason? It's not just for writers - it's for all the seated ladies of the world - and the standing and lying down ones too ;)

Honestly - if you've got friends as awesome as mine, anything is possible x x x


  1. You have the best friends ever!!!

  2. I love the collaborative effort and the 'would you sit on this for me a moment?' :) Just brilliant. I will raise a glass to making ideas reality, Ms Rayne.


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