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Special Guest- Peter Birch: First Spankings and a Note of Nostalgia for the Bad Old Days

It's Kay here, and I'm delighted to be able to welcome Peter Birch to the Brit Babes site today. Peter is talking spanking and wallowing in a little naughty nostalgia! If spanking is not your thing- then look away now...
First Spankings and a Note of Nostalgia for the Bad Old Days

Do you remember your first experience of erotic spanking? That is if you have one, but if you’re reading this blog then the chances of that are pretty high. If you’re less than forty or so then the chances are also pretty high that your experience either came about through the internet or from attending a club dedicated to kinky behaviour. I hope it was a pleasant and memorable experience, and I hope it was the first of many. Unless you’re as cool as a dozen iced cucumbers it was probably also a pretty intense experience and the culmination of a lot of desire. What it wasn’t was tough, because you had it easy, very easy.

            Okay, so maybe you’re one of these people you never takes the obvious route. Maybe you managed to torment some crazed disciplinarian into dealing with you in public and got it bare bottom in front of a thousand assorted tourists. Maybe you live in Antarctica and got flippered by a huddle of indignant emperor penguins. Maybe not. The chances are that you simply hooked up with somebody whose tastes mirrored your own and after a little negotiation either got your bottom smacked or smacked theirs, according to taste.

            When I were a lad... Seriously though, getting what you need in the way of kink has become far easier over the years, and while that can only be a good thing it does have one or two drawbacks. Those of us who did it the hard way will talk about how much more exciting it all was and how easy access to pleasure robs it of any real power, but that’s mainly hot air, especially when so many men got what they wanted by paying for it, which I regard as cheating. My objection is rather different, and it’s that when you’re trying to write a book on people’s first experiences of erotic spanking it really doesn’t help when 90% of the people you talk to start off with a variation on “Oh, yeah, I met this guy/girl on the net and...”

            It just won’t do. When I was doing my research for First Spankings: True Spanking Initiations, it rapidly became a curse. Sure, there were some pretty exciting accounts and some amusing details, such as one account from a star of erotic publishing who had better remain nameless. She had agreed to accept her virgin spanking from a man she’d contacted on the net and then met in a hotel, the usual story, but his first act of dominance was to order her to go to the loos, remove her knickers and bring them back to him. Only when she had obeyed this instruction did she realise that her pretty designer lingerie came with a label bearing the legend “XL”. Not wishing to be seen as the sort of woman who needs extra-large knickers she attempted to remove the offending label, with her teeth. This worked, eventually, but left the knickers torn and soggy as she handed them over to her new man.

            That one went in the book, but as I continued to back my playmates and fellow spanking enthusiasts into corners, get them drunk or, if necessary, sit on them, I began to realise that my book was likely to end up being pretty repetitive, however erotic. Again and again I had to leave out otherwise excellent accounts on the grounds that they were just too similar to what I already had, but I was also getting some true gems, almost exclusively from the older generations. For obvious reasons I was only including experiences between consenting adults, which meant my accounts came from those who’d overcome all the difficulties in communication and the social stigma of admitting to taking pleasure in spanking. They were great.

            I’ve always been an arrogant little bastard completely detached from reality very liberal minded, so my own experiences from the late ‘seventies don’t really reflect the norm. It never occurred to me that a girlfriend might enjoy sex but not enjoy being spanked, so I never had any difficulty introducing spanking into my own relationships. For others it wasn’t so straightforward, even super-confident spanking queen Lucy Bailey. In her own words, from her interview –

I was always interested in being submissive from a very young age and was drawn towards spanking and bondage. Unlike men I'd never seen a porn magazine and there was no world wide web back then so I had no idea that anyone else shared my desires. My fantasies all stemmed from romantic fiction stories like Wuthering Heights and The Arabian Nights, only in my versions the heroines always ended up getting a spanking.  At the age of about nineteen I saw an ad in Loot magazine to join a Spanking Club. It was called The Moonglow Club. So I rang up and went to an interview with a gentleman named George.”

“You say that so casually. Most of the women I’ve interviewed wouldn’t have dared, especially not at nineteen.”

“I wanted a spanking.”

“Fair enough. So you joined The Moonglow Club? I remember the Moonglow videos you did, especially the one in a cricket club. I think you were wearing a maid’s uniform, but I do remember he spent ages spanking you on the seat of your panties before pulling them down. That was the best stripping I’d seen at the time, so he obviously knew what he was doing.”

“He did, believe me, but I didn’t. The interview was mainly to make sure I wasn’t from the press, I think, and he didn’t spank me, although I’d half been hoping he would, but I was  invited along to their next event. It was at a house in South London. I turned up and was ushered into a room with three other girls. We sat waiting and talking, and that was the first time I’d spoken to other girls who liked to be spanked, and had been. You can imagine how I felt!”

“Knowing you, keen.”

“Yes, I suppose so, but I was nervous too. That was mainly because we were called in one by one and I was last. I watched each girl go out through that door. I heard the talking and the men laughing, then the smacks and her cries as she had her bottom smacked. Then she’d come out looking flushed and show us her red bum. I was just about wetting myself when my turn came, but it was as if I was on automatic.”

“What were you wearing, school uniform?”

“Yes, only not the one you like with the little tartan skirt and white panties. George had said I’d make a good schoolgirl, but I didn’t have much money and I didn’t even know where to go to buy a sexy schoolgirl outfit. So I turned up in what I’d been wearing the year before in sixth form.”

“The real thing?”

“Yes, and I know you’d like the details. A white blouse with my tie half undone like a St Trinian’s girl, a knee length pleated skirt, black shoes, white socks and big, bottle green panties.”

“I bet that went down well.”

“It did. When I walked in I swear some of the men actually looked guilty. Shifty anyway, but like I said I was on automatic. I can’t even remember which man did it, just the way he stuck his knees out to make a lap and patted his leg. Down I went, OTK for the first time in my life, and everything seemed to be in slow motion as he turned my school skirt up and began to spank me through my panties. It hurt, but I was in heaven. I could feel every smack and the way my bum was growing warmer, something I’d dreamt about so often but never experienced. It was the same with having my panties pulled down. I’d imagined the moment so many times, but actually to have a man do it to me was mind blowing, just to feel myself going bare and to know I was showing everything to all those men, but I don’t remember who they were, not one of them. Not that it matters. What mattered was the spanking, my first.”

“But not your last.”

“Not by a long way, not even that night. After our initial spankings me and the other girls were brought out individually and together to play out little scenarios and get punished both by the men and by each other, so my second ever spanking was from another girl. That went on for ages, and my bum got so hot that every time I was sent back to the waiting room I’d pull down my panties and stand with my cheeks pressed against the cold metal of an iron filing cabinet to try and cool them down. There was also a part where we were handed around the audience to be spanked over the knee by each person, and the event ended with us all lined up and severely caned.”

“And you took it all, because you wanted it, or because you were being paid and you felt you had to?”

“Because I wanted it, but that’s the funny part. I know this sounds really naive, but I didn’t realise I was being paid. After the party was over George gave me an envelope with money in it, which was the last thing I was expecting, because I didn’t just not realise that I was being paid for my services. I thought I’d have to pay him!”

“I’d have charged you.”

“I bet you wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t have minded. It was so exhilarating, especially having a red hot bottom on the way home, and I was dripping down my legs with sexual excitement. I remember even the motion of the car on the way back was almost bringing me to orgasm and I knew I had to come or I was most likely going to crash. It was about three o’clock in the morning, so I turned into a side road and stopped. It was just some suburban street, but that made it even better as I turned my panties down and sat my hot bottom on the seat so I could remember how it had felt to be bare while I was spanked. I played with myself until I’d come at least three times and had to drive all the way back sitting in a wet patch. There was lots more masturbation for some time afterwards, because every time I thought of what had happened I wanted to come. So that was my first spanking and it’s totally true.”

“From you, I don’t doubt it for a moment, but I think you have another important first.”

“I do?”

“Yes. Do you remember the pony-girl club piece we did for Eurotrash?”

“When I stuck the tail up my bum? Yes.”

“That’s the one, but I gave you a warm up spanking first, didn’t I?”

“Yes. You were in your red hunting coat and that ridiculous wig that looked as if you’d got a guinea pig sitting on your head.”

“Never mind the wig. That was a mistake. I spanked you, and the crew filmed it and showed you getting your spanking. You were in a PVC miniskirt and hold-up stockings, no knickers.”

“If you say so.”

“I have a photograph to prove it, taken from the rudest possible angle. The film crew didn’t get such a rude view, but they did film you getting your spanking and they did show it. That was May of ‘ninety-five, and it was shown a few weeks later, so unless I’m very much mistaken that means that you were the first girl ever to be spanked for pleasure on British TV, as opposed to an actress getting it. In fact I think it was a double first, because you stuck the plug of the tail up your bum and I think that was the first real anal penetration shown on British TV. You’re a star.”

Lucy’s experience would have been in the early ‘nineties, and she is far bolder than most people. It takes guts though, even now, but the further back you go the more courage it took, and the more sheer need. This account from spanking enthusiast and fellow author Phil Kemp dates from the ‘sixties and is a true classic –

I’m pleased to say that the first spanking I ever gave was also her first, and it was a proper, bare bottom, over the knee spanking, not just a few pats on the seat of a girl’s jeans. She was my cousin. That’s acceptable is it, for the book?”

“Don’t worry. I spanked my cousin too, and she’s going in. I expect it happens quite a lot.”

“You’re probably right, for sex anyway. After all, we all need somebody to experiment with. Mine was called Jenny, and she was the youngest of three girls, much the prettiest too. I used to go there every summer, to my uncle’s place in the country. Jenny was a couple of years younger than me; been playmates since we were children, but as she matured I couldn’t help but notice what a lovely, spankable little bottom she had.”

“So you were keen to do it from the first?”

“Very keen. I’ve always liked spanking. After all, it’s what girls’ bottoms are for.”

“I can go along with that, a design classic I’d say.”

“Exactly, why else would they be so well padded? Jenny certainly was, slim but with the plumpest little bottom you can possibly imagine, and perfectly rounded. I might not have dared to spank her though, had it not been for what happened one morning at breakfast. Her sisters were quite a bit older than her, and still used to treat her as a child, especially Monica, the eldest. Jenny was being difficult, first saying she wanted eggs and then changing her mind when the pan was already boiling and pinching a piece of Monica’s toast. She was grinning at me as she spread butter and honey on it, and I shared the joke, grinning back, until Monica turned around. She was not happy about it, and told Jenny flatly to grow up before turning back to the cooker. Jenny immediately pinched the second piece of toast, but Monica had been expecting that and turned back immediately. She was genuinely cross, and she shouted at Jenny, calling her a little brat, but when Jenny answered her back she said something I’ll never forget if I live to be a hundred - ‘If you’re going to behave like a child, then I’ll treat you like a child. Come here’. Jenny knew exactly what Monica meant, and she let out a squeal like a steam train as she realised she was going to be spanked, and in front of me. She let Monica do it though, really quite meek as she went over her sister’s knee for twenty swats on the seat of her pyjamas. Maybe she knew she’d get it anyway and didn’t want to make an exhibition of herself, or maybe she thought that if she put up a fight she might get her pyjama trousers pulled down, I don’t know, but she took it, about twenty hard swats. Her face was bright red afterwards, and I was imagining her bum the same colour. But the thing was, the moment Monica’s back was turned Jenny was grinning at me again, deeply embarrassed, but still grinning. ”

“Maybe she goaded Monica into spanking her on purpose?”

“Looking back, she probably did. At the time I was just grateful that I had a napkin to conceal my raging erection. Not surprisingly I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, and just to watch the way Jenny’s bottom moved under her jeans made my fingers itch with the desire to give her the same treatment her sister had.”

“I know exactly how you felt.”

“I still didn’t dare, although we were together most of the time. A couple of days after the spanking we went up to the attic, to fetch something, I think, but we ended up rummaging around. I found a box full of the old penny dreadful novels and started to read one. Jenny got bored and sneaked up behind me with a moth-eaten old feather boa and rubbed it in my face. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I got a mouthful of mouldy old feathers and dust and cobwebs. She was laughing at me, and I must have looked a sight, but she seemed to be nervous too, with one hand half over her mouth as if she was scared of my reaction. Suddenly I had my excuse. I had to do it, if it was the last thing I did, so I grabbed her and sat down on the box, hauling her across my knee. She knew exactly what was going to happen and was struggling like anything and threatening me, but she couldn’t stop giggling either so I didn’t let up. I was determined to get her jeans down too, because I’d thought about doing it so often and because otherwise it wouldn’t have seemed like a proper spanking, and she fought like anything to stop me getting at the button under her tummy. I wouldn’t have had the guts to take her knickers down, but her jeans were so tight they came down anyway, and all of a sudden I had her sweet little bottom bare in front of me. It was the first time I’d had a girl’s bum nude, let alone nude over my lap and ready for spanking. She was still giggling too, and obviously didn’t mind having her jeans and knickers down in front of me all that much, so I began to spank. I still remember how her bum felt, soft and firm all at the same time, and the way her cheeks bounced as I smacked them, and kept parting to show a little puff of hair between. I was in heaven.”

“I can imagine.”

“I wanted to spank her properly, the way her sister had done, but as I started to make the smacks harder she began to protest, calling me a beast and wriggling about on my lap. I didn’t stop, because I rather liked being called a beast and her wriggling was making the show she was giving of her bare bum even ruder. Besides, I still hadn’t managed to get all the muck out of my mouth and I felt she deserved what she was getting. So I carried on until her bottom was a lovely shade of warm red, and by then I’d realised that this was something I wanted to do... no, something I had to do. I’d always wanted to do it. When she started to cry I finally took pity on her and let her up. She was still calling me a beast, as she stood there rubbing her bottom and trying to inspect her cheeks by the dim light from the attic windows, but she didn’t bother to pull up her jeans and knickers, despite being bare right in front of me. Maybe it was just that I’d seen it all anyway, because girls are often like that, but although she kept calling me a beast she definitely had mixed feelings about her spanking. Over the next few weeks she was constantly goading me, angling for more spankings, which she got, several times, and at the very end of my stay she admitted she liked it and said something really sweet, that she liked to be spanked by me instead of her sisters, because they only did it when they were angry, but I did it because I liked her.”

A few eyebrows might have been raised by Phil’s story. A spanking from a girl’s big sister? And what about consent? These are fair points, and in today’s environment a lot of publishers wouldn’t accept the piece as fiction, but what matters to me is that everybody seems to have got what they wanted, which is why I accepted the account. Besides, it’s supremely arrogant to judge people and events fifty years past by contemporary standards. Back then if you wanted a spanking, or wanted to dish out a spanking, it almost certainly wasn’t something you could admit to, a fact perfectly illustrated by my final example. I have no guarantee that the following account is authentic, but it was presented to me as such. It came in a long, hand-written letter from the mother of another interviewee after her daughter had told her about the book and is supposed to have taken place in the late ‘thirties. Judge for yourself -

“I would like my experience to be included in your book. Before I start you need to understand how I feel about spanking. For me it was simple something that happened, a part of life. I had no frame of reference against which to compare my experiences. There were no books on the subject, certainly not that I had access too. As for the internet, no such thing had so much as been imagined. Nowadays it is very different. I didn’t even feel the guilt that marks ------‘s account of her own first spanking. For me, being spanked was part of everyday life. I saw it as the consequence of my behaviour, neither more nor less. If I misbehaved there was a possibility that I would be spanked, as simple as that. That was acceptable and that was what I understood. What I did not understand was my reaction to the thought of being spanked. In this liberated, informed age this may seem difficult to believe, but I didn’t even understand the idea of sexual arousal. Nobody had taught me anything, save that I was expected to submit myself to my husband in some intimate but mysterious way. He would know what to do, I was told and I found the thought immensely appealing. I also expected him to spank me and that thought was also immensely appealing, although I could not truly have explained why. I did know that my feelings were connected with the warm, luxurious sensations I enjoyed every time I thought about him spanking me.

“I now know all about endorphins and the way spanking stimulates the genitals, but at the time I’m not sure that the medical profession understood such things, and if they did the information was not about to be made available to a respectable young lady living in rural Devon. All I knew was that the thought of being spanked gave me the most delightful feelings. First there would be pain, alongside the feelings of indignity and contrition that went with having my bottom laid bare, but the pleasure that came with that far outweighed the bad feelings. I came to crave spanking.

“I needed somebody who would spank me, but I had no immediate prospect of marriage and it never occurred to me to ask for a spanking from one of the young men I knew, especially as I didn’t consider any of them suitable husband material. It would have been scandalous, especially as having my bottom laid bare was an important part of what for me had become a ritual. I’d have much rather asked one of my friends to spank me and I did consider the notion, only to reject it as impossibly embarrassing. You have to understand that while it was perfectly normal for a young woman to be spanked, the idea of a young woman asking to be spanked was an impossible outrage. I would have to give somebody an excuse to punish me.

“Had I had any sense at all, or patience, I would have waited until I was married, and when I eventually did get married I used to be spanked regularly, usually on a Sunday after church. At the time that was still over a year away and I had no idea what the future would bring. Instead I took to trespassing on Mr S-----‘s land, a shortcut between my house and the village. Mr S----- was an elderly, mean and above all bad tempered farmer. Being on his land filled me with apprehension, but also desire, because he’d twice threatened me with spanking when I was a little girl. Sure enough, he caught me, and he threatened me again, but he didn’t do it, which left me in a state of frustration I’d never known before but which was to get worse. I was more scared than ever, but I had to go on, and the next time he caught me and threatened to – ‘give me the hiding I deserved’ - I told him he wouldn’t dare.

“I thought that would make him do it, and I could see he wanted to, but somehow he held his temper in check. All I could do was try again, but not only did I continue to cross his land but I took to scrumping apples from his orchard. The next time he caught me I had my dress held up to carry a dozen or more of his best apples, only things hadn’t quite gone to plan. He wasn’t alone. His son was with him, a big, strapping lad a couple of years younger than me whose invitation to a local dance I’d turned down only the week before.

“Maybe it was because his son was there and he couldn’t be seen to back down. Maybe he’d just had enough of my behaviour, but this time he didn’t even threaten. He just told me what was going to happen, that I was going to get a spanking, then and there. I froze, unable to move or resist him in any way, although I was complaining bitterly about my treatment as he grabbed me and bundled me across his knee. My dress was already half up because of the way I’d been carrying the apples, which were now all over the ground, and as he caught hold of the hem I remember how extraordinarily strong my feelings were. The idea of having my bottom laid bare, and in front of Lias, who was standing there gaping like a goldfish, was absolutely unbearable and at one and the same time perfectly desirable. I’d never felt such deep shame, nor such excitement.

“Not that it made the slightest difference what I felt. My dress came up and my drawers were pulled open with two swift motions and there I was, the way I’d imagined myself so often, laid bare bottomed over a man’s knee and about to be spanked. I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly have been stupid enough to let myself get into that situation, especially when he began to spank me, because it hurt like anything, but at the same time I was in Heaven. Just knowing he had my bottom bare made me feel faint and the pain of the spanking robbed me of whatever resistance I might have had left. He spanked me long and hard, but the worst of it, and the best, was being bare in front of Lias, who I’d rejected. He was obviously enjoying the view as well, and after he’d seen me like that, what was I to do? We were married less than a year later, the following June.”

So there we have it. Yes, there were drawbacks, there were issues, and yes, things are far better today, but I for one cannot help but feel a note of nostalgia for the bad old days.

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