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Love Yourself: A Guest Interview with Zoe Webber.

It's Kay here, and I am pleased to be able to welcome Zoe Webber to the Brit Babes site today. Zoe is joint director of the sex toy and lingerie company, Love Yourself. Recently Zoe very bravely agreed to let the Brit Babes Street Team interview her. Over to you Zoe...
About Us - although we feel it’s not really about us it’s about YOU!

We want everyone to realise there is no need to be shy and embarrassed around the products we sell. We want you to feel totally at ease in your shopping experience with ourselves. We sell these products because we know from personal experience, life can take over in many ways and people’s sex lives can become quite frankly boring, monotonous and sometimes fizzle out completely. Even the most active and healthy of sex lives can be spiced up and improved.

In late 2013 we started to think of way we could make our lives easier and enjoy our work, we had a small business supplying Road sweeping Lorries, work was slow and we were worried about what the future may hold, so we decided we would start Love Yourself Online. And, by We I mean myself and Andy my partner. Andy and I are not some sex mad weirdos like you may be thinking, we are just your average normal hard working family and friend orientated couple (if normal is a real way to measure someone). We live in the country in a little village and have 5 children which are all girls! As well and the dog, the cat and the chickens. The Tribe! We aren’t married not of any other reason than we never really got round to it, but isn’t that the way of the world now. When I say we are not some sort of sex mad couple we have sex like every couple and we have learnt looking into different avenues and using different product can only greaten the intimate time you have together. We’re not saying a relationship without sex won’t work but sex defiantly strengthens and connect you in different ways. Can we help you strengthen your relationship?

We believe you may be daunted or unsure when purchasing a product from ourselves, you may not know exactly what you want or need, if you have questions or don’t understand something just Ask! We are here to help you make an informed decision on the product which is right for you or you and your partner.

Interview with the Brit Babe Street Team

What does she think of FSOG and has it changed people's buying habits at all? Does she read erotica/erotic romance?

I think Fifty Shades of Grey has definitely changed people’s attitudes to purchasing sexual products, people are now much more open about discussing the whole issue. As well as people who may have never thought about trying new things have a comfort in the fact that everyone else is doing it so it okay even if they don’t want to discuss it openly.

What would be her top tip for a fun sex life?

I think the best tip of a fun happy sex life is to discuss with you partner involved all your ideas and desires, that way you all know where you stand and can make things fun for you both. There has to be a good understand on both parts. As well as use lots of lube : )

If she could only have one sex toy for all of time what would it be?

If I personally could only have one sex toy I would choose my trusty rabbit vibrator (as boring as it sounds). Although one of my toys from the Rocks off Range would be following closely behind as the have some amazing couples cock rings which have built in bullets for stimulation for both parties involved.

What's the most unexpected question she's ever been asked about a toy?

There are lots of weird and wonderful questions I’ve been asked in the past, I love it when I do an event of some sort and you can just see someone looking and thinking can I really ask that? And then you get other that just come straight out with it. A lady recently did make me chuckle as her main concern when purchasing a corset was “How the hell am I going to wash that?” as her partner was stood there telling her how good she would look in it. 

Do you have product testers?

We do have some product testers but we are always looking for more to get different opinions, as well as guest blogs and peoples experiences, if you want to get involved please contact me at

What is your bestselling toy/item of lingerie?

Recently we travelled in to Manchester for Sexhibition at Event City which was an amazing event. It amazed me that such a large amount of people were only interested in basic Anal Beads, we sold out within the first day. Defiantly a line to take for Sexhibition 2016.

Do friends ask you for recommendations?

I think some of my friends don’t know quite how to take what I do especially when I talk so openly about anything to do with sex. One of my closest friends is constantly amazed by the products she see at our warehouse, there are lots of questions “what the hell do you do with that?” “How does that work?” followed by “So if …. “. I think she enjoys popping in just for a giggle really.  

Thanks you so much for agreeing to take part in our interview Zoe. Don't forget to check out the LoveYourself web site- there are some truly delicious items available.
Kay xx 


  1. Great interview! Thanks for being our guest :)

    Lily x

  2. Thanks for being so brave Zoe xx

  3. Loved this interview ...thank you for being so frank Zoe! I had to laugh as I'm also a fan of the rabbit, despite there being a HUGE range out there & you're right, Rocks Off make some absolutely fantastic products guaranteed to tickle your fancy lol I can totally understand your friends curiosity too - I have a few who are stunned when I mention what I review but I just know they're curious as hell too! ;) Always nice to hear from the seller ...thank you! :) x

  4. Loved this interview!!
    Your life sounds so lovely x x x

  5. Thank you to the Brit babes for having us xxx

  6. This was great interview! I too am one of those women who get embarrassed going into shops. If they could only read how dirty my thoughts are they too would be embarrassed. LOL


  7. I used to be like that Debi- but I hide behind 'Kay' now!! She is so much braver than 'me'!! xx


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