Monday, 31 August 2015

Special Guest - Kayla Lords on Masturbation Monday

It's a special day! It's the first birthday of Masturbation Monday and here to tell us a very intimate story of its conception is the founder, Kayla Lords.

Happy Birthday Kayla and welcome to the Brit Babes!

Thank you so much for inviting me to play in your sexy corner of the world today! I'm excited
to meet new people and talk about something near and dear to my heart...among other parts of my body.

In case you didn't know, today is the best day of the week. It doesn't matter what day you're

reading this, I can guarantee it's still the best day of the week. How do I know? Because it's

Masturbation Monday! Sure, we tend to celebrate it on Monday but any day can be

Masturbation Monday.

How do I know?

Because I was the crazy woman with an idea to get authors and bloggers together to share

their hottest posts one day every week. What started out as a random hashtag I used for

erotic, kinky, and masturbation-oriented posts on my own blog morphed into something bigger

– and much better.

Every week, writers share erotic posts that are either specifically about masturbation – which

is so much fun – or posts so erotic and hot, they make you want to masturbate – which is still

so much fun. We get real life experiences, excerpts from books, fantasy encounters, and flash

fiction. All with one goal in mind – turning on the reader in hopes of causing massive amounts

of wanking, jilling, flicking the bean, ya know, masturbation!

Why Masturbation Monday and not Turn-on Tuesday or Fucking Friday? Well, it's personal.

Extremely, highly, almost embarrassingly personal...which means I'll totally tell you.

I first started blogging in 2012 after I was rejected by a man I wanted to have All The Sex

with. He was good at it, too. So good. But he didn't want me. Sad but true.

And for one reason only. The sex was good, but I never had an orgasm when I was with him.

Don't get me wrong – he got me there, but I never gave up control and let myself climax.

Never. Also sad but true.

When he dumped me, he told me why. My inability to orgasm was a turn off. Sure, he could

have offered to help, but then this story might have a different ending.

I'm a fixer by nature. Can't come? Wanna come? Okay, let's fix the problem. The solution was

masturbation – something I hadn't even tried since I was 15. Y'all, I was 32 and sexually

repressed. That crap had to change.

Masturbation – and blogging the adventures – was the first baby step towards the woman I

am today, the website I run, and the best damn day of the week. I know that I'm not the only

woman who never touched her own body, never discovered her own pleasure, and never had

an orgasm.

I celebrate masturbation to make it all seem less taboo and to celebrate something many of

us do but almost never talk about. I encourage people to masturbate as a first step to owning

their sexuality. And I shamelessly promote others who write freaky hawt posts designed to

make ME want to masturbate.

Why am I here today to talk about it? Well, other than the fact that Tabitha Rayne is

AWESOME, Masturbation Monday is in it's 52nd week. My baby is a year old! Of course, I'd

love for you to visit the site, click a few links, find a new blogs to follow or books to buy. But

really, at the end of the day, I want you to have All The Orgasms in celebration of the best day


Fantastic post Kayla! Thank you so much for sharing your very personal story - I know I find Masturbation Monday very stimulating! I've taken part a few times :)
Why not pop on over to Kayla's site and see what we're all talking about - warning some extremely hot picture prompts and stories will greet you!


  1. Thank you Kayla for stopping by and sharing the history of Masturbation Monday! I've joined in on this special birthday week too -

  2. Thank you so much really interesting to know the back story and all the more reason to support you fantastic writers. I always rrad the stories after work on Monday as helps to de stress....

  3. Great post you guys! I love Masturbation Monday (you know that already) there is kinkiness galore and more hot posts than you can shake a stick at! This week is going to be awesome - I can feel it in interesting places on my body ;) I've just read Tabitha's hot little number, now I'm off to check out Lily's. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Thanks for letting me visit and discuss one of my favorite topics. :)

  5. so happy to see a combination of so many of my favorite ladies in one place, and Kayla is AWESOME!!!


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