Monday, 27 July 2015

Dancing with Street Team Steff - Also known as Blue Belle!

I have danced for as long as I can remember, one of my earliest memories is standing on my granddads feet and being waltzed around the kitchen to Moon River. I have done anything I can try with dance but I still have loads more I want to try. In the past I have tried disco, freestyle, street, salsa, rock and roll, ballroom, latin and then came burlesque. I was coming out of deep depression and anxiety and I wanted to do overcome it once and for all I wanted something on my own that I didn't need a partner for that would make me feel better about myself. I started looking into things offered locally that I could try. in a google search I stumbled across burlesque The instructor Lindsey called me and talked me through the art of burlesque, what I would learn and what music you can dance too.

Burlesque had me hooked from lesson one, when I started to learn more I found burlesque to be an escape. I disappeared into a vibrant world of gorgeous costumes, beautiful music and sensual moves. Burlesque has been interpreted in so many ways and each artist will describe burlesque as something different. Burlesque artists are all unique, to me burlesque is about seduction, sensuality, tease and unleashing myself. My dance instructors have always said burlesque is always performed clothed and its the audiences imagination that undresses you. Never give up everything all at once make then beg, plead and work for it.

Blue Belle was unleashed in April 2013. Blue Belle is feisty, naughty, sassy and sexy. As Blue Belle I have been able to do whatever I want on stage and not feel self conscious because its not me dancing its Blue Belle. The first to see me perform as Blue Belle were my two dance teachers Lindsay and Emma and my mum. I thought my strict catholic mother would be shocked and appalled. She loved every moment and is so proud of what I have overcome. She is always the one to see a routine before anyone else. Everyone is supportive except my dad and brother (for understandable reasons).       

Blue Belle will next be performing at Smut Manchester Saturday 24th October 2015.

Lots of Love

Steff (and Blue Belle) xxxx

p.s Please can I thank Victoria and Kev for all of their support and love xxxx 


  1. WOW thanks for being out guest Steff - I'd love to see you dance one day. Great pictures BTW XXXX

  2. That is amazing Steff. You are one brave woman. You go girl!

  3. Fantastic!! Isn't having a second side to your life so freeing!! xx

  4. go you!! You look gorgeous BTW xx


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