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Post by Lily Harlem

Hi there, Harlem Dae here - that's Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae's joint pen name - welcome to the Brit Babes blog. I've been thinking a lot about unusual kinks lately and it reminded me of a seriously sexy scene Natalie and I wrote in our menage a trios novel Good Cop, Bad Cop. It was some time ago and I enjoyed picking it up again and re-living that oh, so hot moment with India.


Fame and fortune is a blessing that, for me, has changed its taste from sumptuously sweet to murderously bitter. Leaving me no choice but to look over my shoulder at every turn and question the scruples of even my most faithful friends. 

I would give up all the glowing adoration from my fans in a heartbeat in exchange for not running for my life. But fate doesn’t deal cards that way, and instead I find myself far out at sea and being bounced between two hot cops—one so chilly just his glance gives me frostbite, and the other showing a kindness that barely covers his own demons. 

So with nowhere else to turn, quite literally, I have to trust two men I hardly know with my life and cope without the luxuries my status usually affords me. But it’s not long before I discover when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Turns out these cops are not only the wrong guys to mess with, they also have partnership skills above and beyond the requirements of their day job. And for once, while just being me without the frills, I get to discover that they are as sinfully bad as they are dreamily good in every department, and it seems, I am the one they want cuffed and controlled at the same time as they are protecting and serving. 

So what's the unusual kink in Good Cop, Bad Cop? Okay, well in this novel hunky cop Jose has a think for double penetration - double vaginal penetration. This wasn't something either of us had written before and took a little research - thank heavens for the www! Luckily his cuff obsessed partner - not just on the job partner - Dillon is up for it too. So once the scene it set it's just a case of making sure India can cope with their demands and that she's suitably turned on and relaxed.

Excerpt - India and Dillon are having some alone time and enjoying reverse cowboy...

“Ah, yeah, so fucking hot like this. Perfect.” He was circling my asshole, easing out the wrinkles of puckered skin. But I was only half concentrating, the feeling inside, the climb to orgasm was on a set course now.
A sudden, sharp nip told me he’d breach my back hole. The sense of filling just adding to my pleasure. I upped my speed, hoped he’d add another. I could take it.
“Fuck, you’re so hot in here,” he said, stretching his free palm out on my back, urging me on in my jigging movements. “I’ll take you here too, baby, but not tonight. Soon, but not tonight.”
“Okay,” I gasped, shutting my eyes. Damn, where was Jose? I wanted them both. I wanted to come with them both holding me, surrounding me, and dare I say it, in me.
“Hey, slow down.”
Jose’s voice penetrated the whooshing of my pulse in my ears.
“Sweetie, open your eyes.”
He rested his hands on my shoulders, steadied my movements. I looked up into his dark eyes, inches from mine.
“You gonna let me play too?” he asked with a cocky smile. 
“Yes, oh yes,” I said, grabbing his cheeks and kissing him wildly.
Dillon pulled out of my ass and I whimpered in complaint.
“I think she’s more than ready,” Dillon said gruffly. “If you want to that is, Jose?”
“Fuck yeah,” he mumbled into my mouth. “Been too fucking long coming.”
Jose broke our kiss, palmed my breast until I groaned and squirmed, and then he reached for my legs. “Out straight,” he said, easing them, one at a time so they were parallel with Dillon’s and I was sitting on his cock facing his feet.
“Oh, God.” I flailed my arms, found purchase behind myself, on Dillon’s chest. But only for a moment, because then he was sitting up, his chest cradling my back.
“So fucking deep,” he whispered hotly into my ear. “So deep, so high. Are you lovin’ it?”
“Yes, it’s amazing,” I gasped, clutching his thick forearms. “Fuck it’s so good.” I drove my hips a little, needing some friction.
He chuckled, in a strained kind of way. “Don’t worry, the best is yet to come.” He lay back, slowly, pulling me with him, so that I was lying on top of him, staring at the ceiling, his cock still lodged deep.
I groaned and clawed at his arms, the new position awakening even more nerve endings in my pussy.
“Open up, baby,” Dillon said into my ear. As he spoke he parted his legs, hooking my ankles with his feet and forcing my legs to spread too. “That’s it, open up for Jose. Let him see my cock filling you.”
“Fucking beautiful,” Jose said.
The mattress dipped and I sensed him moving between my legs. “India, you were made for us, I swear.”
His breaths were hot on my pussy, his big palms resting on my inner thighs.
I shut my eyes, forgot about trying to orchestrate any of the movements, and handed myself over to them. It seemed Dillon and Jose were in sync. They knew what they wanted and all I had to do was lie back and enjoy the attention.
I gasped as Jose’s wet tongue swept over my clit. “Oh, fuck.” That would have me coming at a dizzying speed. A cock in me and a hot mouth fretting my nub.
“Mmm, in a minute,” Dillon murmured, tweaking my nipple, tugging and stretching it between his thumb and forefinger. “We’ll fuck in a minute.”
I squirmed. I didn’t worry that I was squashing him. He was so damn big and hard, his breathing barely altered despite my weight on his chest.
Dillon’s cock was lodged deep. Jose was swirling my clit with his tongue, but also exploring my folds with his fingertips. I felt so exposed, trapped open. There was nothing hidden, nowhere to hide. I didn’t want to. These two amazing men who had turned my life around, were my everything.
“Yes, you can do it,” Jose mumbled, kissing over my thin strip of pubic hair. “I know you can.”
“Please,” I begged, though I wasn’t sure exactly what I was begging for. “Oh, Jose, I want you.”
Dillon groaned, a deep vibrating sound that passed from his chest into my back. I sucked in a breath, held it deep. Jose was fingering my entrance, around Dillon’s cock. The skin there was already taut yet he eased in, stretching me further. The nip of discomfort was sexy as hell, and I wished for all the world I could see what he was seeing. Me, with Dillon lodged high, Jose’s fingers adding to the mix.
“Ah, fuck,” I muttered. 
“You okay?” Dillon whispered.
“Fuck, I didn’t think…”
“What? What didn’t you think?”
“That! This? That you would touch each other.”
“He’s not touching me,” Dillon almost growled. “He’s touching you. I just happen to already be there.”
Jose was suddenly over me, his face flushed, his lips wet with my moisture. He braced his hands on the bed, either side of Dillon and I.
“Jose,” I gasped.
“I’m going to fuck you too,” he said.
“Yes.” I was getting jittery for action. Stimulation. “Fuck me. Now.” I dropped my head back, into the crook of Dillon’s neck, and juddered out a breath, grinding my hips up and down as best I could. Waiting for Dillon to slip out and Jose to tunnel in.
“Keep still,” Jose said, staring at me with an intensity that made me want to melt. “I need you to completely relax and keep still.”
The tip of his cock slid over my clit and then down to my pussy entrance. He prodded where his fingers had just explored, against the base of Dillon’s shaft.
“Oh, shit.” I widened my eyes. “What are you doing?”
“You can take us both,” he said.
“Fuck, no, that’s impossible.” My heart rate trebled.
He shook his head, increased the pressure down below. “No, it’s perfectly possible. You were designed for more than the width of our combined cocks.”
“But, I can’t.” I wriggled. I’d said I wanted them to both fuck me, but I thought one after the other, a constant flow between cocks. Not both at the same time, in the same hole.
“Shh,” Dillon said, smoothing his hands over my quivering body. “Shh, we’ve got you. Just go with it, I promise it will be the most intense experience of your life.”

Of course it does get hotter and more intense for all of them. These two cops really take the moto work hard, play hard to heart - lucky India!

Good Cop, Bad Cop is only available on Amazon / Amazon UK. Thank you for reading and I hope this kink has captured your attention!

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