Monday, 16 March 2015

Special Guest Elizabeth Lapthorne

Please welcome the adorable Elizabeth Lapthorne to the Brit Babes blog today...

 The World of Bond…James Bond
By Elizabeth Lapthorne.  
My grandfather was a classic Bond fan. He owned all of Ian Flemming’s books and had read them multiple times. I can recall him saying that a thrilling story about greed, espionage and a suave, lonesome hero would never go out of style. More than 50 years later he’s proven so far to be completely right – Ian Flemming’s Bond is still as popular as ever.

Grandpa passed that love of Bond on to my mum, who in turn passed it down to my brother and I. Nothing could ever get in the way of our sharing the new Bond movie together, no matter what else is going on in our lives at the time. Whether we’re applauding something huge blowing up, or perhaps those times I daydream about being a slinky Bond-girl myself (equally likely to be the bad girl turning on Bond or the good girl assisting him to save the world), Bond’s world is somewhere I’m very familiar with.

So I really shouldn’t be too surprised that Bond was what instantly sprang to mind over and over when I tried to think about a series to write based in London.  Parliament House is stunningly beautiful, inner London is an exceptional location for an action novel, and the assortment of characters I’ve discovered within The Agency really lend itself to the conspiracy-packed plots I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed writing about.

Heart Shot, my upcoming Agency story, is not-surprisingly about an assassin, and the dangerous, fluctuating world she lives in. Emily is an assassin, and is used to a solitary life. Her world is filled with shifting alliances and paranoia. Such a life only becomes more complicated when she stumbles upon Finlay, an Agent. A dedicated a good guy who is determined to help her uncover a conspiracy. Love only adds to the mix and makes the passion—and danger—that much stronger.

But tell me, are you a Bond fan? Who is your favourite Bond actor? Or what would your Bond-girl name be?

Elizabeth x



  1. Oh I LOVE Bond and it's Daniel Craig for me every time ;-)

    If I were a Bond girl I'd be Kinky Tiptease!

  2. Oh I adore Bond!!! I'm a bit old school, I love Connery!! Fab blog xxx

  3. I'm not a huge Bond fan but there's definitely something about Sean Connery that makes me weak at the knees ;) My Bond name would be Lusty Lou ....not very imaginative but the best I could think of! lol ;) x

  4. Love Bond .... I have to say I prefer the newer ones - especially Daniel Craig. My bond name would be Ivanna Shagya - ha ha ha!!!
    Look forward to reading this book too - love erotic thrillers!

  5. I'm a huge Bond fan. Daniel Craig is the yummiest but I do love a bit of Connery too. My Bond girl name would be Fanny Bliss :)

  6. I'm a huge Bond fan! Daniel Craig does it supremely well, but I do like the original Sean Connery (I'm a sucker for Scottish and Irish accents! *swoon*)
    My Bond girl name would be Diamond Skye ;)


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