Wednesday, 11 February 2015

When Lurve is in the Air by Special Guest Renee Denyer

Hello Everyone,
I’m so excited to be visiting the Brit Babes today! If you're a regular reader of their books & blogs, you’ll know that the BB's are a merry bunch of awesome women with filthy minds, and I feel more than a little thrilled to be visiting their place today - I feel I fit in well. *wink*
By the way - I should introduce myself: I'm Renée and I work at Sh!, the erotic emporium for women in Hoxton Square, east London. I’m the Senior Store Manager, Events Manager, part-time social media-monkey and I also teach erotic classes.  When the Brit Babes asked me to share some fun stuff that has happened on Valentine’s Days in the past, I was a little stumped. You see, for me and the great team I work with, lurve is in the air every day! We see – and feel – love every single day. It’s like Valentine’s Day every day!
It got me thinking though: what is romantic in a sex shop? In here, it’s more about hot lust and deep satisfaction – maybe even deep satisfaction multiple times...
There is, of course, conventional romance - flowers and chocolate and rose petals sprinkled on the freshly-laundered bed sheets - but after a quick poll amongst my colleagues, I found that unconventional romance far outweighs red heart-shapes and roses. We all agreed romance doesn't have to cost much – “it’s about showing someone that you have paid attention”, said one. “Yes” said another – “if someone bought me a bottle of whiskey and a couple of gig-tickets, I’d be well down!” “It’s too easy to get the fluffy stuff” said a third, “think out of the box!”
Glass G-Spot Dildo £37
And then this came to my mind: we recently had a wonderful couple visit us. A visit fuelled by lust rather than romance, for sure, but bear with me. Being retired, this couple have many hours to fill. They quickly found that crosswords and gardening just wouldn't do. No, this couple, they like sexy lingerie, nipple clamps and cheeky masturbators. The gent loves to choose delicate garments for his wife to try on. He picks out glass toys for pleasuring her with, and daydreams of latex, leather and expensive boots. She tries to keep him on tight leash (ahem!), but if he had his way, the shop basket would be filled with stockings, suspenders and a selection of butt plugs in interesting shapes.
What I love most about this couple is that they are still going strong after 40 years together, and have such obvious love and lust for each other; secret smiles and hot glances when they think no one is watching… He is absolutely besotted with her, and clearly takes delight in pleasing her. It’s lovely to see, and quite romantic.
Another charming couple visited at the beginning of this year. Having taken on a massive restoration project outside London, they needed a day off. They rocked up to the shop, dressed in paint-splattered dungarees and work boots, looking for a selection of playthings to take their minds off work. Armed with a new strap-on, a vibrator and a couple of erotic books, they couldn't wait to get some alone-time. They left with wide smiles and twinkling eyes. We felt the love and the anticipation for some serious fun – all loved-up and ready to roll around on the dust sheets!
Romance is about a shared experience, the perfect day for the two of you. Visiting Sh! can be one such experience. Planning the visit is when play starts – looking forward to the visit, perhaps having a look at our website in preparation, choosing a selection of sexy toys together, anticipating how it will feel to use your new goodies and finally; the sprint towards public transport and home..!
Cordless Wand £50
Although - one couple we met couldn't wait until they got home. Upon hearing that their new Wand vibrator would need charging up before use, their faces dropped. Waiting wasn’t what they had in mind! In the end, we agreed to charge up their Wand for them whilst they enjoyed a meal in a nearby restaurant. After the meal they collected the vibrator, checked in to a hotel conveniently located a short walk from the shop and the rest is, as they say, history...
I know Valentine’s Day brings out the dread in many, but I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and sex. Why not take some time out of your busy schedule to spend time with a lover this weekend? Lock the door, turn off your phones and revel in all that is hot, sexy and sweaty – lurve will most definitely be in the air!
Have a lurvely Valentine’s Day, y'all!
Renee xx

Renée is the Award Winning Store Manager (ETO 2014) at female-focused erotic boutique Sh!. She has her fingers in many pies and spends her days talking about G-spots, P-spots and any other spots you may have found in your nether regions. When she is not selling sex toys to the women & couples of London, she can be found at home with a thrilling book and a glass of pink wine, surrounded by her beloved bunnies (of the furry variety). She writes a regular column for Erotic Trade Only magazine and dreams of penning a bestselling sex guide one day.
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  1. Great post, Renee, I love hearing stories about your customers ;-)

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  3. Fantastic post. The story of the retired couple especially made me smile. To still have that much passion for each other after 40 years is phenomenal. I want that for me and my husband!

  4. I was one of their very first customers, when Sh opened, was it 1993? I lived walking distance from their store. I bought a red corset (among other things), oh to have a 22 inch waist, even a 32" inch waist would be a dream now!

  5. great post - loved reading the stories .....


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