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Valentines Blog Hop

Welcome to the Valentine's Day Blog Hop, the Brit Babes are delighted that you've joined us. If you're new to our blog then welcome, if you've been here before it's great to see you back again. We are a group of eight UK based erotica and erotic romance authors and we love chatting about all things sexy books as much as we enjoy writing them!

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We wanted to spread the love and reminisce so keep reading to find out how some of us hooked up with the guys that make us swoon, sigh and hold us tight at night…

Lily Harlem - It feels like a long time ago that I met Mr H because it was way back in my teens. He wasn't my first love, I'd several heart wrenching crushes on older boys, but he's certainly proved to be my one true love.

I was training to be a nurse at a London hospital when a mutual friend introduced us at a summer BBQ. I remember I was dressed in some crazy all white number - white jeans, white top, white scrunchy in my hair! - and when we started chatting he flicked a sausage over on the grill a drip of grease landed on my top. He quickly picked up a towel and went to wipe it off but hesitated, then passed it to me. I remember thinking how nice he was, sweet. 

Not Lily - but something like this!

He asked me out and we had a few trips to the cinema in Leicester Square, drinks in London pub gardens and a walk around Hyde Park. It was at that point I thought 'we'll only every be friends, I'm too young for serious'. I told him this. He was upset, and even now my mother-in-law says he was a nightmare to have around.

A few months later I went away with my girlfriends to Spain. We soaked up the sun by day and partied hard at night, it was great fun, but all I kept thinking was I missed him! So when I got home I called and asked if he wanted to meet up - he collected me from my flat within half an hour! Since that day we've been insuperable and we've just celebrated twenty years married. It's not a long story or one with major hurdles to over come, but that suits us, we just like being together.

This is Mr H on a recent cold and misty walk in the Welsh hills with our old rescue dog. She's deaf and blind now so we have to keep her close by but she does love being out and about and he adores her.

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day and spend some time with the person/people you love.

Lily x

Kd Grace - I met Mr Grace in the former Yugoslavia back while I was living in Zagreb, Croatia teaching English. Mr Grace was in charge of a project for a refinery in Bosnia, some three hours away. He came to Zagreb on the weekends, and for a long time we were just friends. I discovered early on that he was someone I could talk to for hours over coffee -- lots of kava sa slogom --Turkish coffee or espresso with whipped cream.

For a long time we were just friends. In fact we were both seeing other people -- nothing very serious and nothing with any real future. As fate would have it we both broke up at nearly the same time, and one night, after seeing a film together, he kissed me, and I knew that our friendship had developed into something more.

What will always strike me as amazing is the first time I met Mr Grace, we had dinner with a mutual friend, and I was amazed then at how fascinating he was and how easy he was to talk to. He drove me home that night, and when I got out of the car in front of my flat, from out of nowhere, the idea hit me like a lightning bolt, 'I'm going to marry that man.' At the time, I shrugged it off, but even then my heart knew. Two years later we were married in Zagreb.

During the time we dated, I remember him climbing the very steep hill to my flat, always arriving with a bouquet of flowers from the flower kiosk below on Britanski Trg at the bottom of the hill. Then he'd take me in his arms, always smelling of the outdoors and of the man I love. I would bury my face in his chest and breathe him in, feeling safe and at home. This was right before the war began so feeling safe was worth a lot.

This past December, we returned to Croatia for our anniversary and for Christmas. In the dead of winter Zagreb is not the warmest place to go, so we flew to Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Coast. I hadn't been back to Croatia since the war, so it was a homecoming and an opportunity for healing and a time of celebration in the country where our love blossomed.

It's a whole lot of years later now, and Mr Grace's arms are still the home I always seek. His scent is still the very best scent I know. And as well as my husband and my lover,  he's still my very best friend.

Kd Grace

Kay - I met the wonderful Dr Jaybee at the tender age of 19 while we were both students. It was mutual dislike at first sight! I have never found men with long hair attractive, and as a dedicated heavy metal fan, his hair was way past his backside. He on the other hand, thought I was a right stuck up posh tart- it was not a harmonious first meeting.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more it is a miracle that we ever got together! We had nothing in common at all.

I was going out with his best friend at the time- how cliché is this sounding?! Well- it gets more cliché - my boyfriend was not the best, and he didn't treat me well. And Dr Jaybee ended up picking up the pieces on more than one occasion after my heart was repeatedly broken...and he and I became friends. He was suddenly always there- the one who helped me out, who made me laugh, who made sure I was alright. And he still does - 22 years later, and he still makes me laugh out loud every day.

And the ex-boyfriend? Well, he was best man at our wedding.

Happy Valentines Day folks

Kay Jaybee xxxx

Victoria Blisse - I never tire of telling the tale of how me and Mr Blisse got together. It all started with an arse pinch, all be it a virtual one. 

Back in the late 1990's it was still weird to meet someone online. It was the era of chat rooms and that's where me and Mr Blisse got together. Apparently I ignored him, which is probably true, I was busy cyber hanging out with my mates.

So when I announced I was going he Pinched my Arse on the way past. I'm not kidding, a blushed all the way home. In those days I didn't have a computer, I used the one at uni. 

From there we got chatting, online and on the phone (for hours,it drove my Dad mad!) and it was only a few weeks later that I got a phone call one morning. 

"What are you doing? I'm at Lime Street, I could come and visit." 
And before I knew it, I'd agreed and I had all of an hour to get myself washed, dressed and ready to meet him. It happened in a whirlwind. I can still see it now, him walking down towards me, the first hug and then walking back to my house hand in hand. 

Except past my Nanna's house, he had to let go of my hand then. We had our first kiss sat in the living room of my mum's house. I was in his lap, the sun was shining through the net curtain and dispersing around us. 

Later we walked round the local park and I have some very pleasant memories of an old oak tree and the hour or so we spent sat beneath it. 

We moved in together about a year after we met, married not long after than and have lived smuttily ever after. We celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary this September. 

Love you, Mr Blisse. Here's to many more kisses and arse pinches in the future!

Victoria x

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  1. Loved seeing how you all meet your significant others.... I met my hubby 15 years ago this week. Works night out - I was in the accounts office and he was 2nd Officer on MV St Clair (Shetland Ferry) - had both worked for P & O for two years and never met. Anyway, I didn't want to go out, my Mum made me! I was sat with my friend and in walked this guy I didn't know - but she did. We chatted and he sang very badly to 'Hit me baby one more time' in my ear - we parted but we both knew something had happened. We went out to lunch a few days later and we celebrate our 14th Wedding anniversary this year. That friend was my bridesmaid.

  2. Loved reading all of these stories and yours Alison :) I met my husband on a night out. My friend at the time fancied him too and asked me to ask him out for her. I didn't want to but I did because she was my best friend. He said "No but I'd like to go out with you". My friend was upset for a little while but soon got over it when she met his friend! That was 23 years ago and we've been inseparable since.

    1. Love it Karen!! I still lived at home (yes nearly 29 and still at home!!) and as soon as I walked in the door my Mum saw something in my eyes and just said to me - 'Who is he then?' I tried to deny knowledge of what she was on about and couldn't!

  3. What a lovely post ladies. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. I loved them!

    I, unfortunately, don't have a story to tell since I haven't meet Mr. Right. I have very high standards courtesy of Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.

    I loved Sexy Just Walked Into Town and look forward to reading Sexy Just Got Rich. Love the trailer.

  5. I met my husband 10 yrs ago, got engaged 3 months later, got married 3 months after that. He is USAF, father of our 2 boys & a wonderful husband!

  6. This is sooo cool...Thanks for sharing your stries and pics with us. I can't wait to read Sexy Just Got Rich.

  7. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and taking the time to comment and share :)


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