Monday, 2 February 2015

Totally Bound Publishing

Please extend a warm welcome to the first publishing house to be a guest on our site, Totally Bound. It's great to have them here and some of us Brit Babes know them well as we write for them - Victoria, Lucy, Lily and Emmy. Emmy - aka Natalie Dae/Sarah Masters - is also Totally Bound's art director so all their beautiful covers are her doing.

Hello everyone! Firstly, I would just like to say thank you to the wonderful ladies here at Brit Babes including some of our wonderful authors for having us here today! The Totally Bound team are very happy to have been given the opportunity to speak to you all!

Secondly, I want to take the chance to introduce us to you and give you more of an insight into what we do. Totally Bound is the Home of Erotic Romance, and we love readers who share our passion for sizzling stories, powerful plot lines and compelling characters. We aim to work with our authors and give our fans a totally delicious escape when they pick up one of our books and indulge in that special reading time.

Totally Bound delivers 'A List' escapism for readers who love Erotic Romance Fiction. The Totally Team are passionate about quality. We seek out, nurture and polish captivating stories with mesmerising plots and compelling characters from the most amazing authors. The result is a truly decadent, enjoyable and divine 'me time' reading experience—the very best stimulation for the imagination.

We care deeply about our authors and we are on hand from the point of submission to ensure you are given the best support network in the way of editing, PR and marketing for your books. In the weeks to come, we are excited to give you a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into our Publishing house, and give you the chance to get to know some of us a little bit better! Every day keeps us on our toes here at Totally Towers and we would like to give you the chance to see what working in an Erotic Romance Publishing house is really like.

To give you a bit of background on us, Totally Bound has developed and grown since we first launched as Total-E Bound. Originally, founded in 2006, the company launched in July 2007 with eight titles, including one from long-standing and prolific Totally Bound author Carol Lynne. Over six years we grew our author and reader base and have always prided ourselves in providing quality Erotic Romance Fiction. As a digital first publisher we are always at the forefront of technology and prepared to lead where others follow. In 2013 we conducted consumer research into what women readers want. We found they have a strong appetite for Erotic Romance and enjoy their reading time as escapism from normal life. This research led to a comprehensive rebrand in October2013 to become Totally Bound, the Home of Erotic Romance.

Eight years on from establishing the publishing house, Totally Bound is now releasing between six and nine books per week and endeavours to publish eBook titles within six months of contracting. We work with over 350 authors and we have published over 2500 titles, with many more in the pipeline. In 2014 we were shortlisted for eBook retailer of the year at The Bookseller awards, and we strive to become the best in our industry. Our head office is in an eco-friendly building, the Think Tank in the historical city of Lincoln.

We are always working on new and stimulating imprints to keep our readers captivated and entertained. In 2012 we launched the successful Clandestine Classics which generated international press coverage and was another visit to classics we all know and love. In 2013 along with the rebrand we launched What’s her Secret? a look into the secrets of empowered women and in the Summer of 2014 after the success of the What’s her Secret? Imprint we launched What’s his Passion? which is a collection of stories about the secret passions of men, and we are excited to announce two new imprints for 2015!

Last Friday marked the release date of the first in our new Totally Five Star imprint, Chameleon.

This new imprint is all about glamour, high society and exotic locales. Come with us as Ashe Barker takes you on a journey to Marrakesh and beyond in this saucy new novel. There are many other stories to follow, set in popular destinations over the world, so be sure to follow this imprint through! If this has got your imagination running click here to see the submission call.

We are also launching another new imprint called Celebritease ready for Valentine’s Day. This imprint blurs the lines between Fact and Fiction. The imprint features fiction stories in many genres, not only romance, but the debut novel from multi-talented Stacey Solomon is a perfect Spring chick-lit read. Available from Friday, pick up Walk on By  in multiple versions online or from your favourite book retailers in the UK.

As an innovative digital publisher we are always coming up with new ideas and 2015 is set to be a very busy and exciting year. We are always sending out submission calls for exciting new works, here are a few of our latest; I hope some of them tickle your fancy!

Over the Knee Anthology – MF BDSM Spanking
Can you write a tantalising D/s story based around spanking and all the naughtiness that comes with it? We’re looking for a desirable Dom and a sated sub who have a yearning to explore this fantasy. MF pairing and BDSM genre please, with the word count being between 10,000 to 15,000. The submission deadline for this is 1st March 2015 for September release. Please send a synopsis in the first instance to

MM Vampire Cowboys
Mysterious men are lurking out there ready for their story to be told. These heroes are cowboys with a dark, underlying existence—vampire blood runs through their veins. Be inspired by our submission image and see what dangerous and exciting things happen when you make the world of cowboys and vampires collide. Preferably 30,000 plus words in a series of 6 please, but contact us with any ideas you think would be suitable. Please send a synopsis in the first instance to

MF Cowboy/Western
They say a picture can tell a thousand words. Here’s your chance to bring that to life. We’d like to hear your story outlines generated from this image. All we ask is that your story includes an MF pairing and will fit into the Cowboy/Western genre. Let your imagination run off into the sunset. Initially we’re acquiring short story series in this genre, so at least three books over 10,000 words that reach the Burning heat rating please. Send a synopsis in the first instance to

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about us, and we are excited to drop by next month to show you the scoop on being a Totally Bound editor!

With love, the Totally Bound team xx


  1. Totally Bound - thank you for being the Brit Babes guest today - and wow, so much exciting stuff going on. I'm sure people will be inspired to write for your calls for submissions, they all sound great and I adore the pictures that go with them!!!

    Lily x

  2. Great blog... Love the jumpers!

  3. Fabulous blog- big waves tot he wonderful Totally Bound xx

  4. Great blog - I can't wait for the 'behind the scenes' peek.

  5. Great post. Love being a Totally Bound author.


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