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What we all love about a Dom.

Did you see the blog post from the talented V.Bruce on Monday? In which case you'll know where I'm coming from with this post.
I'm sure you know that a film is in the offing on the back of that book, you know the one, that 50 shades of Grey one and once again BDSM is in the headlines. Some of it's positive, some of it's negative and of course a lot of it is coloured by personal views of that book.  But what is it about Dom's that bring writers and readers back time and time again?
Well, here's what I love about the Doms I've written about.

They make pain pleasurable

Satisfying Desires

I couldn’t tell what Lucas was doing.

He didn’t touch me for a long time, or so it seemed to me, and when he did I jumped a little as his hand rested on my buttocks. He gathered the material of my skirt and hauled it up to expose my arse. I had struggled into an attractive pair of knickers before I came out, black and satiny at the back with a panel of lace and pretty sparkles to the front. He folded back the skirt and tucked it under my waist band. I was exposed.

I tried very hard not to worry about what he’d think of my thighs, or if he could tell I’d not shaved my legs for a while. I tried not to worry about my arse and how big it was, but it’s very difficult to break a lifetime’s habit in a moment.

“Gorgeous,” Lucas crooned and gently stroked my arse “Just perfect.”

I felt the doubts melt away and suddenly I was back to anticipation. I fizzed with it, vibrated imperceptibly with the pent up energy inside that just ached to be released. I pulled in a deep breath. It felt like my lungs were completely empty, maybe I’d forgotten how to breathe at all. As I let it out slowly, I felt the weight on my bottom lift. I braced to feel it land but it didn’t.

I stopped, relaxed a little and wondered what was going to happen next. I should have known because a split second later his hand hit my flesh. The light covering of my knickers seemed to provide no shield. I squeaked as the pain blossomed. I felt embarrassed for uttering such a weird sound but I didn’t have time to linger on that because he spanked me again a second later. The sharp slap first crashed with cold intensity then mellowed into a blossoming heat. The initial sting reallyhurt but the warming sensation seemed to seep through to my pussy and pushed me towards orgasm.

I had only felt the flat of his hand twice and I was already desperate to come. I wanted to feel more, even though the first slap really had stung.

“Ouch,” I exclaimed as he rained several lighter slaps on my arse, one after the other. Then I received a much harder one that knocked me forward against the top and exploded a pain that made my eyes sting with water.

It stung and I panicked then almost used my get out of jail free card, but Lucas stopped as if he sensed I’d taken all I could. He stroked my bottom gently and the harsh sting toned down to a more gentle throb, and once again I felt the white hot heat—it seemed to be centred somewhere between my stinging buttocks and my plumped clit.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” I whispered, “yes, Sir.”

“Good because now, these come off.”

He grabbed my knickers and yanked them down, flaring the pain in my backside once more.

He spanked me again, once, twice and three times. I yelped, squealed then moaned. I surrendered to his control.

They make you feel desirable.

Naughty Rendezvous

'So damn hot,’ he groans, nipping at my ear and down my neck into my cleavage. As he nibbles on my breasts, my arms loosen and fall down to the bed beside me. My body flows like hot butter and I surrender to the melting heat of his kisses.

He must have been waiting for my arms to slacken. As soon as they hit the bed, he shifts his weight and grasps one, pulling it above my head. Swaying the other way, he captures that arm, pulling it above my head also. ‘Leave these hands here,’ he orders, looking down on me with the most delightfully lustful gaze. ‘Or will I have to tie them there?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, once more playing the game, the nervous excitement screwing up inside my stomach, the anticipation making me light-headed.

His lips return to my neck, my cleavage and lower down,onto my stomach. I’m so exposed as he rolls the duvet down behind him. With my arms stretched above my head, I am displaying every curve of my body to his sight.

‘Gorgeous,’ he growls as his nose nudges the curls at my crotch, then lower, trailing through the dew-covered down until he reaches the soft, ample folds of my eager pussy. He nudges my thighs wider with his shoulders, and I happily spread them for him. Having my arms above my head makes me feel as if I am surrendering to him, giving over everything I have for his pleasure.

I groan my frustration as his lips leave their promising trail and he sits back on his heels. I sense his eyes tracing over every inch of me. Feeling shame, I can’t help but drop my arms across my chest even though his caressing gaze is exciting me.

‘I warned you,’ he tuts as he slips off the bed and pulls the belt from his pants. All kinds of images flash before my mind’s eye as he strides across to me, his hard cock straining between his thighs. Relief floods me as he pulls my arms above my head and tightens his belt around them, just till the leather bites slightly into my skin, but not tight enough to cause me any real discomfort.

‘Now, naughty girl, if those hands get in the way of my viewing pleasure again, I will be forced to take stronger action, do you hear me?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, my heart thumping in my chest. ‘Good. I want to see you, to drink you in. I’ve imagined your body naked so many times and now I have the opportunity to see it, I don’t want to miss a single detail.’

His words soothe and arouse me. A little burn of embarrassment remains in me as he climbs between my thighs and views my body once again but mostly I feel lust.

You never quite know what they'll do next

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