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Guest Blog V Bruce :Origins of a Dominant Model.

Today we Brit Babes have the great pleasure of introducing V Bruce, Dominant, model and all round hottie. Victoria Blisse was lucky enough to meet him at one of the excellent Alternative and Burlesque fairs in Manchester and quickly propositioned blog for us!

All the below acts are completely consensual. In every Dom/sub experience I've had we've agreed safe words and signals for both sides.

Its strange having a moment of nostalgia as my riding crop glides through the air. Contacting with the bare behind of the generously breasted woman I refer to as Sub '5' purely discretional.

Seven years ago I started along this dark, tempting and twisted path the smallest steps to begin with being replaced quickly by leaps and bounds, the first experience I had was an ex-girlfriend of mine asking me if I'd bind her to the bed.

That day marked a subtle but pronounced change in me one I think had been laying dormant for many years. I say it proudly these days though four years ago it was but a whisper.

Many have asked me 'Do you not switch?'Or 'Have you tried being sub?'

The answer to these questions are yes I have and let me tell you why it shall never happen again.
 Bound to a chair-change of pace here for me it's usually the other way round- Hands behind my back and legs tied to the chair legs. I recognise the rope work very similar to mine.

The dominatrix remarked on how helpless and pathetic I looked, foolishly she'd not gagged me. My reply of, 'wait till you untie me then we'll see.'

Was met with a harsh slap to my face for cheek.

At that moment something snapped within my mind. I AM A DOM I don't receive punishment I deliver it
I'd been tying knots since I was five and as mentioned before all the knots she'd used I recognised. Calmly and quietly I undid my bonds whilst she pondered over her table of toys and instruments. Grabbing a length of the rope I stepped out of the chair and grabbed her hands having formed the knotted loops needed to tie them together. Another length was in her mouth gagging her in 10 seconds. Her surprise muffled, pushing her onto the bed I hogtied her feet to her hands.
 Spinning her round to face me I remarked my finger stoking up under her chin.

'You were complacent weren't you? Thinking this man was going to be another pathetic lump of flesh to use.'

Reaching on to the table I drew the scissors and with practiced precision made short work of her blouse, skirt and bra, ripping them clear off her body.

 Her bare arse now visible received a sharp spank from my right hand. The first mark of many I would leave from this encounter. The selection of toys and implements at her disposal impressed me she'd gone to great lengths to assemble such an array of pain and pleasure.

Selecting a large vibrator from the catalogue of choice, using the scissors cut a hole in her expensive lingerie just big enough for the vibrator to slide into looping it round a few times so it was tight around the toy. Turning the power setting to full I slid the toy inside her now very wet and tight snatch.

Her eyes widened and moans began to escape through her gag.

'You may not cum until I deem that you deserve it. Disobey and you don't want to imagine the consequences.'

 Sitting back on the table is grasped one of her riding crops in my hand, the leather was supple but on contact with my hand I felt its true nature. ‘Yes this'll do nicely’ I mused. Glancing back to my would be dom, her eyes were closed and her body strained against her bonds as she fought her innate desire to cum.

I noticed the change quickly her eyes opened in defiant stare, her body shook and moved her moans becoming louder through the gag. The last moan was replaced by what I can only describe as an incredible orgasm but a defiance none the less. Barely had she finished her climax an apex of pleasure for it to be quickly replaced by unbelievable pain as the crop arced through the air and made contact with her derriere. Fifteen strokes later I crouched in front of her looking deep into her eyes my hand grabbing her jaw.

'I gave fair warning, punishment befits the crime.'

 Looking back to this endeavour I have come to realise you don't choose what you are in fetish respect, you are what you are programmed to be.

 Sub 5 and I had an understanding a mutual respect, I'd punish her and provide her with pleasures beyond comprehension when she deserved them as that was our agreement.

Before this pretend dominance of Christian Grey and the '50 shades of what can be described as domestic abuse' at the age of 18 with my first proper sub we drafted a contract. Simple rules outlining our limits. Roles, non-disclosure, termination clause and of course safe word. Signing and keeping a copy each this allowed us to explore and develop.

I was once asked why I refer to by subs as numbers the simple answer is the non-disclosure arrangement we don't use names so past tense discussion of them is always respectful of this trust after all is key in a dom/sub relationship.

 I've had five subs each with their own individual quirks, abilities, kinks and limits. Two of them were best friends, one was a woman of great sexual prowess and another ,my final, is a woman whose body defies imagining and who bent to my whim very quickly as I offered what she desired most.

To conclude I myself go by two names in this field 'Sir' or 'Master' I've been a Dom for a long time now and have learnt what I like, who I am and what my urges mean. My weapon of choice is and always will be a riding crop and to deliver pleasure to a sub I use a variety of vibrating toys.
I'm an alternative male model, athletic build, short dark hair, blue eyes and a groomed beard. I love what I do and I believe I do it well. Most importantly especially for this blog post I am a dom.

 Always will be.

If you want to read more from V.Bruce look for his new regular guest spot at for more stories from a real life Dom.  The next instalment will be up on Thursday 8th January!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us today, Matt. Thrilled to have you hear at the Brit Babes and on my blog in future. Looking forward to more wickedly sexy posts from you!

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  3. That was AMAZING! Thanks for sharing Sir.

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  5. Thanks for such a warm welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed my first submission xx

  6. Thank you for sharing Sir! I look forward to reading more from you.


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