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Sexy Just Got Rich : Brit Babes Do Billionaires

Sexy Just Got Rich is the hot new anthology from the Brit Babes and due for release on the 10th of February - pre-order available, links below - and showcases the Babes unique take on sexy, BDSM loving billionaires who know what they want and take it. It's kinky, spicy, seductive and there's something for everyone.

Here's the line up…

Tabitha Rayne—Champagne and Tits
Jim is convinced he can make his rich partner’s nipples more sensitive and tries out his new ideas.

Lexie Bay—Sophie’s Secret
As one of the most eligible young women in London, Sophie Barnes-Lovett has worked hard and played hard to get to the top, but her glittering lifestyle brings problems too. She might be ruthless in the boardroom but all she wants is to find a man who can show her he’s in control in the bedroom.

When her beloved Head of Security is injured in a botched robbery attempt, she needs a temporary fix and when a friend recommends Annabelle Kinsella, Sophie agrees to meet her. At first she finds Annabelle bossy, overbearing and a little intimidating, as she takes control of every aspect of Sophie’s life, while Annabelle thinks Sophie is an over privileged airhead who doesn’t take her security seriously.

So when Annabelle discovers Sophie’s secret playroom on a routine security check, it comes as a surprise to both of them to find that they might have more in common than they first thought.

Kay Jaybee—The Chase
Mia has been offered the chance to escape homelessness and work for multi-millionaire, Cameron Chesterfield. All she has to do is to be the quarry in the chase. The prize for taking part in this annual event is a life of security. The price for taking part is enduring being caught by two of Cameron’s business colleagues- a man and woman who have paid handsomely for the privilege of pursuing Mia through the grounds of his estate.

Victoria Blisse —Wallflower
Hot, suave Leo Crabtree offers to be Penny’s Master, will this classic wallflower take up his offer and discover the dark side of her desires?

Kay Jaybee—Words of the Marquis
After a lifetime obsession with the Marquis de Sade, the new owner of two fragments of his manuscripts prepares to lose herself to her master’s words... “It is always by way of pain that one arrives at pleasure.”

Natalie Dae—Come Find Me
Kat Simmons takes a holiday to explore her feelings for her sex-on-legs co-worker, Dan. She’s had the hots for him for the past two years but isn’t sure if he feels the same way. She misses him and knows she needs to return home to tell him how she feels. That she hungers for him, has sexy dreams about him, and wants him in her bed.

When a room service man brings her a note, Kat follows the directions to a mountain cabin. Dan is here—and he wants her naked and in his arms. She finds a lover that unleashes the wanton woman inside her, and together they explore their shared desire for BDSM. A dungeon provides them with the ideal place to act out their fantasies—and Kat realises that sex can be hotter than she ever imagined with a little spanking added to the mix.

Tabitha Rayne—White Rabbit—The Switch
A billionaire dominatrix meets her match when the White Rabbit comes to play.

Lucy Felthouse—The Next Big Thing
Catriona’s life seems to be spiralling out of control. One minute she’s a successful investment banker with a flat by the Thames and a healthy bank balance, the next she’s a world-famous author. Well, sort of famous. She’s written a femdom novel under a pen name, so nobody actually knows it was her. Her publisher has gone marketing crazy, lauding her book “The Next Big Thing” and comparing it to Fifty Shades of Grey—much to Catriona’s bewilderment.

On launch day, curiosity gets the better of her and she goes into a busy London bookstore to queue up for her copy—despite the box of paperbacks she’s already stuffed into the bottom of her wardrobe. There she meets Elijah, a total hottie who’s also there to snag a copy of “The Next Big Thing.” When he admits he’s interested in female domination, Catriona’s intrigued. A chance meeting leads to a whole lot more between the pair, giving Catriona the opportunity to experience the things she’s previously only fantasised about.

Kay Jaybee—Great Expectations
Suddenly, thanks to one book billionaires everywhere are expected to be masters of BDSM! As if running a successful business wasn’t enough...

K D Grace—Buying the Farm
Cassie Fielding is at her wits end trying to save the family farm from bankruptcy after her father’s illness. But when Cassie returns from university, she finds that, in spite of their financial situation, her father has hired the mysterious, Simon Dennis to help run the place. As Cassie and the new hired hand experience an unprecedented heat wave of lust, Cassie comes to suspects that her father and Simon may be in cahoots with their own plan to save the farm, and the whole scheme depends on her.

Tabitha Rayne—You Said
A couple retreat to their beach house hoping to heal more than the space that’s grown between them.

Lily Harlem—In Safe Hands
Manhattan maid Marie loves to clean one apartment in particular because her time there always includes getting dirty with the sexy resident—Taylor Ward. Handsome, rich and successful Taylor has slipped his way into her heart with as much skill as he slipped into her panties. But she’s not complaining because they share the same kinks, the same dark desires, but can they share their lives? And what will happen when business has to take him away from her? (Spin-off story from the novel In Expert Hands) 

Harlem Dae—Confetti and Collars
In the world of BDSM getting married doesn’t always require a white dress and a ring.

Excerpt from Lily Harlem's story In Safe Hands (A spin-off from In Expert Hands due for release on 13th February).

Marie is a maid who has a very unusual relationship with the owner of this particular penthouse in New York City…

* * *

Marie stared at the bright red stilettos she wore. She crossed her legs and bounced the toe of the right shoe in a sharp jig towards the huge window. Outside, the sun was slipping from its lofty position, its light touching the top of a tall building and spreading shards of hot-gold and fire-orange over the skyscraper windows.
She wriggled. The cool leather of the brown chair was soft against the skin on her shoulders, back and legs. She curled her hands around the ends of the arms and tapped her fingers.
Soon he’d be here.
Soon the door would open and shut with a soft click and the sounds of his shoes clicking across the hallway would make her heart trip and her nipples spike at her new bra.
She uncrossed and crossed her legs. Checked the lace at the front of her new panties to ensure it was smooth. It was. Of course it was. She’d carefully shaved her pussy for this occasion. He’d mentioned last week that he liked hairless, so she’d thought it would be an extra treat for his birthday. As it happened, it was quite a treat for her too—it felt wonderful.
She licked her lips and wondered if she should nip to the bathroom and apply another squirt of perfume. Maybe add another sheen of lip gloss too. But what if he arrived as she was doing it? That would spoil the moment. She wanted to be sitting in the spanking chair, staring out, when he got home. It was the way she’d imagined it. The way she’d fantasised about it.
The wail of a siren, many storeys below, filtered up to the apartment. As it faded, Marie heard the door click once, then twice.
He was here.
She swallowed. Her belly tightened. She clenched her internal muscles.
His keys rattled in the ceramic bowl against hers.
His shoes clacked in a slow, controlled way across the oak flooring. Rhythmic and steady, he came closer and closer still.
Marie held her breath. Hoped the red wasn’t a mistake. He did like red, didn’t he? She hadn’t pushed further than she should, had she? No. They’d done all sorts of kinky things together. Him arriving home and finding her in his chair wearing only underwear was tame in comparison.
She sensed he’d stopped right behind her.
He didn’t speak, but she could hear his breaths and smell his cologne.
“Happy birthday,” she said quietly.
“How did you know?” he asked.
God, his voice. The deep, sexy way he spoke, and that English accent to boot. It made her insides flutter and her thighs tense.
“It was on the calendar. In the kitchen.”
“Ahh, I see.”
“I got you something.” She pushed up from the chair, her knees a little weak and her stomach doing somersaults. It was always that way when she saw him for the first time on a Friday, but this, the underwear, his birthday…
She turned to face him, holding her belly in and puffing up her chest. He adored her curves and full round breasts, he’d told her often enough. “I’m afraid it won’t take much unwrapping.” She smiled and tried to look more confident than she felt.
He surveyed her and the right side of his mouth twitched into a half smile. “What if I’d brought clients back?”
“You never have before.” She placed her hand on her waist and cocked her hips.
He shot out his tongue and swiped it over his bottom lip. He was trying to look cool, unmoved by her standing there like that, but Marie knew if she cupped his groin his cock would be hard and straining at his suit pants.
He took a step back and took off his suit jacket, revealing a pristine white shirt. After tossing the jacket to one side, he undid the cuffs on the shirt. Very slowly, agonisingly slowly, he rolled them up, each one receiving three precise turns.
Marie stared at his strong forearms and wide, hair-coated wrists. She studied the way his slim navy tie moved just a little with his actions.
He pointed at the sofa. “Over there. Now.”


Release date 10th February 2015 - pre-order available

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Special Guest: Nigel of Give Pleasure Products

Why I love lube

Hi folks.  My name’s Nigel and I’m the M.D. of a company called Give Pleasure Products.  Until 3 years ago I had a relatively ‘normal’ career with a property business.  But my very first ever experience with lube ended up changing that and my sex life forever.

I can’t actually remember how we came by our first bottle of lube.  It was a bottle of lube from a very well-known brand and had a very cherry flavour. It wasn’t exactly the best experience we’d had and I’m surprised it didn’t put me off lube forever.  We liked the flavour but the stickiness that it left behind was horrendous.

But instead of ending the use of a, well, crap product my entrepreneurial brain told me that surely we could do better than that. My thoughts were corroborated when I visited a local Tesco and found that that was the only brand that people could buy. It shocked me that mainstream shopping consumers had no choice options.  It also shocked me that a large company could make such a poor product and that major retailers buy it from them. Just because a company is large, it doesn’t mean that they have the best products or even the best ideas, clearly.

After a world-wide search of cosmetic and lubricant manufacturers (and lots of enjoyable testing!), in Germany we found what we believe to be the best lubricant manufacturer on the planet. The CEO of which was the original inventor silicone lube.  After visiting the factory and discussing our plans it was clear to us, with these quality products, their pedigree and pioneering approach this was the obvious and only choice for us to make. A few months later Give Lube was born.  I’d always been a giver in relationships and believe that you get what you put into your relationships, so giving became the very heart of our brand ethos.

Cutting a very long story shorter I’ll let you know why I now love lube and how you can benefit from this great, incredibly versatile intimate consumable.

After an unpleasant experience with our very first try with lube I now classify lube as a sex toy in its own right.  It is not just to solve sexual dryness.  It is the easiest and most economical way of adding more fun to your sex life.  It’s the versatile, essential sex accessory that can be used with and without sex toys, on your own or with partners, for countless situations and encounters.

Giving, with the endless uses of give lube, strengthens the bond between lovers and creates intense orgasms. Giving orgasms makes you feel powerful. The more you give, the more powerful and confident you feel, the greater lover you show that you are, the more desired you are and the more adored you are.  Give and you will also receive.  The more you give, the more you’ll receive!

We don’t always use lube.  Sometimes we have sex with lube.  Sometimes we have sex with a toy and lube.  Sometimes we use nothing. Sex is about variety and there really are endless combinations of pleasure that you can have!

With lube I love the different sensations each can give you. Water-based lube is a great all-rounder and can be used for everything; with sex toys, vaginal, oral, anal, masturbation.  Silicone lube gives a more luxurious glide quality and, unlike water-based lube which will eventually dry out due to the water content starting to evaporate, is extremely long-lasting and will last as long as you do!

Flavoured lubes can still be used for intercourse but they’re generally to add a bit of fun to oral sex, or to disguise the taste of your partner if you find that off-putting. Our own flavoured lubes are called Oral Pleasure Gels.  The directions for use are to drizzle on your partner and give generously, then pass the bottle over!

Lube is an absolute must for anal sex.  There is no natural lubricant produced there so a good thick water based lube or silicone lube is essential to ease penetration and provide a wonderful, lubricated glide quality.

For clitoral stimulation, lads don’t just pounce on what is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body.  The clitoris does not produce it’s own natural lubrication and, for some women, natural vaginal lubrication won’t be produced until the clitoris has been stimulated. To solve this problem just add a few drops of lube to your fingertips before gently caressing her.  She is sure to thank you for it.

Don’t forget the balls! This is a personal favourite of mine. This area of the body produces high levels of arousal and sexual satisfaction.  Lube up those (make sure they’re shaven) balls, then drag your finger tips and even your nails, gently over the skin. Include the shaft in the action and the sexual tension starts to go through the roof. This lube use technique really produces a very intense orgasm.

There are numerous lube-use tips on our website at Perhaps I should write to the customer service dept at the well-known lube and condom brand and thank them for producing a poor product. It’s helped us create our own high quality, multi award winning brand.  It’s personally improved our sex lives and our orgasms. Sex with my partner Emma gets better year by year and, luckily for me, she also gets naughtier and naughtier!  

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Could you do better than 50 Shades? Ann Summers' Erotic Fiction Writing Competition

*This competition is now closed*

The Brit Babes came together soon after the launch of the Fifty Shades Trilogy to help readers who were new to erotica, as a result of reading E.L. James' work, to find well written erotica of every genre.

We Babes are honoured to have been approached by Ann Summers to help find future erotic writers -  but you'll have to move FAST- for the closing date of the
Ann Summers Erotic Fiction Writing Competition
closes very soon on 23rd January!!

You could win £1000!!!!

Here is a quick summery of what's required- 
-       Entrants need to notify Ann Summers via email ( of their following details:
-       Name (please specify if you wish to use a pen name)
-       Email address
-       Phone number
-       1,000 words maximum short story (‘entry’) as a Word document attachment , written in English
•       Entrants must email their entries to Ann Summers by 23:59 on 23rd January 2015.

So why not have a try? 750-1000 words can say so much. If you're stuck for ideas, why not check out the Brit Babes, Sexy Just Walked Into Town? (FREE on Amazon and other retailers)

“We will be doing a giveaway soon from the new Bondage range – check it out here to give that imagination a nudge”.

Happy writing and Good Luck!!!
Love The Babes. xx

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Brit Babes Do Billionaires


"Sexy Just Got Rich"

Billionaires have it all but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work hard to get what their hearts desire. In this brand new anthology of erotic BDSM stories the Brit Babes offer heroes and heroines who aren’t shy about taking what they want. From farmyards to luxury penthouses, wealth is all about sating needs, connecting souls and taking pleasure to new highs. Whether you’re looking for a coffee break read or something longer to curl up in bed with, you’ll find something to suit your needs in Sexy Just Got Rich.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Special Guest Blogger: John Tisbury

My route into bondage and suspension photography

“You will need to whip me as I want real red marks on my arse.” a customer stated when they were enquiring about a private commission. Why am I telling you this? There’s one thing I’ve learnt in life and that is; never say never. As in I’ll never do this or that, or that will never happen. I never thought I’d have to whip a customer’s bottom to get some photographs, how wrong I was. Granted this was quite some time ago, but it still acts as a reminder to me about never saying never.

About 8 years ago I remember saying to myself, I’ll never do rope bondage as I didn’t like how it looked, this was the early days in my career as an erotic and fetish photographer. Then I believed that bondage distorted the flesh and disrupted the smooth flowing lines of the female form. Yet now I love photographing bondage. So what happened to change that opinion?

As an artist I like to explore new techniques, ideas and experiences. Those fresh stimuli inspire creativity and result in new concepts and ultimately new images. Why limit yourself to things you’ve always done. That’s a recipe for always getting what you’ve always got. I now actively immerse myself in new things, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it is my approach. I’ll have a go; if I hate it at least I know from experience that I hate it. It could be that I love it and it’s a new passion that slowly develops and unfolds.

I’d been dabbling in bondage photography since around 2009 being self-taught learning from books and the Internet and I thought I was okay at it. Below is an early 2009 shot of my bondage in action with model Demi Scott.

An early bondage photograph taken in 2009 with model Demi Scott.

On reflection, knowing what I now know about bondage, I’m aware the tie shown in the image is not good both aesthetically and from a secure perspective. There are loose ropes allowing the model to move around and work loose from the tie. The wraps around the boobs top and bottom can move apart and are not evenly spaced and don’t get me started on the tension on the ropes!

In February 2011 I decided to get some rope bondage tuition. There are quite a few people who teach bondage but I wanted someone who was also a photographer as well as a bondage tutor. Bondage is not a lifestyle choice for me, so I was only interested from a perspective of things that I could tie and then photograph. After quite a bit of research the person I contact was Rod MacDonald and as luck would have it he was local to me in Cambridgeshire. I said to Rod I wanted to learn suspension work and he sensibly said that it would take a couple of sessions with an experienced bondage model to achieve this.

Rod, pictured right, showing a grinning me a chest harness tie on our model Clover.

In our first full day tuition session we ran through the basics of rope work and it’s here that I learnt that I was doing some of the fundamental things wrong. For example, my rope handling skills resulted in inconsistent tension being applied during the tie leading to a loose tie. This also meant it would never look good in some parts of the tie as they would be loose whilst other areas would be tight, this resulted in a visually imbalanced tie, which worsened when the model started to move around against the ropes. I also had a reliance on using knots to tie bits off rather than letting the rope tension itself against itself. I guess my reflection on this session was that if you’ve never been shown, then you don’t know what you don’t know.

In our second full day session we worked through different ties and started on suspension. We covered the safety aspects around suspension and the importance of health and model wellbeing.

My first 2 point suspension with experienced bondage model Clover.

From that day onwards it was a case of practice, practice and yet more practice. I’m still no expert, however I can now competently tie and undertake suspension work safely, and consider that I know what I’m doing.

Bondage photography does not always have to be about the tie, the marks left by the ropes can be visually interesting too. Model is KatyCee.

The power of influence and role modeling. If Barbie came in a bondage set then perhaps it would be more acceptable to the masses.

I’ve also done quite a few pregnancy bondage ties now. They started by chance when photographing a pregnant model and we decided to do some bondage ties. During my first tie the ropes were kept quite loose, as you can see below, so loose in fact that it allowed Louise, the model, to push both her hands underneath the ropes. As an aside, I’ve also kept this shot in colour which is rare for me as I prefer to use sepia for most of my shots. However, I liked the red rope on this shot.

As I became more confident with the method and got feedback from the models I was able to improve the tie and slightly increase the pressure on the ropes. In one of the shots below you can see that Abigail has more pressure on the ropes, to the point of leaving small marks across her tummy. During the tie I’m constantly checking with the model about the tightness of the ropes and ensure she is okay. Mother and baby come first that’s of the upmost importance, after all said and done, I’m just taking a photograph.

The awesome Gestalta in a session where we combined ballet and bondage.

Maya Homerton gets into a self-suspension pose. This is our homage to the Isle of Man.

A 3 point suspension with model Maya Homerton

Rope bondage is great fun to do and allows for great flexibility and creativity. Each tie can be different using different types and thicknesses of ropes. You can change the direction and route of the ropes so no two ties are ever the same. It allows me to express myself in other ways and gives an added dimension to my photography.

If you are presented with a new challenge or opportunity then grab it with both hands and see what happens. What’s the worst that can happen? The worst could be that you didn’t like it and you won’t do it again. You’ve lost nothing. However, like my bondage photography it could open up a whole new avenue of creativity.

Model Araneae in some floor work bondage.

About John Tisbury

John works out from his studio in Rushden, Northamptonshire. He’s been interested in photography for about 35 years and most weekends can be found working in the studio or editing stills or video. He’s won awards for much of his work:
·    2010 I was awarded Erotic Artist of the Year 2010, by JADE Magazine.
·    2012 I won Best Photographer 2012 in the Guild of Erotic Artist awards.

He is a member of the Royal Photographic Society, achieving his ARPS distinction in 2004 and a Fellowship in 2013. He’s a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists and the Association of Erotic Artists. He’s published 4 of his own books on erotic and fetish photography, along with having his work included in many more art-nude, erotic and fetish books.

Twitter: @johntisbury

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Billionaires and Why We Love Them

With the Fifty Shades of Grey film due out on Valentine’s Day, and with the plethora of billionaire stories that have burst on to the scene since the 50SoG phenomena, I found myself wondering the other day while I was doing the ironing just what it is about billionaires that we find so appealing.

OK, I suppose that sounds like a stupid question. People are always curious about how the other half (or in this case less than 1%) live. That’s only natural. And who hasn’t fantasized about how their lives would be different if they won the lottery or a long lost relative died and left them with a fortune? So here are just a few of the reasons I think billionaire romances appeal to readers so much.

It they can buy it, they can have it. Billionaires don’t have the financial constraints the rest of us constantly live with. Helicopters, jets, palatial mansions in south France, yachts the size of the QE2 are all just an afternoon’s shopping spree. There’s something very appealing about the freedom that buys, which leads me to my next reason.

If money is no issue, then many of the rules that apply to most of us are no longer relevant. While money may not
be able to buy love, it can certainly buy sexual satisfaction in more than fifty shades and way more colours than gray. There’s something very edgy and exciting about the idea of buying sexual control over another person. It’s a Dom/sub relationship based on wealth, and we live in an age when money is power and money is control. It’s not surprising that money is also very sexy. Neither is it surprising that many of our fantasies involve ‘being bought’ in some way.

The typical billionaire story involves a billionaire loving or at least lusting for someone who is very average. And while we read that story, we fantasise ourselves right into that role. We become the character who is wined and dined, whisked away in the private jet and shopped for by a very exclusive personal shopper. In essence, we get one helluva makeover, readying us to walk in the rarified air of the billionaire’s world. It’s the luxury and adventure of our fantasies along with the hot nasty steamy sex of …  er … well … our fantasies.

In billionaire novels the polished, airbrushed look of wealth is associated with the look or our dream guy or girl. We want our billionaires to conform to our personal fantasies of what sexy and rich look like, and it’s amazing, though not surprising, how often the two go hand in hand. If we’re going to have a fantasy man, he might as well look good AND be rich. And of course, he will lust obsessively after US!

Our billionaire must suffer or have suffered. No silver spoons in these stories. Our billionaires must have suffered tragedy, been raised by crack whores, lost a loved one, had an abusive childhood, secretly suffer from self-doubt, self-loathing, horrible nightmares, think themselves unworthy of love. In the eyes of readers, there has to be a cost for wealth. Most of us can’t really imagine what it’s like to have that much money and power. If we’re being honest, we resent the hell out of people we feel have it but don’t deserve it. We find it gratifying to know that, yes, the wealthy really do put their pants on the same way the rest of us do, and they don’t get off without suffering. We need to see that suffering to make that love connection.

Enter the love interest, just your ordinary girl/guy (insert your own name here) whose soul purpose in the story, as in all love stories, is to rescue the hero from himself, lift him above his self-doubts and heal him. The heroine’s job is to bring the wounded hero, even if he’s a surly billionaire, to a shared HEA. There’s something very satisfying
about a billionaire who has everything, but is totally lost and impoverished until the love of his life saves him and brings him true love.


It’s essential to the story that the love interest has something to offer to the billionaire that he needs, craves, can’t buy with his money. No one really wants to read a story about two perfect billionaires falling in love with each other in their perfect billionaire world. I’m convinced the billionaire story works because if offers the non-billionaire reader a balance of power. There’s something outrageously satisfying about an ordinary person having exactly what a billionaire needs, but can’t buy, what a billionaire is willing to give up all his/her wealth to have. The HEA in a billionaire story is that balance of power, when the billionaire and the ordinary heroine come to a state of equilibrium that allows love. Because the contrast in the beginning is so great, the achievement of this balance of power can be spectacular to watch. And the HEA can be very satisfying because of that contrast.

There! That’s K D’s analysis of our romance with the billionaire romance in a nutshell. The Brit Babes would love to know what you think!

If you love billionaire stories, the Brit Babes have a big surprise coming up for you very soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Special Guest: Jackie Adshead

Hi my name is Jackie Adshead and I’d like to give many thanks to the luscious Lucy Felthouse and the other wonderful Brit Babes for inviting me here today to chat. The obvious theme for me as a lifelong artist is erotic art and its impact on women which is my favourite subject!
Although I describe myself as a professional artist who specializes in erotic art, for reasons I’ll explain in a minute, I am in part a writer as well since I have been featured in The Guild of Erotic Artists book (volume 2) and have for a number of years written an artist blog connected to my website describing my current projects and exploring the reactions they sometimes evoke.

As artists and writers we all want to connect with others creatively through our words and images and inspire others to see the world in a slightly different way from that experience. Where erotic writers paint their erotica with cleverly chosen words as an erotic artist I use images. Which probably sounds very simple but actually isn’t. Erotic art should be subtle and for me hint at what has happened within the picture up until then, and more importantly start off lots of sensual ideas as to what happens next which may have diverse responses in different people. Art isn’t always about painting what’s infront of you; it can be about painting what you can’t see sometimes.  It shouldn’t be exactly the same as a photo, as an artist I want to look beyond the subject and ascertain what can be removed and still leave the essence, and hopefully add to it by the process. I love the tricks that add interest and excitement to a picture. I like to hint at sex, the erotic, the suggestion of pleasure by highlighting and sharpening the focus in the picture. I love exploring how composition through lines and shapes, tonal lights and darks create contrast and make the picture more exciting. I love to stimulate my brain by the way I paint, and I like to excite the viewer’s brain by what I’ve created.

When I first started life drawing some years ago I realized that although drawing naked figures from life is an incredibly useful technique for an artist since it teaches how to look at the fine details in front of you, I didn’t find the drawings that exciting until I realized that less is more and started to leave out a hand, or a face, or the legs and the image was far more interesting because of it. Like reading a book, you fill in the picture in your head and can see it without all the details spelt out for you. Infact I found people preferred it since it created movement within the picture when they asked themselves where the missing hand was and what it was doing. I feel strongly that art should speak through the emotions it invokes.
I love erotic art because it’s challenging in so many ways - to find an erotic concept, to create the composition, to capture it, to do it well, and to make the viewer feel erotic when they look at it. All of that has to be encapsulated in one image. And that’s what I strive to do. I paint what I like, that’s what artists do! We paint the things we have empathy for, the inspirational subjects that fill us with great passion. I love painting people and their interaction with each other, and letting the viewer find their own definition of what they’re doing, and why. Until I see the figure I'm going to draw I can't say what the pose will be - it differs for everyone because I will need to find their attributes and enhance them. And it’s also very different as to whether I'm drawing a man or a woman or a couple. Or whether the couple are straight, bi or gay. For women the erotic image will usually be more subtle and feminine, the hint of things unsaid, an item of clothing, footwear or jewellery. For a man to look erotic the image will have to be more blatant. So the challenge is not to draw what I see before me but to enhance it to make it artistic and erotic. And just a small part of something can be far more erotic than the whole thing, so I don’t necessarily need to paint the whole body. I can just focus on a part of it. The use of light should also be considered, which appeals to me very much, perhaps throwing the full face or most of it, into darkness, and deciding whether to use a fluidly wet medium, or maybe a dry crayon or pencil, either will convey a different image and idea.

Having drawn many subjects over the years I know that the female form is the most perfect piece of art since all women are a mix of physical beauty, inner beauty, caring and nurturing but balanced with inner strengths through motherhood and career, family ties and deep abiding friendships, the ability to communicate to great extent and make the world a better place with love and laughter. Capturing all of that within art is an enduring passion for me and whereas I am more than happy painting all subjects from landscapes to animals, buildings and fantasy, it’s the feminine form that I find the most beautiful.
Through my art I have painted surreal erotic landscapes, vibrant abstracts of fannies, portraits with hidden messages, landscapes with hidden couples, and more traditional subjects. Whereas I always have a painting in the planning stage whilst I am working on the current piece, I have no idea where my art will move on to next, but I am aware that it will be exciting, because art should be, both for the artist and the viewers of their art. Even if I paint bowls of fruit in the future, I know I’ll want to incorporate a naked woman amongst the oranges!

It’s a lifelong quest, art, searching for more ideas, more things to portray, and exploring the way that life and art are inter-connected. The people I meet, and the things they say to me, makes me realise that sometimes I am fulfilling a desire in others, as much as myself. They want me to draw their fantasy of themselves, and that’s a fascinating subject to pursue. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

What we all love about a Dom.

Did you see the blog post from the talented V.Bruce on Monday? In which case you'll know where I'm coming from with this post.
I'm sure you know that a film is in the offing on the back of that book, you know the one, that 50 shades of Grey one and once again BDSM is in the headlines. Some of it's positive, some of it's negative and of course a lot of it is coloured by personal views of that book.  But what is it about Dom's that bring writers and readers back time and time again?
Well, here's what I love about the Doms I've written about.

They make pain pleasurable

Satisfying Desires

I couldn’t tell what Lucas was doing.

He didn’t touch me for a long time, or so it seemed to me, and when he did I jumped a little as his hand rested on my buttocks. He gathered the material of my skirt and hauled it up to expose my arse. I had struggled into an attractive pair of knickers before I came out, black and satiny at the back with a panel of lace and pretty sparkles to the front. He folded back the skirt and tucked it under my waist band. I was exposed.

I tried very hard not to worry about what he’d think of my thighs, or if he could tell I’d not shaved my legs for a while. I tried not to worry about my arse and how big it was, but it’s very difficult to break a lifetime’s habit in a moment.

“Gorgeous,” Lucas crooned and gently stroked my arse “Just perfect.”

I felt the doubts melt away and suddenly I was back to anticipation. I fizzed with it, vibrated imperceptibly with the pent up energy inside that just ached to be released. I pulled in a deep breath. It felt like my lungs were completely empty, maybe I’d forgotten how to breathe at all. As I let it out slowly, I felt the weight on my bottom lift. I braced to feel it land but it didn’t.

I stopped, relaxed a little and wondered what was going to happen next. I should have known because a split second later his hand hit my flesh. The light covering of my knickers seemed to provide no shield. I squeaked as the pain blossomed. I felt embarrassed for uttering such a weird sound but I didn’t have time to linger on that because he spanked me again a second later. The sharp slap first crashed with cold intensity then mellowed into a blossoming heat. The initial sting reallyhurt but the warming sensation seemed to seep through to my pussy and pushed me towards orgasm.

I had only felt the flat of his hand twice and I was already desperate to come. I wanted to feel more, even though the first slap really had stung.

“Ouch,” I exclaimed as he rained several lighter slaps on my arse, one after the other. Then I received a much harder one that knocked me forward against the top and exploded a pain that made my eyes sting with water.

It stung and I panicked then almost used my get out of jail free card, but Lucas stopped as if he sensed I’d taken all I could. He stroked my bottom gently and the harsh sting toned down to a more gentle throb, and once again I felt the white hot heat—it seemed to be centred somewhere between my stinging buttocks and my plumped clit.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” I whispered, “yes, Sir.”

“Good because now, these come off.”

He grabbed my knickers and yanked them down, flaring the pain in my backside once more.

He spanked me again, once, twice and three times. I yelped, squealed then moaned. I surrendered to his control.

They make you feel desirable.

Naughty Rendezvous

'So damn hot,’ he groans, nipping at my ear and down my neck into my cleavage. As he nibbles on my breasts, my arms loosen and fall down to the bed beside me. My body flows like hot butter and I surrender to the melting heat of his kisses.

He must have been waiting for my arms to slacken. As soon as they hit the bed, he shifts his weight and grasps one, pulling it above my head. Swaying the other way, he captures that arm, pulling it above my head also. ‘Leave these hands here,’ he orders, looking down on me with the most delightfully lustful gaze. ‘Or will I have to tie them there?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, once more playing the game, the nervous excitement screwing up inside my stomach, the anticipation making me light-headed.

His lips return to my neck, my cleavage and lower down,onto my stomach. I’m so exposed as he rolls the duvet down behind him. With my arms stretched above my head, I am displaying every curve of my body to his sight.

‘Gorgeous,’ he growls as his nose nudges the curls at my crotch, then lower, trailing through the dew-covered down until he reaches the soft, ample folds of my eager pussy. He nudges my thighs wider with his shoulders, and I happily spread them for him. Having my arms above my head makes me feel as if I am surrendering to him, giving over everything I have for his pleasure.

I groan my frustration as his lips leave their promising trail and he sits back on his heels. I sense his eyes tracing over every inch of me. Feeling shame, I can’t help but drop my arms across my chest even though his caressing gaze is exciting me.

‘I warned you,’ he tuts as he slips off the bed and pulls the belt from his pants. All kinds of images flash before my mind’s eye as he strides across to me, his hard cock straining between his thighs. Relief floods me as he pulls my arms above my head and tightens his belt around them, just till the leather bites slightly into my skin, but not tight enough to cause me any real discomfort.

‘Now, naughty girl, if those hands get in the way of my viewing pleasure again, I will be forced to take stronger action, do you hear me?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, my heart thumping in my chest. ‘Good. I want to see you, to drink you in. I’ve imagined your body naked so many times and now I have the opportunity to see it, I don’t want to miss a single detail.’

His words soothe and arouse me. A little burn of embarrassment remains in me as he climbs between my thighs and views my body once again but mostly I feel lust.

You never quite know what they'll do next

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