Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Brit Babes Street Team Takeover!

A very special day today, the Brit Babes are incredibly proud to have an awesome street team who support us, celebrate with us and encourage us to keep on writing and sharing the stories in our heads. Today they're taking over the blog and talking about why they enjoy being on our team, what they get from it and what books they just can't put down! Please extend a very warm welcome on this chilly Christmassy day to the top street team on the planet!


Being a part of the Brit Babes street team is absolutely amazing. It's a lovely community where not only do you get to interact with 8 amazing authors, you also get to meet other members and make new friends. It's a lovely team and it's very warm and friendly. The support you get and give is not just limited to the authors books but also if any member is on a down day for what ever reason. I do get to read some amazingly written books which is a bonus in it's self. Very warm and friendly. A lovely place to be.


I love being a part of the Brit Babe Street Team. There are a unique group of amazing writers that cover all your reading needs. From the moment I joined I felt immediately accepted and part of a family. Everyone is awesome and each give a little something special from themselves that make this incredible group of ladies that are even more amazing Authors! I definitely recommend joining this street team if they are what you are interested in. I may be from the US but I LOVE being a Brit Babe!


I guess my entree into the Brit Babes Street Team started with me reading one of Lily Harlem's books where I totally fell in love with the hero and he shot up to being my #1 book boyfriend for a very long time. If you're wondering, it's Lewis Tate from Scored by Lily Harlem.

After I finished the book, I couldn't get it or Lewis out of my head so I contacted Lily and raved about how much I loved the book. We stayed in touch on and off over a period of time, I don't remember for how long or even how long ago this was now. Some time later, Lily asked me to join the street team.

Now, joining a street team and reviewing books...I had to seriously think about it, because (1) I am not a keen reviewer of books I've read because I often find it hard to actually articulate how I feel about a book and (2) I was nervous about the commitment and being able to deliver on any promises that I make, and me being the OCD Type A personality that I am, I would just hate to not be able to do what I said I would. Lily assured me that it was all meant to be fun, no pressure, no stress and to just do what I can.

So far it has been a blast. The ladies (and perhaps a gent or two) have been lovely on the street team, and everyone is very friendly and supportive. The Brit Babes are incredibly helpful and very generous with their time and their books.

I think the things I love most about being on the street team are that it has challenged me as a reviewer because it has forced me to put some effort into saying why I enjoyed a book, or why not, and to actually articulate my feelings beyond "I loved it" or "I didn't like it". 

Aside from that, Lily has certainly put me out of my reading comfort zone by introducing me to some menage stories through her two books The Glass Knot and The Silk Tie. There are MM relationships in both the books and that pushed me right out of my comfort zone as I have been a strictly MF kind of girl all the way. I thought that reading MM sex scenes would be icky but Lily made them sexy and hot as hell. I'm so glad I tried those books out and gave menage and MM a shot. It has certainly broadened my horizons. 

I've also ventured to reading some other of the Brit Babes and have read a few by Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse and Emmy Ellis, writing as Natalie Dae. 

So far I've read Lucy Felthouse's Stately Pleasures, another menage story to really push my boundaries and The Other Brother, a story that dealt beautifully with a very sensitive issue.

With Victoria Blisse's Sharing Nicely, I was first attracted to the cover. I loved the gorgeous blue masquerade mask that was featured so prominently. This book was a surprise because I thought it was a menage story (are you sensing a theme here?) and it turned out to be so much more than that in the intricacies of the relationships in the story. You just have to read it to find out for yourself!

The Natalie Dae story I read before I joined the Brit Babes and it was hot and sexy. This was, of course, His Beautiful Wench. I should probably write a review for it because that book got me very hot and bothered. The sex scenes were extremely steamy.

You may or may not know this (I think not many people do because I am shy about it and also suck at marketing myself) but I have a Youtube channel called Deanna's World. While the channel started originally as a makeup and beauty channel, I've branched out and also started doing some book reviews. I've made two video book reviews so far and they are both books by Lily. They are for Scored and also Grand Slam. They were my first video book reviews so I felt awkward and self conscious, but Lily assures me that the content has passed muster. :-) I guess I have the street team to thank for this new direction that my channel is taking.

Of course, with so many Brit Babes, I have tonnes of books left in their very prolific repertoire to read and to review, so there will be many more fun, hot and sexy moments for me in the future. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thank you Lily for asking me to join the street team. I have loved every minute of it so far.


First of all there is no way to pick a favorite book from the fabulous Brit Babes. I have read so many but I can still remember the steamy scenes and the great characters from almost all of them! You ladies have a way of writing that make the readers not forget anything. You all describe them in perfect ways. It's like you are a family member or good friends with the character. Description is a key factor. Some of them, HOLY COW, I just want to jump in the book. Some times I am so into the book my husband will ask me to do something and I just have to ignore him because hello I am in the middle of something good here. You are just going to have to wait till I am finished. HAHAHA

I am so honored to be a part of this Street Team. One out of the many great things is that these ladies come to us when they are stumped with something. They like to get our opinions and that is amazing to me. I have been in it since the beginning and we have had A LOT of interesting chats and emails along the way. It is never a dull moment once you get started chatting. Even Kev, one of the male members, gets into the conversation and it's great. It is always good to have a mans advice on somethings. I feel a connection with each one of the ladies and even some of the group members. I just wish we all lived closer so I could actually meet you all! Maybe one day if and when I win the lottery I will pack up a few members and fly us over to the UK for a BIG ASS Brit Babe Party!  OK sorry I love to ramble as you can see. 

If you ever have a chance to become part of a street team I would highly recommend it. It is a wonderful thing to do plus you get to meet some great writers! They write these stories for us so take a little time and review the books you read so they will know how you like them.


The Brit Babes have been so kind and helpful, I love all of their sites, books and fun.  I have had lots of fun since joining The Brit Babes Street Team it makes reading so much fun to be able to chat to the authors about their characters and books.  Plus the music, hot pictures and cartoon jokes are great.  It is like we are all friends, authors and team members and that means a lot to me.  The Brit Babes do such a good job on the website and the posts and guests are fantastic.  I love reading all the blogs as they are so much fun and interesting. I can tell that all the Brit Babes love to write.  

The Silk Tie by Lily Harlem was on of the first Brit Babe books I read and also one of the sexiest books I have ever read. Lily does a great job with descriptions, and her characters you just love them. I loved Lauren, Josh and Nick they were great together, I had never read a book like this and I really enjoyed it. The book was so hot and a must read I now have a new author to read and I have the Silk Tie on my kindle ready to read that next. After that it will be another Brit Babe book.


I used to consider myself a serious reader.  I read the likes of scientific papers and hard sci-fi and if I wanted something light I read fantasy.  Then a friend of mine introduced the idea of reading erotica.  I confess I was skeptical.  This wasn't just going to be a light read it was going to be empty.  But I have a policy of don't knock it till you try it so it seemed only right to read one or two books - after all I could stop reading them as long as I'd tried it and didn't enjoy it.  I don't mean to sound like a snob here but I know I probably do, so be it.  I did have my reservations at the time and am glad that they were proved incorrect.

You may have guessed already that I didn't stop.  I read one book and oh my it was fantastic.  It wasn't as heavy on plot as hard core sci-fi but it was about level with a lot of the fantasy books I had read.  The characters were solid and developed over the course of the book and plot was interesting.  This wasn't just about sex, in essence it was a fantasy book, just a different type of fantasy than I was used to.  Now don't get me wrong, the Brit Babe authors really know how to heat things up and don't hesitate to do so.  They do so in many different combinations, meaning there is usually something that will suit you no matter what your tastes/desires are.

Thinking it may have been a one off I started randomly reading other erotic books, mostly the fabulous Brit Babes.  Each one of their books has captured my imagination - I've not read a bad one.  That's not something I can say about other genres.  Yes it's certainly a light read but that doesn't equate to poorly written - far from it.  I'm so pleased that I started reading erotica and will never look back.  It will always be part of the reading I do.

Some time around the 3rd or 4th book I read I was invited to join the Brit Babe Street team.  I'd read books and review them - well I was already doing this as I knew that erotica wasn't as big a genre as others and any help I could give to the authors of the hot and steamy goodness I'd been reading was a brilliant idea in my opinion.

What I hadn't counted on was the fun and giggles we'd have.  Often of the rude variety.  There is also a definite sense of community too.  The levels of interaction between reader and author often mean that it's just friend interacting with friend.  Sure occasionally one of the authors will post saying they have a book and does anyone wish to review it and so on but there are also a fair number of current noteworthy articles posted and funnies and often posts of a geeky nature - which of course I love.

I've been fortunate to meet some of the Brit Babes in person and oh my what larks.  You know when you encounter someone and they are exactly like how you've perceived them to be - well that's the Brit Babes.  What you see is very much what you get.  They are just like any other of your friends with no pretensions and with no agenda.  Most friendly indeed.  They are always grateful for any shares/reviews and so on but also understand that real life sometimes gets in the way.  Like in my case how my physical health issues mean that sometimes I can't do as much as I want - it's no problem for them, it's very much as you can and want to.  They are lovely ladies and it's been my pleasure to do a little to help spread the word about some of their works.  A review only takes minutes but the reactions I've had from the Brit Babe authors when I've posted a review have been worth far more than that.  The level of gratitude from them melts my heart.

It's sincerely been a pleasure to be part of this community, part of this world.  I will carry on enjoying reading erotica by the Brit Babes and enjoying the community of good people, both authors and readers alike, I have encountered as part of this journey.  A journey which I continue with smiles and fondness.


I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Brit Babes street team this year following a takeover I encountered by Lucy Felthouse, one of the magnificent Brit Babes. The Brit Babes are an amazing bunch of authors who interact all the time with the street team members. It's a lovely group where you can be yourself, have a really good laugh and of course ogle hot guys and girls :) Another fantastic perk of being in this group is the opportunity to read and review these authors' magnificent books, which I have had the honour of doing many times so far and through this I have found lots of fab new stories and genres that I recommend to others. I'm so pleased I happened upon this street team, I feel very blessed to be a part of it.


2014 has been a year of ups and downs for me. I am hoping a more of a gentle glide next year. This year I have read so many books that I have loved and others I just had to give up on through sheer frustration of their terribleness (yes I am making that a word :-P).
This year I had the pleasure of attending Smut by the Sea in May. I met loads of the fabulous brit babes and had a fabulous time. I was suppose to attend Smut in the City in November but sadly my COPD and asthma had other ideas :( 

I have read some amazing books this year that I would Highly Recommend. I kicked off the year with The Pet Shop by KD Grace, followed by Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse, then Sharing Nicely by Victoria Blisse, The Mount Trilogy by KD Grace, Her Secret Past by Victoria Blisse and the Stand To Attention Anthology. I have read so many others in between but these are definitely my highlights.

I love being a part of the Brit Babes it is fascinating the different characters and personalities we get in the group and there is NEVER a dull moment. I have discovered so many themes and authors I have never thought of trying. Most of you are aware that my boyfriend gave into my reading habits earlier this year and now enjoys the books just as much as I do.  


About a year ago I was at an event and by chance met a Brit Babe.  We got to talking and she asked me to be a part of the Street Team. I had no idea what a street team was or it would entail.   Turns out it was pretty easy.  Just do what I do.  Read and write reviews and hang out with some really amazing and fun women.  

Unlike most (if not all) the Brit Babes and Team members I am a lesbian and prefer to read F/F (as in almost exclusively).   That was never been a problem.  I was welcomed into the fold and made to be one of them.  Its been really great having such a wonderful support system,  friends and yes these women feel like family to me. I have loved being a part of the Brit Babes Street Team and look forward to many more years spent with them! 

The Brit Babes would like to thank their brilliant team for all their support in 2014 and look forward to another year of fun and sexy romance in 2015. If you're interested in joining the team, details here. Have a wonderful festive season and may all your book boyfriends be hot!


  1. How wonderful!! Thanks to you all so much. The BB Street Team is amazing xxx

  2. A big thank you to the street team for making this incredible post possible :-)

    Wishing you all a very merry festive season and all the best for 2015

    Lily xxxx

  3. Thank you, Lovelies, for a totally incredible post! You all are the best, and you make our job even more fun! Happy Holidays to all of you, and all the best in 2015!

    KD xxx

  4. Wow, you guys are just awesome. I may be good with words, but not good enough to express how much we appreciate you all! xx

  5. We wouldn't be here if not for you so thank YOU!!!

  6. Oh no thank you ladies for being fabulous writers!

  7. Aw, love the lot of you lovely street team members!


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