Monday, 15 December 2014

Special Guest Ameliah Faith Talks Girls on Girls!

*Waves and enters room.  Sits nervously on the settee and takes a sip of tea from the cup on the table.*

Hello.  My name is Ameliah Faith.  The Lovely Lily Harlem invited me to pop in and talk a bit about F/F stories and how well I find the genre to be represented among other things.  Before I do I thought I should give you a hint as to whom I am and why I think I can talk about this subject... I am a lesbian, a very good thing to be when giving expert opinion, an author (I have one published very short story), a beta reader, I dabble in editing and I read and review F/F books almost exclusively.  Lots of reading and reviewing. 

Growing up I had no concept that lesbian stories existed.  When I discovered Lesbian Fiction, my world EXPLODED!  I got turned on to a book by a brilliant someone special called Radclyffe.... She wrote Lesbian stories about Doctors and Paramedics, Fire Fighters and a Helicopter pilot, a whole line of Secret Service agents and the President's well as much, much more!  I thought I had died and gone to my personal version of Heaven! I read morning, noon and night devouring novel after story after tale! I looked on for new suggestions when I found a book called Life is Not a Country Song.  I was so touched by these women that I looked for them at this other thing I was new to... FaceBook.  I let them know what I thought and they were so pleased and so amazingly nice!!  They asked if I would write a review and my life has not been the same since.  I've gotten to know many authors and through these contacts I came across Lucy Felthouse who invited me to meet the other Brit Babes and I am truly very grateful!  A terrific lot they are! *Leans back and relaxes as sipping on tea*

Not long ago I was talking to a friend about book conferences.  She was saying that almost all of them outside the specific lesbian conferences had little if any support for lesfic (lesbian fiction).  There are no panel discussions or networking, nothing.  She said she had talked to someone in the administration of a pretty big conference in the States about panel discussions and even offered to host one.  (This woman is extremely well spoken and intelligent!)  She was told “No” because there was no real call for it.  I was floored and very confused as every spare penny I had went to buying new lesfic books and I am in danger of needing a new kindle to hold them all!   What boggles my mind is, if lesfic has no audience and no marketability, why then are there so many writers publishing their own work and making money at it?  Why are there so many FB groups dedicated to the genre?  And why the blazes do men write it? Not many but still... Obviously someone is reading it! We agreed that this is ridiculous, there are plenty of woman who both write and read.  Many, like me just need to know that it is out there.

I see why mainstream m/f romance stories written for straight women would be the majority of romance novels but I really thought the market for lesfic would be nearly as good.  We know what women truly want...or so I thought.  Turns out that a great many straight women like male/male romance/erotica!    I can not see the draw of men as sexual partners, its all rather messy and... well icky. But TWO????  with NO woman????  Why would anyone want a man when women are so soft, they smell good, they have all those lovely curves and make such sweet, sweet sounds....  where was I? Right, *sips tea* cheers. I was (and still am) gobsmacked and I think the room may have spun a bit!! She went on to tell me that it is a common fantasy.  My very own Brit Babes write a great many m/m stories so her theory seems to fit. I think I will take some time soon to talk to some of the Babes and get their thoughts. 

While lesfic books can be found in growing numbers of book stores the selection is still very poor, as is with libraries.  On the various online stores such as you can find a great deal and that is really the main place I shop for books.  I think that many more lesbians, especially young ones are unwilling to switch genders, pronouns and adjectives in their head like I use to have to do to make a story relate able to me.  As the choices of genres within the lesbian umbrella grows, lesbian romance, (not all lesbian books have romance believe it or not) lesbian mystery, lesbian paranormal to name a few, I believe that many lesbians young, old and in the middle will refuse to read anything but stories based in their sexuality group, such as I have.  The Brit Babes, Dana Wright and Mercedes Lackey are the ONLY authors I will read that do not have lesbian leads.  I no longer have to do it and I wont! I do not care if someone accuses me of being a militant dyke with a gay agenda, truthfully I think I would break out in the giggles if anyone called me a dyke and the only agenda I have is to promote lesbian writers, try to get out a book of my own and try to live my life as honourably as I am able. 

*sips tea again*  Lets move on to more fun topics.  The Lovely Ms Lily asked what I would like to see more of in the genre.  Well, I am sure I am not all that different from other women, I can not resist a woman in Uniform.  They make me melty inside.  From Bobbies to Combat Veterans, Doctors to Dog Catchers, I adore them all.  There are several great writers to give me an injured  Vet infusion. A brilliant woman going by the name Radclyffe is who I turn to when I need a good Doctor Drama.  As a former surgeon she really knows her way around the theater!   

I also love a good cowgirl in dusty dungarees and gorgeous horses.... (Try KL and Roxy Rhavensfyre!) Looking for some space fun, Linda North has you covered and oh my!  I can not even tell you how amazing her Wind and Dreams is! I must have read that 8 times!!  Mystery you say, but not too intense, of course I know who to read!  Jessie Chandler and her Shay O'Hanlon series is perfect for a  sit by the fire and a cuppa! 

Want something a bit spicier?  I've got you covered there too! A lovely spanking to warm your heart, Anastasia Vitsky is the most erotic writer to never have written erotica!  Until lately that is.  She recently wrote her first sex scene and oh my did she stress over that.  It turned out rather well as you will see if you give her Taliasman a go.  

Spicier, you asked for it! Thinking about these next Ladies leaves me out of breath and grinning ear to ear....  Harper Bliss of LadyLit Publishing and Erzabet Bishop are my first stops when I need the heat!  Harper has just given me the 4th installment of anthologies featuring five writers, Harper, Erzabet, Cheyenne Blue, Laila Blake and the most adorable Lucy Felthouse!   Each volume has its own theme, none of them should be missed!!!  All of these women have their own work and all are worth a read.  I think all but Harper write m/f as well so there is something for nearly everyone.  A taste of Power play? How about two sexy as sin Tops?  Liz McMullen's Hard Rock Candy! Delicious! 

Need angst and true pain with your kink, DO NOT miss Switching Gears by the incomparable Rhavensfyres!!  You will run the gambit of emotions with this one and you will find your thoughts brought back to it months later. 

I could go on forever but maybe going here will help.  Its my link on for the books I have reviewed.  I have read 100's I have not reviewed but am working on getting them up too.

*moves to the edge of seat and leans in*

Something I have seen more of lately are paranormal features.  They are so popular and so many good ones are out.  Again, you can count on Erzabet for paranormal with STEAM in the form of Sigil Fire and Written on Skin. She also does a WONDERFUL witch stories that do not step a foot wrong.  Liz McMullen also comes on strong here with If I Die Before I Wake.  JL Gaynor and her Ascension Vampire series are also very good!  I truly cannot keep up right now but I am NOT complaining!

Stories featuring older women, Cougars if you will, and younger women are gaining popularity.  I am very pleased to see this.  I especially like them because they portray real women with some added weight, wrinkles and the like.  Being a woman of a certain age it is nice to see more characters I can relate to.

I would go on to mention the Brit Babes themselves but as this is your  site I am sure your readers are already well acquainted with your offerings. 

Well goodness, I think I have exceeded the 3 or 4 paragraphs I was asked for and passed the “more if you like” at least a few page ago.  *takes another sip of tea and sets it down* 

It's been a pleasure getting to spend this time with you.  I hope you had a nice time as well.  Thank you for being gentle with me, I may become comfortable with public typing yet.  I am more then happy to answer any questions or give recommendations if you should like.  Drop me a line on FB  or maybe leave a comment here and Ms. Lily would be so gracious to pass it along.  

Thank you!!

*Stands, waves again and leaves*


  1. Great post and great pictures, Ameliah. Thank you so much for being a guest of the Brit Babes :-)

    Lily x

    1. Thank you Lily, I had so much fun with this! Thank you foe allowing me to be a part.

  2. Love this post!!! Thanks Ameliah- loving your taste in photos- yum xxx

    1. They are quite lovely aren't they? (blushing grin)

  3. Thank you! I know as I started to widen my reading selection, I was quite surprised at how many m/m there was compared to f/f. As a straight woman I don't have any problems reading these books, but was surprised that there wasn't more f/f, and it took a couple books for me to enjoy a m/m book. So I forget what i was going to say but thank you for bringing up the subject and some Author's names!

    1. Tracey, you are quite welcome!! If there is ever something you are looking for do let me know. I am sure I can find someone/something you will truly enjoy!

  4. Brilliant post Ameliah :D
    Thank you so much for your insight.
    I love writing f/f - I think it's super hot and so much to explore with emotional and character dynamics.
    And I fekkin adored that last picture right there *faints*

    Thanks for being our guest! x x x

  5. Have a few FF shorts coming out in 2015- keep those eyes peeled xxxx


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