Thursday, 18 December 2014

Love and Death

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Ooo - and there are some hot excerpts from some of my releases this year.

This post is completely different to what I'd planned - and this is because life got in the way. Or more precisely, death got in the way.

Yesterday I was in the incredibly privileged position of holding my aunt's hand as she slipped away from this life. I wanted to mark it, set it down somewhere. So here it is.

We shared a love of old musicals and most especially the beautiful Esther Williams, the swimming star. Take a moment to watch this incredible athleticism and choreography.

Amazing! Just amazing.

Controlled free fall

This photo in particular makes me think of release.
That instant where we can truly just be in the moment
and let go...
And this is all I have for today. I feel truly honoured. Being alive and human is a gift indeed.

I know there are many many people over the world with losses this week. My love to you all.

x x x


  1. Sending you love and warmth. Thank you for sharing that beautiful swimming video, simply gorgeous.

    Lily x


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