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Kay's Christmas Kink

Hi guys!!! It's Kay here!
When it comes to Christmas I’m a big kid- I just love it. The decorations, carols, wrapping up presents - all of it. So it’ll be no surprise to you to know that I love writing Christmas stories as well. There is something about dreaming up naughty ways of playing with tinsel, spices and Christmas cakes that brings out the kinkster in me...

I love writing Christmas stories, and five of my most sexy naughty seasonal tales can be found in
Christmas Kink.


What’s your favourite part of the Christmas celebration? Decorating the tree with tinsel, the heavenly aroma of cinnamon and fruit from Christmas cakes and puddings, the office Christmas party, a visit to Santa’s grotto, the presents?

Kay Jaybee’s Christmas Kink twists all of these festive traditions into five individual episodes of hot erotica that will leave you fanning yourself with the nearest Christmas card...


Romantic, steamy, with a touch of S&M, and a sprinkling of cinnamon (yes, really) - I hope I’ve managed to add a little Christmas kink into this anthology for everyone... here's a little taster from Candy at Christmas...
... the warm aroma of horse and straw assailed Mae’s nostrils as Jack parked his truck, and they stood in the yard.

‘Bring the gifts, Candy.’ Jack marched purposefully to the stable block.

‘They’ll get all dirty, why don’t I collect them once we’ve mucked out?’

Jack twisted around on the spot, his boots making the gravel beneath them squeal. His expression froze Mae’s feet to the driveway. ‘Candy! Do as you are told.’

Recognising Jack’s ‘master’ voice, Mae felt a dart of hope, and moved with a speed born of renewed sexual anticipation. Scooping the two parcels off the passenger seat, she hurried to join Jack as he disappeared inside the first square stall of the ten piece stable range.

She stopped dead the second her feet crossed the threshold.

The stall was empty. The already refreshed straw lay in a deep carpet of gold beneath their feet. In deference to the Christmas session, tinsel had put around the wooden walls, and baubles hung from the hayrack in one corner. An iPod sat to the side, Christmas carols playing softly from its speakers. It looked both beautiful and romantic, but something about the way Jack was regarding her, told Mae that romance wasn’t the order of the day here. He was positively radiating devilment, and the stiff shaft that he’d managed to dismiss as he’d administered her earlier orgasm, was strongly evident beneath the beige of his jodhpurs.

He’s arranged this. He’s had the same thought as me—but he’s gone further. Much further... Mae felt cold fill her from her toes upwards, a fiery cold that had nothing to do with the winter temperatures outside, and everything to do with kink-laden uncertainty.
The opening sound of the top half of the interconnecting door, that linked the stall she was standing in with the next, made Mae’s head jerk up. She had expected to see a horse. Instead she saw another woman.

‘Oh my God!’ Mae’s words were barely audible in the musty air.

The hair of the woman in the next stall was trussed up; its chestnut tresses braided into a mane which flowed down her neck. Her pale cheeks were squashed beneath two vertical bridle straps. A broad brow band was hidden beneath her floppy fringe.

It wasn’t the leather of the bridle that held the full weight of Mae’s attention however. It was the metal bit wedged between the woman’s brilliant white teeth, her ruby painted lips permanently parted as they clamped over the top of the bar.

From the metal hoops either side of the bit hung thin riding reins, which had been adored with tiny silver Christmas bells that jingled as the pony-woman moved.
‘Incredible isn’t she.’

Mae jumped. She’d almost forgotten Jack was there, such was her shock at seeing the pony-woman staring at her. ‘I...’

‘Take your jacket and jumper off, Candy. It’s going to get very warm in here, and anyway, ponies don’t wear jumpers.’ Jack took the parcels from her arms as Mae wordlessly obeyed, half her mind on their unexpected companion, half on the rapid increase of her own pulse as she realised what was in Jack’s gift to her, and how well it would go with her gift to him.

‘Do you think you’ll look as good as she does...?’ Her lover lifted her chin so Mae had no choice but to focus directly on his eyes, ‘...because I do...’
To find out what happens next I the stable, you can buy Christmas Kink from-
Happy reading and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!
Kay xx


  1. I love this collection, Kay. It's so seasonal and so deliciously kinky!

  2. Thanks Lily - it was great fun to put together xxx


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