Monday, 8 December 2014

Alice Raine: The Stampeding Rise of Erotica

Hello everyone! Today the Brit Babes are delighted to welcome one of the newest voices in erotica- author of the extremely popular Untwisted series- Alice Raine.

The Stampeding Rise of Erotica

Firstly, a big, huge, enormous thanks to my hosts today, the lovely, talented and successful Brit Babes; you girls are truly inspirational J 

I was sat in a coffee shop the other week and as I watched the woman opposite pull out a copy of Sylvia Day’s latest I began to ponder just why erotic fiction has become so popular recently. Of course there is that book, Fifty Shades, which has hugely changed the way that people view erotica, but it now seems to me that women everywhere are literally clamouring for kinky, handsome, fictional sex god’s to fantasize about. Not that that’s a bad thing, in fact, for a new author of this genre like me, it is positivity brilliant! Perhaps I’m generalising though, not all women want their own personal version of Christian Grey, but the appeal of the genre certainly goes way beyond just bored housewives as some suggest. Just amongst my own acquaintances I can say for sure that solicitors, teachers, doctors, nursery nurses, garden centre workers and many more are all regularly seeking out the escapism that a fictional romp can bring them. 
Gone are the days when erotica was an unspoken subject. Your grandmother might have had a few Jilly Coopers on her bookshelf, or the odd Mill’s and Boon stashed away at the back of a cupboard somewhere, but now, erotica, BDSM and kink are becoming a mainstream genre stacked tall and wide in bookstores around the world and flying off the shelves faster than Anastasia Steele’s knickers.

Readers, and writers, have progressed beyond the chaste love scenes which caused young girls to giggle with their friends, now, with the rise of so called ‘mommy porn’, an older generation of readers are exploring things that until recently, were not commercially available unless you bought an x-rated film. This has of course been aided by the invention of Kindles and e-readers which certainly make it easier to download erotic books without fear of stigma that buying a ‘dirty’ book might once have got you.

So what it is with this new rise of the bad boys in fiction? Perhaps it purely is a form of escapism? A way of taking a step back from the boring, mundane lives that we occasionally slip into once we get beyond the clubbing days of our youth. You never see the lead male in a book stacking the dishwasher before ravishing his woman do you? So perhaps women love this genre for purely that reason; by reading a book about a domineering, handsome man doing unspeakably rude things to them, they too feel they can ‘live’ a life they’d never dreamed of before. Perhaps debarking on a sexual fantasy allows women to explore the sides of themselves they keep hidden from public– the dark, depraved fantasies they secretly crave but never would attempt to explore with a partner for fear of it not living up to expectations. It is therefore highly likely that through erotica, woman, and men, find the exploratory release they desire, without the risk of it not being satisfactory.

If in reality our charming, handsome and seemingly perfect boyfriends or husbands suddenly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a whip would we really be thrilled? Or would we run for the hills shrieking? I can’t answer that for you, but one thing is for sure; a man pulling out a case full of canes, chains, vibrators and paddles with a seductive smirk on his face would certainly give a whole new meaning to the statement ‘treat em’ mean, keep em’ keen’, wouldn’t it?
Whilst I’m sure that most readers finish an erotic novel, put it down with a smile on their face and then move on with their lives, I have a sneaking suspicion that this rise of erotica is also impacting sex lives across the world. I recall one friend joking that her husband was downloading all sorts of erotic fiction to her kindle because she was always ‘well up for it’ after reading a chapter or two. So perhaps the popularity of erotica isn’t escapism so much, as just a good old fashioned way of getting horny.
Whether for escapism, curiosity or a nice little treat, I have a feeling that erotic readers and authors are going to be around for quite a while.

Books 1,2 & 3 of my Untwisted series are available now, with the final instalment due early next year. (Reading order: 1.The Darkness Within Him 2. Out of the Darkness 3. Into the Light 4. Enlightened)

Thanks again to the Brit Babes for having me!

Alice xx

(the view expressed in this article are purely speculation)



  1. Thanks Alice- great blog- and major congrats on the massive success of Untwisted xx

  2. Great blog and thanks for being our guest :-)

  3. Awesome article. Reading is an escape for me from chronic pain. Yes my hubby benefits from certain things I read. I would be happy with the handcuffs and whips ;) And you are new to me, more to my wish list lol Thanks for sharing!

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