Thursday, 6 November 2014

Let's Make Fireworks....

Hi it's Ruby Madsen, Lexie Bay's wicked alter ego and as it's my turn to talk to you about all things naughty, I thought as the nights are drawing in and the frost is in the air, that I'd get a bit seasonal for my blog post.

I think the last two months of the year are my favourite. I love the smell of the cold, crisp mornings and kicking through the leaves with the kids. I love the dark evenings and curling up on the sofa with a glass of red wine and a blanket, all cosy while the rain lashes down outside. I love Halloween, especially the dressing up - one of my favourite things to do - and I love the build up to Christmas, but most of all I love Bonfire Night. That magical feeling that comes with being out in the cold, watching the fireworks light up the sky with the smell of the gunpowder in the air... It makes me all nostalgic and emotional and this time of year gives you plenty of excuses to spend some time with your man. Holding hands on long walks, cuddling up in front of the fire and spending lazy mornings in bed with when it's too cold to get up.

So with that in mind (and a little bit of inspiration from the pic above!) I thought I'd write you some flash fiction to spice up your week.

I am hidden in the trees behind the field. My skin prickles into goosebumps, as much as from the thought of him looking for me as from the chill of the early evening. Although it’s dark I can feel him close, smell his aftershave in the crisp night air, over the earthy scent of damp leaves and wet grass. I hold my breath, wondering if he will walk by but knowing he will find me. He can smell my arousal, knows the sweet musk of my pussy so well. The dark heightens my senses, sending my desire into overdrive. I have worn exactly what he told me to, the soft fur of my coat the only thing keeping me from freezing. My nipples are hard from a combination of lust and cold, so stiff they hurt.
I jump as I hear a twig snap behind me and then a gloved hand covers my mouth, which is lucky because I can’t stop myself from screaming, even though I know it’s him. I know it from the hand that snakes between my legs, parting my thighs and from his soft sigh against my earlobe.
“Found you,” he whispers, his lips cool against my flushed cheek as he spins me around and pulls me against him. The leather of his gloves is rough against my naked flesh as he slips his hands underneath my coat, teasing my nipples.
“You are all I’ve thought about all day. I want to be inside you.”
I’m already wet but knowing how much he wants me makes my knees weak and my juices soak the edges of the deliciously trampy, red, crotchless knickers he demanded I wear along with my stockings and suspenders, the only other items I have on.
“I need to see you,” he moans, pulling open my coat and exposing me to the night. As he takes in every inch of my body, I can see his jeans straining to contain his cock and I reach for his zip.
Not far away I can hear the crackle of the bonfire and the low murmur of the crowd that has gathered to watch the fireworks. Our annual village bonfire party is always well attended and the thrill that we might be caught only fuels my desire for him, as I tug his jeans down to his ankles. He removes my coat and lays it on the ground delighting in my goosebumped breasts and hard pink nipples, teasing them with him warm tongue before helping me to the ground.

I’m so cold my body is shaking and he pulls me against him, the warmth of his jumper and his naked lower half quieting my shivers briefly. We can hear the countdown, his soft lips on mine as he spreads my legs with his and as they reach zero and the first firework booms into the sky, he pushes inside me, our moans drowned by the explosion in the air above us. I open my eyes and watch the bright colours raining down as more and more shoot into the crisp November night. The music is pounding through the ground and he fucks me in time to the bass line. The colours, the cold, the scent of the night send me into sensual overload and when I come beneath him, I catch my breath, my nails raking his back, tears in my eyes as he whispers how much he loves me and fills me with his heat.

Well I wish all of our Bonfire nights were as much fun as this lucky lady's but if you weren't as naughty then I hope I've at least warmed up your evening a little!

Don't do anything I wouldn't.....
Love Ruby xx


  1. ooooo fireworks indeed! Thanks for that Ruby x x x ;)

  2. Love this line "The music is pounding through the ground and he fucks me in time to the bass line." Great post, love me a little flash fiction and I too adore this time of year. Lily x


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