Monday, 27 October 2014

Special Guest Beth D. Carter

My Love of England

I figured since I was guest blogging with The Brit Babes today I would talk about my love of England.  Blame it on Amanda Quick, Lisa Kleypas & Julia Quinn. I devour their books and it all stemmed from their wonderful stories set in Regency Era.  Of course, I swoon when it comes to British accents.  Or Irish.  Or Scottish.  Hell, I’m swooning now!

In 2004 I was living in Paris (France, not California) and reached that 3 month period where I had to get my passport stamped, so my boyfriend and I hopped on the train and chunneled over to London.  We took another train up to Leicester to meet up with some friends.  While he was off playing laser tag, I wandered the Square, toured the old homes (like Lady Jane Grey), and saw my first football game.  The excitement of the crowd made me a lover of the game to this day, although I do watch more American soccer than the Premier League <<hangs head in shame>>. 

I knew some of my family had come from England, so curious, I decided to do an in depth search of my genealogy.  I had always identified with my mother’s side, who hailed from Italy, but my father’s side came from Ireland and England.  And boy, I never knew how deeply I had ties to England until I ran across my 13th Great-Grandmother, Katharine Cromwell. Now, since I’m talking to the British Babes, I probably don’t need to introduce her.  Her second husband, of course, was Morgan Williams, whose mother was Joan Tudor.  And that’s where the second whammy of my ancestors came from…an illegitimate link to the Tudor line.  Ancestry is amazing, isn’t it?  Now, I’d like to go back to the UK and tour all the places my ancestors hailed from.  

I wrote one of own my own Regency Era romance but sadly, I’m just not cut out to be prolific at it.  All authors have to find their voice, if they’re not lucky enough to know at the beginning what it is.  Luckily, I’ve had a few wonderful publishers who support me while I find a writing identity.  Writing is an organic process, and as a writer as I’m constantly learning and improving my craft. 

Thank you so much, Lucy, for having me guest blog with you today!  I love giving away stuff and would love to give-a-way a PDF of any of my titles (winner’s choice) to someone!  Please just leave a comment & a way to contact you…I promise not to spam you, I just don’t have time to track people down.  J  Also, I’ll be having a huge Christmas give-a-way so either follow me on Twitter or friend me on FB for updates! 

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  1. Beth, thank you so much for being our guest today and for bringing with you some fascinating genealogy information. No wonder you were inspired to write some Regency Era :-)


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