Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lily Loves London

Post by Lily Harlem

I'm British through and through and spending time in my capital city is one of my favourite things to do. At heart I'm a country girl, I love to stomp through the fields with my dogs and have room to spread my arms and feel free as a bird.

But a weekend in the vibrant, diverse city of London, especially with Mr Harlem, is always a wonderful treat. We usually try and do something new each time we visit, whether its mooch around a different market on a Saturday morning or find an interesting new restaurant. It's always fun because I'm a people watcher, I adore sitting and watching the world go by or being caught up in the hustle and bustle and catching snippets of conversation. It's all inspiration for me and I do like to set my stories in London if I get the chance. I feel I have my finger on the pulse there, the vibe is right.

Last time we visited we went to Cambden Lock Market and it was wonderful. The old stables, where the horses lived that used to pull the canal boats, have been converted into this amazing half underground market. There's street food, all sorts of crazy, unusual things to buy and the atmosphere is amazing. Check out these beautiful horse sculptures (no idea who the dude is in the red shirt BTW) that are dotted around.

I adore St. Paul's Cathedral too and incorporated the small garden at the back of the enormous building in The Silk Tie. I knew as soon as we arrived there that it was a special little place. It was calm even though there were plenty of people around, there was a hushed atmosphere despite the traffic nearby that continued to rumble on. We managed to find a restaurant, Barbecoa, that had an amazing view of Sir Christopher Wren's dome - definitely one of the best spots I've ever had lunch in, and to top it off it was my birthday.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to check out my books that are set in London, or have a scenes or scenes in London, here they are…

The Silk Tie
The Glass Knot
Anything for Him
Escape to the Country
Sexy as Hell Trilogy
Stories for When the Sun Goes Down

Lily x


  1. Great post Lily. I adore London as well. Like you, I think it is the contrast from our more usual 'countryside' existence. It is such a vibrant place. I have a particular soft spot for Hoxton xx

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post Lily. I don't get to visit London often but it's a great, lively city :)

  3. Thanks Kay and Karen. I wouldn't want to live there anymore but also having to make the effort to visit makes it more special when I do.

  4. Lovely post and pictures, Lily. I'm from across the pond, and the UK is one of the places I've missed in my travels. You have a wonderful site here.

  5. I adore London - Thanks for bringing back memories!

  6. I've never been to London or England or overseas. My family came from there and loves to go back. Family ties run deep in London and when next you are in London, drop by Watlings Pub for a pint. My family always does!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Jillian and Melissa, there's always memories to be made in London and yes, I'll seek out the Watlings Pub next time I'm there!


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