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Shivers and Tingles Party!

Come party with The Brit Babes on Facebook this Halloween! Click here to join the fun. Then dust of your sexiest costume, pour a glass of pumpkin wine, get that black cat on your lap and jump in feet first. There'll be contests, steamy excerpts, raunchy gossip and a whole heap of mischief going on.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Special Guest Beth D. Carter

My Love of England

I figured since I was guest blogging with The Brit Babes today I would talk about my love of England.  Blame it on Amanda Quick, Lisa Kleypas & Julia Quinn. I devour their books and it all stemmed from their wonderful stories set in Regency Era.  Of course, I swoon when it comes to British accents.  Or Irish.  Or Scottish.  Hell, I’m swooning now!

In 2004 I was living in Paris (France, not California) and reached that 3 month period where I had to get my passport stamped, so my boyfriend and I hopped on the train and chunneled over to London.  We took another train up to Leicester to meet up with some friends.  While he was off playing laser tag, I wandered the Square, toured the old homes (like Lady Jane Grey), and saw my first football game.  The excitement of the crowd made me a lover of the game to this day, although I do watch more American soccer than the Premier League <<hangs head in shame>>. 

I knew some of my family had come from England, so curious, I decided to do an in depth search of my genealogy.  I had always identified with my mother’s side, who hailed from Italy, but my father’s side came from Ireland and England.  And boy, I never knew how deeply I had ties to England until I ran across my 13th Great-Grandmother, Katharine Cromwell. Now, since I’m talking to the British Babes, I probably don’t need to introduce her.  Her second husband, of course, was Morgan Williams, whose mother was Joan Tudor.  And that’s where the second whammy of my ancestors came from…an illegitimate link to the Tudor line.  Ancestry is amazing, isn’t it?  Now, I’d like to go back to the UK and tour all the places my ancestors hailed from.  

I wrote one of own my own Regency Era romance but sadly, I’m just not cut out to be prolific at it.  All authors have to find their voice, if they’re not lucky enough to know at the beginning what it is.  Luckily, I’ve had a few wonderful publishers who support me while I find a writing identity.  Writing is an organic process, and as a writer as I’m constantly learning and improving my craft. 

Thank you so much, Lucy, for having me guest blog with you today!  I love giving away stuff and would love to give-a-way a PDF of any of my titles (winner’s choice) to someone!  Please just leave a comment & a way to contact you…I promise not to spam you, I just don’t have time to track people down.  J  Also, I’ll be having a huge Christmas give-a-way so either follow me on Twitter or friend me on FB for updates! 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Inspiration - It Comes From Many Places!

Post by Lily Harlem

Breathe You In, starring Ruben Strong and Katie Lansdale, was a wonderful book to write and played like a movie in my head for the few months it took to pour from my fingertips onto the screen. The inspiration for it came from many places and the seeds of this story were sewn years ago.

I'm absolutely thrilled that it's also a USA Today Reviewer's Recommended Read of 2013 Today  - this is what they say "Harlem never fails to heat things up quickly, which I love, but proves she can bank the fire with this sizzling mainstream romance. Breathe You In was an emotional, powerful read that left me wishing for more pages."

It's an unusual plot and I'm going to give a spoiler now - though if you read it, it's only a chapter before you find this out - in order to chat about why this book is so important to me. (Chapter One available here.)

Katie is having a rough time and struggling to move on from the death of her husband Matt. But one thing has captured her attention and she can't let it go. "Had I learned nothing about grief and its obsessive, dark, manipulative nature?".  She's become fixated on finding the recipient of her husband's donated heart. A difficult decision she made on the day of his death.

Perhaps this makes it sound like a really sad book, it isn't, it's fun and flirty, sexy and steamy. Breathe You In is about picking up the  pieces after tragedy, finding laughter and love again and moving into a bright future after being in a dark place.

Many of you know that I was a nurse before I took up writing erotic romance. I worked in London mainly but did spend some time in Oxford at the John Radcliffe Hospital. I was only just qualified and working towards a post grad in acute care. I spent some time in the operating theatre as part of a cardiac rotation. The John Radcliffe is a pioneering hospital, the work they do there is outstanding, life saving and life changing.

The heart has always fascinated me as a structure, the chemicals and electrical impulses, the constant contractions and the problems that can arise when things go wrong. I saw patients before, during and after major cardiac surgery. Got to know them, spent time with them, celebrated their recovery with them and their families. It truly was an amazing experience for me, as a nurse, but for the patients, it was something else.

Which is why I dreamed up Ruben Strong, a man who'd physically  and emotionally been to Hell and back when his health declined and he needed a new heart. But like Katie, his story picks up a couple of years down the line and he's well and strong and getting on with his life. He's a gorgeous, fun-loving, adrenaline-junkie who's had to make adjustments, of course, but is raring to go again.

The trouble is Katie seeks Ruben out, even though confidentiality laws in the UK require donor families and recipients to co-ordinate any communication through a transplant liaison officer. Actual meetings can be set up but usually years after the transplant and only if both parties agree. Katie can't wait, she wants, no needs, to see Ruben, the man who has the heart of the man she loved mind, body and soul. She hires a private detective to track him down with the intention of seeing Ruben from a distance, believing this will help her sleep at night, knowing where the heart that loved her for so many years actually is.

What Katie doesn't count on is that she literally bumps into Ruben, in of all places, a museum's World War 2 display that is having a malfunction with the audio - the sounds of bombs and explosions are rattling her nerves...

I moved through to the next room. It was dark, the walls painted black, and in the corner was what looked like a bunker and some kind of corrugated iron shelter. A sudden wail—an air-­raid siren—blasted out of a speaker above me. The lights flashed on and off, and a deafening boom rattled across the ceiling and pounded up through the soles of my feet.
I clutched my handbag. Stepped backwards. What the hell...?
A loud voice hollered out. “Northampton during the blitz. This is what it was like to live in the town in nineteen forty-­‐three.”
“Oh, shit, really.” My heart was galloping, and my bearings had slipped. I couldn’t see the way out, other than the archway I’d just come through. There was no obvious exit that would keep my journey progressive through the museum.
Another loud bang, followed by whizzing and an explosion that clanked several wall-­hanging gas masks and jerry cans against one another.
I had to get out of there. It smelled musty, and it was so dark and loud I could hardly think.
Spinning, I came face to chest with another person.
“Sorry,” I said, the need to flee now overwhelming. “I’m just...” I glanced left and right. Staggered slightly.
“Hey, are you okay?” He cupped my elbows, steadied me.
I looked up through the shadows into dark eyes. “Er, yes, I think so. It just made me jump, that’s all. It’s a bit loud.”
“I’m sorry. It’s supposed to be noisy but this is too much.”
“Yes, it’s ear-­‐splitting.”
Bomb sounds were raining down on us with gusto. Screams and shouts were mixed into the soundtrack now, adding to the chaos. “Which, er, way...?” I asked.
“Through the army camouflage curtain, just there.”
Shadows sliced across his face but were lost momentarily when the lights flared again, simulating explosions. I reckoned he was about my age, maybe a little older. He had a straight, long nose, wide mouth and a flat, brown mole on his right cheek.
“Okay.” I was about to step away but realized I’d placed my hand on his chest, right next to a small badge that had a picture of the museum in the left hand corner. Also on that badge, written in bold black letters, was the name Ruben.
I snapped my hand away. Had I felt the thud of a heart beating beneath my palm? Panic raced through my body, starting in my fingers and shooting up my arm. It went into my lungs and belly, weakening my knees and softening my spine.
It was him. I knew it was. How many Rubens could possibly work here? Not only that, I’d touched him. Hell, he was still touching me. This wasn’t my plan, not at all. No way.
Gasping, I moved back, still staring at his badge, at his chest. Beneath that neat white shirt, his skin and bones, was Matt—Matt’s heart and lungs. Beating. Inflating. The heart that had loved me so much.
Oh, God.
My plan had gone terribly wrong. I was only supposed to see Ruben from a distance, not speak to him, definitely not touch him.
“I have to...” I said, bumping into the plastic-­molded bunker and the side of the Anderson shelter. “Go.” I straightened, just; my body didn’t feel like mine. I was shaking, hot and cold, my brain infused with fear and fascination.
“Are you okay?”
What the hell was the matter with my vision? I couldn’t peel my attention away from his chest, his name badge, the way his shirt hung down, flat against his long, lean body. It was buttoned at the top, the collar sitting neat against his neck. There was no scar that I could make out, but there would be one. I knew that much.
“Are you sure?” he asked over the din.
“Yes.” I managed to move toward the exit he’d indicated. “You really should get this volume turned down before you give someone a heart attack.”
He laughed as another flash filled the room. “The kids love it, but yes, you’re right. I was actually just fiddling with it.” He turned and disappeared into the room with the plow and the grinding wheels.

This is just the very start of Ruben and Katie's story and I adored all the twists and turns of Katie's thoughts especially as she realises that she's attracted to Ruben and their friendship turns to more.

The sexy scenes are high-level emotional. Katie because she hasn't been intimate with anyone since the death of her husband and Ruben, because, let's just say he was a bit of a Casanova before he became ill.

Working on a Formula One racing team and travelling the world meant he had his fair share of beauties in his bed, but now, well, his confidence has been knocked and he hasn't dated since his operation. It takes Katie's gentle support to turn him back into the vibrant, passionate man he once was, but when he finds himself, wow, there's no stopping him!

I used this serene expression as inspiration for the first sex scene.

But by the time Ruben has his mojo back this is definitely more his brand of action...

Here is a sexy snippet. Ruben and Katie have just made it home through a storm and are dripping wet...

“I’ll grab us some towels,” I said, dashing to the laundry pile. I retrieved a couple of freshly washed pink towels that smelled of fabric conditioner and passed one to Ruben.
He took it and dropped it over his head, rubbed vigorously. I did the same to mine and toed off my sandals at the same time. I dabbed my face, collected an oasis sitting in the groove of my throat and patted beneath my eyes, hoping I wasn’t displaying a panda look.
Ruben buried his face in the towel then dropped it to one side. “I don’t think I’ve ever got so wet so fast,” he said, trying and failing to flatten his now fluffed up hair.
“It was fun,” I said. “I’d forgotten how much I like to splash through puddles or how much I enjoy a good storm.”
As I’d said the last word a tremendous boom, accompanied by white light, filled my flat.
I jumped and let out a slightly hysterical squeak. “Well, that’s maybe a bit too close for comfort.”
Ruben smiled, but then the smile fell. His gaze dipped and he stepped up to me. “Did you know your blouse is see-­‐through?”
“Is it?” I glanced down, automatically pressing my arm over my breasts.
He caught my hand, tugged it to my side. “The best type of blouse as far as I’m concerned.”
My white blouse had indeed turned transparent, highlighting my white cotton bra and the small pebbles my nipples had become in the cool rain. I could just make them out, dark disks beneath white material.
“Ruben, I...”
Suddenly I was face-­‐to-­‐face with him. He’d picked me up, arms tight around my body and our chests pressing together. My bare feet were dangling.
I put my hands on his shoulders and stared at his face. His lashes were still heavy with water and had become tiny triangular points. A large drip was rolling from his right temple into the fuzz of hair by his ear.
“I think it’s time,” he said, his lips almost touching mine. “To pay my debt.”
Beneath his wet clothes, his body felt hot and hard. There was also a seriously sexy glint in his eye that held determination and lust—a delicious combination.
I pushed my hands through his damp hair and kissed him. Was vaguely aware of him walking, heading to my bedroom, as our tongues weaved together. I slanted my head, deepened the kiss, and he moaned gently, feeding me more of what I wanted.
Ruben Strong.
He set me on the edge of the bed, his mouth not leaving mine. I was wet, turned on, scared and excited. It was like living in a cloud, someone else’s life. But it was mine. My life. And I was here with Ruben, gorgeous Ruben who was acting like he was more than ready to give me what I was owed.
He kissed across my cheek, his hands busy roaming down my chest and my stomach, seeking out my fly button.
I tugged at his top, wanting the wet material out of our way.
He paused to fist it between his shoulder blades and drag it over his head. His chest was beautiful, the hair damp and flat with rain, his nipples, like mine, taut and hard. I looked at the scar, smooth and pink, and the neat trail of hair that feathered across his stomach and disappeared into his jeans.
“Say yes,” he said, kissing my right breast through my top and bra. “Katie, say yes.”
“Yes,” I murmured, laying fully back and trying to push at my trousers. “Yes, Ruben, yes.”
He kneeled between my legs, helped me drag my jeans past my hips and over my buttocks. Peeling away the tight material that was clinging to my skin. He worked fast, his hands gripping and tugging the denim downward.
Eventually they bunched at my ankles and with a final jerk were off.
He shoved them aside and kissed my knee then my thigh, his lips and hands warm on my cool, damp flesh.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about Breathe You In. You can grab a copy from Amazon US or Amazon UK for just $0.99/77p! Read another excellent review here and if you want to chat to me about this sexy novel then just leave me a comment.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by The Brit Babes blog.

Lily x

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Tabitha's Chaos

Me with my purls and curls
in Hanover
I made it...!

*Skids in on scattering heels across the parquet flooring legs akimbo*

Do any of you ever feel like you're always trying to catch up with yourself? I do - bloody hell. Lucky for me, I put a reminder on my phone and managed to get this post in just in time.

I've had an awesome crazy busy week - feeling very international. I went to the Erofame in Hanover last week and met some fantastic people and got a glimpse of Oktoberfest - clink clink *spills beer* Great fun was had with the ETO team too :D - Speaking of erotic trade things, in case you missed it, I was in August's issue of the EAN erotic trade magazine - click here to see meeee and the Brit Babes :D -

On Sunday I got to meet the fabulous Jaye Sheilds - she flew in all the way from California in America and came to stay with me for 2 nights - she wrote the Sex Demon trilogy and is an absolute doll!
Lovely Jaye

So all in all super busy and bonkers and perhaps I need a long lie - who's with me?

Join me later today (if I manage to get my 3g to work) at Lacy Wolffe's Facebook party. Um... it's at 9pm-10pm EDT - which I just calculated as 1am - 2am my time! Yikes - get the coffee on - I didn't quite think that one through - but hey - perhaps I might be a little squiffy by then so come on over for a little fun :D - there will be prizes!

Then, to relax tonight, I think I'll go buy a turnip to carve for Halloween.

Sorry this is a bit of a scattered bonkers post but I'm afraid I'm a bit of a scattered bonkers human being at the moment...

Anyone else feeling like the expansion of the universe is accelerating at a ridiculous pace???

I promise my next post with be a thought provoking insightful debate... :D

Monday, 13 October 2014

Malin James - Special guest

I'm very excited to have the wonderful erotic writer Malin James here today on the Brit Babes blog - I have read some of her work and I'm a-tellin ya, it blew my literary socks off! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts...

Romance for an Erotic Age
Malin James

Before I get started, I just want to thank the Brit Babes, and most especially the lovely Tabitha Rayne, for letting me loose on their blog today! I’m really thrilled to be here.

So, are you going to write about Malin? The sky’s the limit! Go!


That is what happened in my head as I sat down to write this post. My brain has never been good at performing on command, and this was no exception. So, I made a cup of tea, (I might be American, but I still drink a hell of a lot of tea), and thought about my options… which is when I remembered a conversation I had with a friend last week about tropes in erotic romance. Like many people, I have some feelings about this. So, let’s talk romance.

Most people equate romance with one sort of ending - “happily ever after.” In fact, that trope has become the standard to such a degree that it has its own abbreviation. If you see HEA in a submission call, odds are it’s for erotic romance.

But real romance isn’t HEA dependent. Real romances—intense, life-changing, sexy romances—end in break-ups all the time. The lack of a wedding or permanent commitment doesn’t lessen their power.

When I was in my twenties, I dated one of the great loves of my life. Our affair was extremely intense, so much so that my sexuality was permanently influenced by that relationship. In fact, it’s been nearly twelve years and I still can’t drink Johnny Walker Black or kiss a certain way without part of me thinking of him. This, my friends, was a romance fit for a novel…a filthy, filthy novel.

But then, slowly, over the course of several years, the relationship stopped working and we broke up. Or rather, I left, because the love had begun to change into something darker and more dangerous. It became clear that I if I didn’t leave him, I would lose myself. After much soul-searching and a lot of hurt, I left that relationship and started another—this one with myself.

Now, I realize that sounds terribly narcissistic. What I really mean is that I slowly and cautiously redirected all the love I’d put into my relationship with this man back to me. I took myself out to quiet dinners. I bought myself flowers. I sat in cafes and drank wine on my own. I did for myself all of the things that this man had done for me. In short, I learned to love myself and, to quote Oscar Wilde, “to love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.”

Would my story sell novel if that novel were erotic romance? I’m not sure…. The entire relationship was packed with romantic tropes—a younger woman’s sexual awakening, an older man, obsessive love, endless amounts of hot, intense sex—but in the end, the relationship ended. The hero was not redeemed, and the heroine left, not for a different romantic partner, but for a relationship with herself.

That said, just because it wouldn’t get published doesn’t mean it wasn’t romantic. From the moment he met me to the moment, two years later, that I met myself, the entire thing was a romance—it just lacked a fairy tale HEA.

This is why I would love to see an expanded definition for erotic romance. I’ve no problem with “happily ever after” – HEA is a lovely thing. But it might be nice if, on occasion, the “ever after” were to include something other than the protagonists making a go of it together. After all, just because a romantic relationship ended, doesn’t mean it wasn’t profound and hot while it lasted...

Thanks for this wonderful and very personal post, Malin.

I took these pictures from Malin's Pinterest and website - which is full of thoughtful essays just like this one - well worth a visit.

And a quick plug for Chemical [se]X - an anthology edited by previous guest Oleander Plume which contains stories from Malin and I among many more :D - it's gonna be hawt! :D - I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Crazy Spooky Love

I love October. The year starting to draw to a close, Crisp, chilly mornings and dark, cosy evenings, falling red and orange leaves and a hint of black magic in the air. And of course, when it's cold outside what could be better than snuggling up with something hot!

As it's not long until Halloween, I thought I would tie today's blog post in with lovely KD Grace's month of spooky blogs over at her place, and talk about scary, magical sex.

Rather helpfully I've also got a new story in Gratis: Transformation brought to you by Hedonist Six, which has a spooky theme and is released this week on Smashwords and Amazon. You can find a sexy snippet below to warm your heart....

So what's your favourite scary creature at this time of year? Would you rather have a witch put a spell on you or a Zombie chase you down for sloppy snog while you're out trick or treating? Maybe a ghostly encounter in the dark or an interesting evening with a many tentacled beast ;)

I'm partial to a Werewolf myself; they're so masculine and you know they'd look after you, whereas Vampires are a lot scarier, and quite a bit more sinister as Scarlett finds out in my story "Masquerade".

I don't know about you but I love a little bit of the dark side, to feel the adrenaline rush of fear, to be blindfolded and not know what's in store..... it all heightens the excitement and that can only be a good thing, right? After all, they do say that us girls love a bad guy and who can resist the pull of the supernatural?

I always said I wouldn't write a paranormal story but I really enjoyed doing this one. I liked Isaac's slightly vulnerable side behind his terrifying persona and I just wanted to be Scarlett!

So I hope you enjoy reading this little snippet as much as I enjoyed writing it and it you follow the links above you can read the full anthology for free!

Scarlett peered into the mirror and wiped her finger under her eyes to remove the smudges of eyeliner. Her lips were a slash of red across her face and her eyes dark hollows, framed by tendrils of her black hair as it escaped from the elaborate up do he had chosen for her tonight. She stared at herself, her pupils dilated, her cheeks flushed bright against her chalky white skin. What the fuck was she doing here? Who the hell was she these days?

The party was in full swing but Scarlett was having palpitations in the bathroom. She’d left him only ten minutes ago but she knew she couldn’t hide from him for much longer. He would find her and while that thought frightened her, a large part of her knew that she wanted him to. She just needed to catch her breath right now. He terrified her and turned her on in equal measure. She watched her pupils darken in the mirror as she thought about what he had done to her earlier. The backs of her thighs still bore the welts and as she turned her head she could see that her neck was starting to bruise. Every time she thought about his hands on her she had to close her eyes and bite her tongue to stop herself from whimpering out loud.
Love Lexie xx

Twitter:  @lexie_bay

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Why Join The Brit Babes Street Team? 3 Team Members Get Chatty!

Hi everyone, Kay Jaybee here, and today I’m interviewing three of the Brit Babes wonderful followers, and Street Team members! Debi, Debbie, and Jade.

Debi was our very first team member, and lives over in the USA, taking the world of admin by storm! It can safely be said, she has read more Brit Babes book than any other team member to date!

Debbie was our second team member, and lives pretty much on my doorstep over here in the UK, working in the café where I write all day.

Jade, also a UK girl, who spends her time making gorgeous wooden gifts for her own business, is a brand new and very welcome, addition to our fantastic group!

Check out what made these wonderful gals join our merry band, and find out what erotica makes them tick! come the questions...

1. What made you want to join the Brit Babes Street Team?

Debi -

I love to read new authors. I love knowing that there so many new writers to explore and Kay made me an offer to join the BB’s that I couldn't resist!


I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the first members of the BB Street Team. I’m a total book addict and I’m very fond of erotic stories.


The opportunity to read different erotic stories from various authors and then giving feedback seemed fun and exciting


2. Where is your favourite place to read?


I really don't have a favourite spot. If I have time to read I will do it anywhere. 


I like to read anywhere, preferably with my headphones plugged in to block out the rest of the world!


In my local coffee shop. I end up sitting for hours due to getting so engrossed in the story 

3. Are you a paperback, eBook, or download reader- all do you use all three?


I do all three. The bad thing about an e reader is that you have to worry about the battery life. I tend to run down a battery often. 


Paperback for sure. I like the feel of a book between my fingers.


Mainly on my kindle, that way I've got them to share too. Although I do have a few paperbacks just in case of a power cut :)


4. The 8 Brit Babes cover all the erotica genres in their work- from straight vanilla, to FF, MM, BDSM, spanking, threesomes, uniforms, and much more. Do you have a favourite type of erotica story?


OMG that’s like asking which hand I prefer. I LOVE THEM ALL but if you made me choose then I would go for the threesomes. 




I started off a bit scared of reading different stories other than the usual MF, although after test reading a few others I am hooked on them all!


5. Which BB book or books are you reading right now?


Speaking of threesomes, I am currently reading Bite Mark by Lily Harlem


Kd Grace’s Executive Decisions (as Grace Marshall) and Lily Harlem’s Shared.


Kay Jaybee’s The Retreat. Nearly finished it and ready for the 3rd book in the series :D 

6. What do you like to read when you aren't reading kink?


Anything and everything. I'm really not that picky. Put a book before my face and I will read it. 


Mystical fantasies and adventures- Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourites.


I'm a lover of crime. Michael Connolly is my favourite, or Jodie Picoult for a moving and heart capturing book

7. Do you have a favourite character from a BB's book?


Oh my yes. It is the handsome Tino from The Pet Shop by Kd Grace. Jess Sanders is my second fav, from The Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee.


Mark from Kay’s The Voyeur


I love Miss Sanders (The Perfect Submissive Trilogy).  So innocent, yet so intriguing

8. And last of all- if you could ask any of the BB's any questions, what would you ask?


Hmm let me see here. How do you move on from book to book? I get so caught up in the story that I think about a character for quite a while. 


I’d like to ask each BB which of their own books they’d pick if they could turn one into a movie- and why that one?


How do you think of the scenarios and how do write the books without wanting to test things out? I love to read them and they are amazing but I would never come up with them myself! 


Thanks ever so much Debi, Debbie and Jade!!

So now, let’s see if we can get some Brit Babes to answer those questions, and how about you- do you have a favourite Brit Babes character? Where do you like to read best? Are you a paperback or an eReader person? And would you like to join the Street Team? Just check out the link at the top of the page for details if you think you might be interested.

Right- I’d better start thinking about which of my books would make the best movie then- not to mention how I move from book to book- as to Jade’s question for the BB’s...that would be telling!!

Happy Reading,

Kay xxx


Monday, 6 October 2014

Special Guest - Lace Daltyn

Hi, everyone! I’m Lace Daltyn and recently found Brit Babes. First, let me give a shout out to Lucy Felthouse for offering me an opportunity to guest-blog. Having just released the final book in the Secrets series, I’m happy to talk about what erotics mean to me.

I’ve been writing (and reading) romance for several years, both mainstream and erotic.  I love the tension, the emotion, and okay, the sex, too. I absolutely am a Happily Ever After kind of gal. I remember, as a teenager, the first movie I saw that didn’t end right. It was Sabrina, where she ends up falling in love with the older Linus Larrabee instead of the young, cute brother, David. As an adult, I get it. But back them, I cried over love lost. Boy, did I cry. I think that’s when I decided I wanted to write. I figured we need more stories to cry (and laugh) over.

Erotics are even more emotional than other stories, in my opinion. These books are about much more than just sex (most of the time). I think what I love most is that “I can’t go one more second without touching you” mood. I feel like, in erotic romance, the emotion is heightened because of the bare your soul aspect of sex with another person. Hmmm, maybe I should have said bare your ass?

On a quick side note, one of my favorite resources for writing erotic romance is a thesaurus called The Bald-Headed Hermit and the Artichoke. Seriously, even the name cracks me up. I picked it up because, well, there are only so many ways to say different body parts (and what can and is done with and to them) and I needed a more expansive library.  After reviewing the book, I honestly can’t say for certain how useful it is in writing erotic stories. But it’s a hoot, and every time I need a lighter moment for my stories, I open this book.

So, more about Secrets, my most recent foray into erotic romance. This series packs a lot of story into five novellas. Drea Fortier is reclusive because of a tortured past that left her so damaged, she knows there can be no happily ever after for her. Instead of mourning what is lost to her, she tries to anonymously help other couples past the secrets holding them back. So each book has a complete story, but also gives readers increasing information about Drea’s life, which culminates in the last story.

It took me a long time to write this final story, and I spent most of it staring at this photo. That’s how Drea lives, hiding herself from the world. In reality, I can’t imagine this. Not feeling the sunshine on your face, not allowing another human to touch you, to hold you.

Enter Michael Smith, assistant extraordinaire (and a Dom suppressing his nature), hell bent on finding out about Drea’s past and helping her to heal so they can have a life together.

Oh, yeah, and there might be some sex involved. After all, I DID say I like the sex. J

Social Media Links:

Buy links for the final story, Metamorphosis:

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lily Loves London

Post by Lily Harlem

I'm British through and through and spending time in my capital city is one of my favourite things to do. At heart I'm a country girl, I love to stomp through the fields with my dogs and have room to spread my arms and feel free as a bird.

But a weekend in the vibrant, diverse city of London, especially with Mr Harlem, is always a wonderful treat. We usually try and do something new each time we visit, whether its mooch around a different market on a Saturday morning or find an interesting new restaurant. It's always fun because I'm a people watcher, I adore sitting and watching the world go by or being caught up in the hustle and bustle and catching snippets of conversation. It's all inspiration for me and I do like to set my stories in London if I get the chance. I feel I have my finger on the pulse there, the vibe is right.

Last time we visited we went to Cambden Lock Market and it was wonderful. The old stables, where the horses lived that used to pull the canal boats, have been converted into this amazing half underground market. There's street food, all sorts of crazy, unusual things to buy and the atmosphere is amazing. Check out these beautiful horse sculptures (no idea who the dude is in the red shirt BTW) that are dotted around.

I adore St. Paul's Cathedral too and incorporated the small garden at the back of the enormous building in The Silk Tie. I knew as soon as we arrived there that it was a special little place. It was calm even though there were plenty of people around, there was a hushed atmosphere despite the traffic nearby that continued to rumble on. We managed to find a restaurant, Barbecoa, that had an amazing view of Sir Christopher Wren's dome - definitely one of the best spots I've ever had lunch in, and to top it off it was my birthday.

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Lily x