Monday, 8 September 2014

Special Guest Rev David Gray with Pride!

Please Welcome Rev David Gray. Victoria Blisse met him at her church one morning and was on his radio show that very same evening.

Rev Dave is a monk (a punk monk at that), a great hugger and one of the kindest, most generous people you'll ever meet. Here he recalls his walk with the Pride parade this year (check this post here for previous Pride memories) where he spoke up for Christians who do love everyone equally:

                                                 Photo by Rev Fie Lancaster.

Pride 2014:

This year, I carried a little fold-up step stool. Everyone wondered why - until we came upon the hate preachers, when I stepped upon it to share the following with a most appreciative crowd:

Good people of Manchester … the people here who have come to spread a message of hate that denies the personhood of others are not bad people. Misguided and damaged as they are to speak so vilely in the name of the Prince of Peace, they are simply making the same mistake that Judas made in thinking they know how to herald in the kingdom by forcing God’s hand – but they place themselves in a very poor light by seeking to harm his little ones with their ego centered, hate fueled messages. 

Every child here today was born with a right to the personhood with which they came into the world. Let us stand together and say:

No more bullying!
No more attacks on human identity in the name of any man made god!
No more cowering in hiding!

Let us banish the hell these people have made for themselves and have tried to force on others by remembering that the one they persecuted long ago and seek to persecute still told us the truth: 

“The kingdom of heaven is within us”.

It is ours to claim now – it is yours and it is mine. We alone can claim the way to the kingdom. 

Repeat after me:

“I Am the way, the truth and the life!” 

They do not recognise the Christ within themselves so cannot see the Christ looking back at them from the eyes of others. They don’t understand themselves, so how can they understand you? 

You were born with a right to be clean. God is love, not condemnation – so see the Christ within you and then open your eyes to the divine spark in everyone else so that through you the human race can at last grow up and cease its vain squabbling. 

May you see goodness in yourself and may you see goodness in others that you may be kind to yourselves and kind to each other. 

Let us bless each other in the name of the Father and of the Son and of our Holy Mother Spirit – AMEN. 

We met so many people celebrating personhood, some having been through so much persecution - like the Nigerian women waiting in vain for The Archbishop of Canterbury to speak out against hateful and murderous deeds by the Anglican church in Africa - knowing what he knows and doing nothing, he should be charged with crimes against humanity. 

One bold child called Shane who we met had written his heart on his T-Shirt. "I Am a BOY because I say I Am!" ... let's close on his positive wisdom: "Smile and change the world - but never let the world change your smile!"

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  1. Thank you Rev Dave and Victoria for sharing these words of love and inclusion. So beautifully put. I hope you keep changing hearts and minds.

  2. Wow! Thank you for coming over today - personhood - I do like that. I will definitely be using the phrase 'smile and change the world, but never let the world change you'!

  3. What a wonderful blog- thanks so much for coming by xxx

  4. Thank you for being our guest and sharing your thoughts. I, like Tabitha, adore that phrase - personhood - a new one for the vocabulary.


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