Thursday, 7 August 2014

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd!

Post by Lily Harlem

Well, excuse me but I just happen to like crowds! Actually I don't when it comes to everyday life. If I'm out shopping and get caught in a gust of people or I'm on the Tube being bustled along, I can feel quite panicked, more so since I've lived in the countryside and become used to having space around me. But when it comes to writing novels, and my characters falling in love and into bed, then yes, the more the merrier!

The first menage a trois book I read was Colter's Woman by Maya Banks. It's a fairly simple plot compared to some of the more complex novels I've read (and written) since. Three brothers who like to share one woman, and a woman - once over the initial shock of their desires - who has a great time!

It was the dynamics of the characters emotions that got me thinking and then spurred me onto write my first menage a trois novel, Shared. The plot idea came from a headline in the letting section of the local paper "Room to Let - Wanted Girl to Share." Me being me with my naughty mind started thinking what if two hot guys placed that advert, and like the brothers in Colter's Woman, really did want a girl to share in every sense of the word?


So Shared was born, and then Shared Too. The complexities of a polyamorous relationship was like a gift that kept on giving for me as an author, and although it's possible to leave off on a happy ever after, there is always going to be something to go back to with such an unconventional relationship.

So I've kept on writing my threesome stories and, I'm pleased to  say, readers have kept on reading them. It's something I really enjoy writing about. Making sure the men (because I usually go in the two guys and one girl route) are sufficiently different in their personalities and needs and the heroine is believable in how she handles and responds to her blokes.

I do know a threesome in real life. They live in the village and again it's two guys and a girl. Perhaps it's because I'm more open-minded than some people, (because of my writing and the erotica authors and readers I spend my days hanging out with online) that I didn't bat an eye when I saw them together at a BBQ - her holding his hand one minute and then sitting on the other's knee the next - but some of my friends were quite shocked by it - Mmm, maybe shocked is the wrong word, fascinated, enthralled, curious, it took up a good chunk of our 'wine and gossip time' at the local the next week!

Inquisitiveness is the reaction, I suppose, that makes menage a trois novels so popular. It's not a situation many women find themselves in, being loved and adored and satisfied by two men, so their lifestyle and choices are interesting to other women - I'm talking relationships here, not just a good old romp between the sheets.

Jealousy I think is one of the big hurdles for non-threesome type people to understand. "How can he not be jealous if the woman he loves is screwing another man?" Well, if he thinks it's hot to see them together he's going to have a great time, he might even join in  - a bit of double penetration always makes for a fun scene! Also if that's the plan, the agreement, and they all have reasons for this working for them individually as well as a group then it will be just fine.

The men might be into each other (this is the theme for my novels The Glass Knot and The Silk Tie - just out!). The men like each other too, they kiss, enjoy oral sex, fuck and she loves being part of the action. She likes to watch, get on top of them, beneath them, in-between them. Gorgeous naked guys who are into each other and getting down and dirty, are, let's face it, a seriously sexy thing to witness!

The men being into each other adds new twists to the story, to the way the characters interact and makes for a fabulous range of new sexual exploits. Of course they are all stories, but they could be real, these things could and do happen, but just not to the majority, so having novels to read about threesomes lets us all jump, vicariously, into bed with a couple of hot men even if it's just between the pages of a book!


Thanks for reading, do leave your thought on menage a trois in the comments below :-)

Lily x


  1. I'm with you Lily- there is something extra electric about penning a threesome tale xx

  2. I've been enjoying reading about threesomes a lot more, thanks to the introduction with The Glass Knot.

  3. Speaking as a man who is in one, it is nice to read about when done well.

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming… (excuse the pun!)

  5. I just love this! There is something about your threesome books that drives me absolutely crazy. Of course I am jealous of the characters and who wouldn't be? The love that they all share for one another and in my eyes I only like thee M/F/M stories. It just makes more since. The F/M/F one female is going to be left out. So please, please, please Lily keep writing these stories so I can live thru your characters..

  6. I do love a good ménage! Which is why I have enjoyed both THE GLASS KNOT & THE SILK TIE.

  7. Thanks for the kind words ladies :-) Never fear, I'll keep on writing two men and one gal menage a trois, it's my first love when it comes to sub genres!

  8. This arrangement sound satisfying for the readers as well as the characters! I've always thought that a threesome relationship could only work well in the long term if each of the characters is attracted to each of the other two. That way, any jealousy can be dealt with, and doesn't have to spoil the menage.

    1. I agree Jean - writing menage stories where all the characters are equally attracted to each other is satisfying and also has a great many conflicts and dynamics to work through to get to the HEA.

      Thanks for stopping by the Brit Babe blog :-)


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