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The Origins and History of The Erotic Mind Show by Richard Wagner

I am delighted to be able to bring you a brilliant blog from my good friend, the totally amazing and unstoppable, Richard Wagner- aka Dr Dick!! Enjoy!! Kay xx

“Hello sex fans!”  I’ve been using this same greeting to open all my podcasts for the last seven-plus years.  It’s become part of my signature along with my farewell with closes each show; “Remember, sex is good and good sex is even better.  This “signature” is my sex-positive credo, which promotes the wholesomeness of sexuality with an emphasis on authenticity and the importance of informed consent, and it permeates all my programing.

But wait, you may not know who I am.  My name is Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS. I've been working in the field of human sexuality for well over 30 years, predominately as a therapist.  During that time I've been involved in all sorts of sex education and sexual enrichment projects.  I am affectionately known as Dr Dick of and

I've been writing a sex advice column for nearly 20 years.  During that time it has been syndicated on a number of sites.  Back in 2007, I decided to create my own site to give my column and weekly podcasts a home of their own.  

My podcasts started out as simple Q&A shows.  But after awhile that got kinda boring, at least it was for me.  So I decided I would depart from my usual question and answer format, from time to time, to do lively and informative interviews with interesting people from all over the world.

In 2008 I started a series of interviews with erotic artists, both literary and visual.  The series is titled:  The Erotic Mind.  I though it would be interesting to get a sense of what makes erotic artists tick, so to speak.

In 2009 I launched another podcast series called Sex EDGE-U-cation.  This series takes a look at the world of fetish sex, kink and alternative lifestyles.  We touch on topics both familiar and exotic.  I chat with prominent educators, practitioners, and advocates of unconventional sexual expressions and lifestyles.

Later that same year I began the SEX WISDOM series, which enabled me to introduce my international audience to some of the movers and shakers in the field of human sexuality.  In the course of this series I chat with researchers, educators, clinicians, pundits, and philosophers who are helping us take a fresh look at our sexual selves.

But, as I said, all of these interview format podcasts began with The Erotic Mind Show.  And do you know who my first guest was way back on September 8, 2008?  It was none other than Kay Jaybee, one of the original Brit Babes.

Here’s how it all began.  Some weeks before Kay and I inaugurated the show, I did an interview with two brilliant women, my good friends Samantha and Jordan, who used to run this kick-ass site called Oysters & Chocolate.  They opened my eyes to the burgeoning world of written erotica.  Our podcast received so much positive feedback that I realized my audience has a powerful hunger for all things erotic.

So I thought to myself; Ok, how can I help satisfy this craving?  That’s when I came up with the clever idea to interview noted erotic artists from all over the world.  In doing so, I figured we’d uncover something of the creative process involved in the specialized art form.  This series grew to include all kinds of artists working in several different media—words, film photography, illustration, paint, etc. 

Kay’s first book of erotica, The Collector, had just been published a month before our show premiered.  This came on the heels of seven previous publications featuring her work.  As we all know now, this was just the beginning.  Kay has become one of the brightest stars in the literary erotica firmament.

As I said, I have an international audience.  However, the largest audience, besides my US audience, is in the UK.  I suppose, there’s no surprise there, since I have welcomed as guests some of that most dazzling authors (and visual artists) from your side of the pond.

Through the series I have been able to introduce my audience to an array of brilliant talent.  I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming the cream of British smut — James Lear, Ashley Lister, KD Grace, Lucy Felthouse, Mike’s Bliss, Bootbrush, Stan Keetly, Alexander, and most recently, Stan Cole.

One of the most unique things about this show is that I invite my guest authors to read from their work.  I like this segment the best because I love to be read to.  And you know I love smut.  Thing is, if the person reading the smut to me has a sexy British accent, well, I absolutely go moist with pleasure.  And get this, the visual artists who join me for a chat bring along a slideshow of some of their work.  You won’t want to miss this.

I am so proud of the hours and hours of programing that, with the help of my guests, enrich, entertain, and educate us all.  I am honored to have this amazing connection with you, my UK audience, and it’s all Kay Jaybee’s fault!!

If you are hearing about The Erotic Mind show for the first time, and you’re smacking your head and asking yourself; “How did I miss this?”  Don’t worry, you can find all my podcasts in the Podcast Archive on my site.  There is a pull-down menu in the header labeled “Podcasts.”  Click on it and find all my shows, or navigate by choosing a category—Sex EDGE-U-cation, SEX WISDOM, or The Erotic Mind.  I have over 400 shows archived.  But say you want to listen to a particular author or artist.  No need to scroll through the lot (although that might be fun) use the search function in the sidebar of my site and type in the person’s name and PRESTO!

I hope you will stop in and visit me one of these days; we all have such a good time.  I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.  Casual visitors become ardent fans and each new artist brings his/her fan base.  You’ll be marvellous pervy company you’re bound to discover something that will tickle you fancy.


  1. Thanks so much for being our guest Dr Dick - I'm going to head on over to The Erotic Mind Show right now and have a 'listen' around.


  2. Huge thanks again DD!! If anyone wants to time travel back to 2008- here are the links to those first 2 podcasts! Part 1 Part 2

  3. Wonderful post Dr Dick! I loved it - I think folks are very brave to read aloud into a microphone - I sound like such a goooooofball I'm not sure my diction would give the desired panty wetting results I was aiming for.
    Bravo Dr Dick!


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