Monday, 25 August 2014

Special Guest - F. Leonora Solomon

It is my utter delight today to present for your reading pleasure, the erotic editor and writer, Ms F. Leonora Solomon.
Dive in!
I was tickled pink--a bubbly pink champagne--pink to be asked to guest post on The Brit Babes blog. Especially considering that I have seriously thought about moving to London for nurturing my erotica career. I will be in Paris in a few days, and I am hoping to be very inspired there to write new stories and blog posts.
What inspires me? Why erotica?
I skimmed all of my mother's books for the good bits, and uncovered dirty magazines before I was double-digits. My mother told me about sex when I was young without me asking, so I never thought it was taboo.
In high school, a teacher scornfully commented on my reading The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Yes, I did find it sexy that Aislinn was chained to Wulgar's bed in that story! When I no longer had to hide what I was reading, I always sought books, movies and art with heavy sexual content. I ended up volunteering at a bookstore, because I found a long sought copy of an obscure (but not so good in the end) erotic novel.
What is the draw? Sex. The calmest, most logical person can be driven crazy by their libido. My favorite books are all tied together by elements of sexual obsession. I happen to like the dark side of things. Damage by Josephine Hart and Asylum by Patrick McGrath epitomize everything I love, both in books and movies.
from Damage
In editor mode, I like sexy stories with a bit of kink and a lot of emotion. When I write, I like to write what would be Polaroid candids if they were visual. My characters put everything on the line in that moment. I just wrote a flash fuck for Alison Tyler's blog. It was a moment, will I return to it at some point? I don't know. The two characters are on the brink, but it does not necessarily have to be explored.
I don't think everything erotic has to be physical either. The same way nonsexual objects can be fetishized, the same way erotic experiences can be varied and not always what is expected. I submitted a piece that I felt was erotic, but was told it was not erotic enough. I do not think it is that cut and dry. What is erotic to you, might not do it for me and vice versa. But they are both still part of the broad sexual spectrum, and we know that that has infinite variety.

I find cities sexy, I have severe wanderlust. Food is pretty sexy too, I am a complete foodie. Art is sexy, I wander through museums like a gypsy. Knowledge is sexy, it opens doors and minds. I don't think sex is sexy...I think it is everything, so I seek it everywhere...

I can so identify with this post - I feel very joyful to share this sensual experience of life.
F. Leonora is just lovely and writes erotica while also editing for Ravenous Romance - I was very pleased to have one of my stories in her My First Threesome anthology - she is SO fab to work for so do submit to Ms Solomon (!) - visit her site here.

She is ALWAYS on Twitter and Tumblr and her chat and images she shares are fab - so come along to the F. Leonora party! :D

Avoir un temps merveilleux à Paris mon chéri - peut vous être vraiment inspiré!

x x x Tabitha x x x

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  1. Awww, your mamma sounds just like mine :D
    I would just love to be planning a trip to Paris - I adore France and the language kills me - ahhh *swoons dramatically* - so passionate and fiery x x x


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