Thursday, 21 August 2014

Coregasm - oh yeah!

Hello lovelies :D

Tabitha here.

Now, I'm not usually first to the picnic so you may already know all about this - those little gym
bunnies amongst you, most certainly will (otherwise, why?).

I'm talking about a term I discovered while doing very important research... VERY important I tell you ;)

So what is this word?


Yup - a coregasm. It's not having an intimate jolly old time with the middle of an apple, oh no. A coregasm is that sweet sublime moment during physical activity completely unrelated to sex when, oops, out pops a climax.

I've heard of ladies climbing ropes and getting that funny special feeling 'down there' or whilst cantering along on their favourite steed, but I always thought that was down to friction on the lady parts.

Apparently, I have been wrong. I was beginning to wonder, that rope swing I put up in the garden is getting rather frayed and I still haven't had the magic moment.

No - dear orgasm hunters - the coregasm is found dwelling deep within your abdominal or 'core' muscles.

"For Goodness' sake Tabitha," I hear you squeal, "Tell me how you do it?"

Well... here goes... simply take part in some rigorous exercise which will work your deep lower abdominal muscles - including yoga, sit ups, work outs, jogging, jumping around on that big ball thing - some lucky souls come from simply walking - jeeeez, if I'd known! And our very own KD Grace is a self confessed Kettlercise addict - Ms Grace - would you care to expand on this 'addiction' of yours ;)

So - I am genuinely interested in whether any of you guys have experienced this phenomenon - while researching I even came across a man who ejaculated while doing pull ups!

If you feel able - please let me know, I still haven't found my special exercise but I would dearly love to - any hints gratefully received and tried - I may even report back ;)

Be anonymous if you're shy :D

Love from Tabitha - future gym addict x x x

Ps - I'm having a sex chat at my blog if you fancy commenting there too...


  1. I have not experienced this phenomenon, but I so enjoyed reading this post. Nice job - on the post and the research ;)

    1. Hey Pamela - do you think we're not trying hard enough... jeeez!

  2. No experience here but I knew there was a reason I keep going to zumba!

    1. Ha! I was sure your Zumba story had a bit of the old coregasm going on! ;)

  3. Well... since scheduling this post earlier in the week I have been to 2 yoga classes, 1 boxing club, 2 aquarobics and a tums bums and thighs*. Nada. Is there something wrong with me.... aaarrrghrghgrhrhrg!

    *figures may be exaggerated

  4. This is the incentive I need to pump up my exercise program!!!!!

  5. Great post, Tabitha! OMG! I confess this happened to me once while doing isometric abdominal clenches on a bus. Some of it might have had to do with the motion of the bus. Buses and I have a strange and sensual relationship. But certainly good hard core workouts make for better orgasms. Never while doing kettle bells though ... I'm always too busy trying to breath and not pass out ;-)

    1. I F**king KNEW IT!! Kd, you are a legend :D


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