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Special Guest - Cara Sutra

Please join the Babes in welcoming fabulous Cara Sutra to the blog today. Cara is a wonderful, vivacious, sexy woman who we all adore, not least because she's a very handy person to know when it comes to sex toys and bondage equipment! Today she's chatting sexy books, take it away Cara…

10 fun alternative uses for erotic books (no, not inserting them)

Whether you're an avid erotica reader or new to the world of literary love, lust and licentiousness, you will no doubt be wondering just what on earth else you could possibly do with your tomes of sauce and smut. Never fear! I have put together ten ingeniously engineered alternative uses for your erotic books which I can guarantee you'll never find on any library notice board, no matter how naughty.

10 Alternative Uses For Erotic Books

1. Erotic books are perfectly manufactured so you can use the right amount of pages to stop that annoying wobble some tables have. Doesn’t matter where you are, cafe, restaurant or bar - simply whip out your latest erotic book and slip the pages under the dodgy leg.

2. Use your erotic book as a physical shield to defend yourself against unwanted conversations, or simply chatter which has become tiresome and boring. Talk to the BOOK, not to the face.

3. Leave your erotic book in the middle of your dining table or on the mantel piece, as a thought provoking conversation piece during dinner parties and get-togethers.

4. Use a few erotic books together to boost visibility of your Best Erotic Author ETO Award on your bookshelf (gestures wildly towards KD Grace)

5. Read an erotic book on the train, en route to the latest exciting Smut UK event such as Smut by the Sea or Smut in the City. If someone asks you about your book, you can use the opportunity to invite them along to the event.

6. Slip an erotic book inside your Bible to liven up church on Sundays (sorry Victoria Blisse). Make sure you keep a firm hold of said improved Bible (ie. no lube).

7. An erotic book (or three) makes a fantastic makeshift tripod or stand to take your mobile phone pics or selfies from.

8. Place an erotic book over beverage to stop spiders and other creepy crawlies from getting inside your drink. Note: Hard backed books are best for hot beverages.

9. Most erotic books have a glossy cover which is very convenient for wiping them down after squishing said spiders and creepy crawlies.

10. Forget your Women’s Weekly (nod towards the great Victoria Wood), beat me on the bottom with a thick tome of erotica! Erotic books are great spanking tools - and don’t you just love how appropriate they are?

Despite my rather facetious perspective of erotic books here, it’s certainly true that there’s more to them than first meets the eye. Don’t think of erotic books as literature only to be read alone, in the privacy of your bedroom, under covers late at night. It can be fun to get your partner involved too. Put down that fancy-schmancy adult board game and open up one of the sexy novels or erotic anthologies on your bookshelf.

Here are a few ways to use erotic books as a boost to your relationship intimacy and as an exciting addition to your love life.

How Erotic Books Can Improve Your Sex life

Dip into an erotic book or sexy anthology while your partner is out, whether at work or elsewhere. Find inspiration in one of the raunchy scenes. Use this as the basis for a text or instant message to your partner, telling them what made you aroused about this scene and talking about what it’s inspired you to do, or to want them to do, the next time you’re alone together. If you don’t fancy leaving a message on their mobile or other electronic device, send them your thoughts by email. Sometimes it’s easier to boldly express our sexual desires through the written word instead of out loud, and face to face.

Another way to use books to your sex life’s advantage is to include one as part of your foreplay with your partner. Sure, you can read some of your favourite erotica through the day to get yourself in the mood for sex, but how about turning through the pages of some hot fiction together? Taking turns to read passages out loud to each other, without touching each other immediately, can lead to an intensely sexually charged atmosphere which is the result of what I like to call “literary tantra”. It could be that you even sit at opposite ends of the room to read out loud to each other, challenging each other to remain where they are and not be too turned on to sit still. What will be the forfeit for the loser? Will you keep your clothes on or tease your lover with a slow strip as you read? There are plenty of options to keep the foreplay feeling fresh and incredibly hot.

You don’t have to be the best actors in the world to enjoy participating in roleplay, either. Taking inspiration from an erotic book you particularly enjoy, or one which you have just been reading passages loud from with your partner, make one of the sex scenes come to life with you and your lover playing the parts of the libido-driven characters. Incorporate the main lustful sentiments and actions from the scene, or if you’re feeling really inspired and the story lends itself to it, you could even dress the part with some relevant roleplay outfits.

As you can see, there are many fun uses for erotic books beyond reading them by yourself by the light of your bedside lamp. Not to say that’s entirely out of the question either, of course! Which books should you have in your collection? Only you can properly answer that question, as everything depends on your personal tastes. Why don’t you take a look through the highly acclaimed and popular works of the Brit Babes to give your erotic book collection the very best start?

Thank you so much to Lily Harlem and the fantastic Brit Babes for welcoming me aboard for this guest feature. I regularly write about erotic fiction whether it's erotic book reviews or free guest features in my Erotic Author Spotlight Series. If you want to read even more of my sexual advice, exploits and opinions, you can find me at

- Cara Sutra


  1. What a brilliant post!!! Love it!!! Love the nod to Victoria Wood in there!! xx

  2. Thanks for being our guest today and with such a fabulous post :-)

    Lily x

  3. Ah thank you! Glad I'm not alone with my particular sense of humour! Thanks for having me :)
    Cara xxx

  4. Love this! One of my readers read parts of my Good Cop book to her husband and he in turn planned a "date night" (they have young children) around the good cop/bad cop theme in the book. She wrote me a detailed email thanking me for getting them back in the mood & focused on each other again. It tickled me that it worked out so well. (And that she would tell me write me about it.) Your post is right on the money apparently! Fun!

  5. Yay Cara - Brilliant post! Yes, one should always have a saucy tome in one's handbag in case of emergencies :D thanks for coming x x x


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